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    Hi PCM2,

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Forex trading, but anyway, basically I would like to build a multiple monitor setup, in this specific case, 4 Monitors.

    Since I will be looking at it for a few hours a day, I need it to be easy on the eye, good colours, 24 inch (or around that) since I will be upclose to it. So I don’t need any fancy gaming stuff or anything to expensive.

    Do you have any recommendations to my specific case?


    Important to note that I will only be building this setup in 1 – 2 months, so if you think I should wait for better options that is absolutely fine!


    I gave this a more monitor-specific title. How close is ‘up close’? I feel 2560 x 1440 would work well and you could consider 25″ options if you have the desk space. But it also depends on your eyesight and personal preferences. Could you also expand on why you need/want 4 displays of that size vs. fewer larger and higher resolution displays?


    The thing is, I need 4 charts open.
    For each chart I need 4 timeframes open.

    This means that each screen will have 4 charts open.
    If I were to put everything on one screen, I would have a total of 16 charts. This would be more confusing and therefore less productive.

    I believe that having multiple screens would let me focus more.

    Now, the monitors would be in my desk at a distance of 50 – 60 cm from me.
    2 of the monitors will be placed side by side and the other 2 above these.

    Even though I only want one screen to be my main focus at a time, I would still like to have the other ones under my sight
    If the monitors are too big, I believe this could turn into an issue.

    Perhaps you have a better opinion /suggestion on how the overall setup should look like?
    If so, please, by all means, I am open to suggestions.


    Thanks for explaining what you’re going for. I agree that, in that situation, having 4 screens makes sense. I’m also in agreement that keeping the screens ~24″ would be sensible an even 25″ might be pushing it.

    So what about something like the Dell P2416D? How you will be connecting them up, incidentally? I am working on the assumption here that you could hook up 4 x WQHD displays without issue, but that may not be correct depending on the GPU(s) you’ll be going for.


    I have one GTX 1070. Is that enough or would you say I have to update to a, let’s say, GTX 1080 TI?

    Or perhaps, even go with multiple 1070s?


    You should be fine. You can certainly run 4 WQHD monitors with a single GTX 1070. And for the sort of applications you need I wouldn’t imagne it will stress it out too much (so it should be a pretty smooth experience).


    Thank you so much for your suggestion. Unfortunately it seems this monitor is hard to find where I live and Amazon doesn’t ship here.
    Perhaps there is a new version out?


    There are a few alternatives using the same or a similar panel, such as the Samsung S24H850 and BenQ BL2420PT.


    I have BenQ BL2420PT and BenQ P2418D both available here.
    I know you haven’t had the chance to give the P2418D a try, but considering the specifications and it being a newer version of P2416D, which one would you think is best suited in my case?


    Given the slim bezels and overall design, I’d say the P2418D would be a good alternative. Sorry for not mentioning that model before, it slipped my mind.


    Thank you so much! I’ll go with the P2418D!

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