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    So, after many time that I with a friend spent to compare both monitors with the PS4 Pro, I decided to stay with the Acer and not with the Dell since here the image has the effect to be more “real” or “alive”, “plastic”, “3D” and the colors are more brillant where the Dell is more “flat” and “dark”. This was also the reason that I prefer this monitor and not the Dell/Samsung for PC playing. That the image is “slightly” oversharp, I really do not notice at the distance from the monitor (about 40/50cm) and I definitely do not notice it while playing. And also if it so, I personally prefer that image quality opposite the soft/neutral image.

    Input lag is excellent: as the Dell or maybe a very little bit better. With the camera I have no problem (just forgot what I wrote).


    It’s also worth bearing in mind that you like vibrant colours and the Acer XB271HU has a superior colour gamut to the others. That would make a positive difference in your eyes.


    Yep, that’s right: the light or fire effect on Horizon are just superior on the Acer since they almost “blend”, gets “out–of–the–monitor” in my eyes and since I just play exclusive games on the PS4, it is for me in this case in all together not worth to use another monitor.

    By the way, you are for me unique in regards to the engagement, the explanations and recommendations, thank you!


    Hello PcMonitors! Quick Question: should I keep the freesync option off? I have a CF591 / PS4 pro (about to purchase a uh850 4k)


    Why would you want to do that? The PS4 Pro supports FreeSync. And which ‘UH850’ model are you referring to?


    Great!, I wasn’t sure if PS4 supports freesync with Samsung VA monitors..🤗 thanks


    I was about to purchase the uh850 but found the LG UD59, any advise?


    I’d advise answering my previous question. Using series names rather than model names is not helpful.


    Sure, they are: Samsung LU32H850 and LG 32UD59, both VA. To be used exclusively for new consoles for gaming. I definitely want a 32” 4k, (Doesn’t need to have HDR support) I like better IPS just because I don’t like black smearing in motion, but I couldn’t find any model under $500 (I accept used 😉 with 4k. Maybe you that know more about this topic can help me with a good ips 32” 4k under 500 that you have in mind, otherwise I’ll stick with a VA. thanks in advance PcMonitors!


    No you’re quite right, the IPS-type models would be too expensive with those criteria in mind. So as long as you’re aware of potential weaknesses and feel you’re happy with that, your VA choice should serve you well. 🙂 I’m not entirely sure on the differences (quite sure it’s the same panel), but LG are also releasing the 32UD60 very shortly. We’ll have a news article on this over the weekend.

    P.S. U32H850 is the preferred shorthand designation for the Samsung model.


    Not sure how LG released a 43” 43UD79 monitor at budget price, but not a 32”. L ooking forward for that review, hopefully It can make it to your recommendations list for Consoles, but if you were me what UHD monitor would you pick for console 32” VA / 27 IPS so far?


    No plans to review that one – As for your question, it’s impossible to answer. I’m not you and it’s far too subjective. You need to consider your own preferences.

Viewing 12 posts - 346 through 357 (of 357 total)

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