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    Hi, am in dilemma to choose the following monitors for my PS4 and hookup to my laptop for general use, in future may have desktop pc for gaming.

    1. Acer R241Y
    2. Dell U2417H
    3. Samsung C24FG70 or should I wait for C24FG73



    I wouldn’t advise choosing a monitor based on what you may or may not get in the future. There’s no such thing as a ‘future proof’ monitor, certainly not when you’re only considering one with a Full HD resolution. And what sort of gaming would you plan on doing on your future PC?

    I’d instead base this on what would give you a good experience on consoles and a good experience on your potential future PC. I therefore feel that the Dell U2417H would be the safest bet owing to its strong 60Hz performance. As covered in the Samsung C24FG70 review, it has fairly noticeable overshoot (inverse ghosting) at 60Hz so is not really ideal for that. The C24FG73 uses the same panel and a different stand, it does not address that issue.


    Thanks! What about the newer Dell S2418H…isit any good compared to U2417H?


    It is a few months newer and has a useless ‘fake HDR’ feature. But it is an S-Series model not UltraSharp. I have no experience with that particular model (or related models) but I can tell you from experience it’s unlikely to be as well calibrated. It also lacks the ports and ergonomic flexibility or likely the same build quality as the U2417H. Just because it’s a few months newer doesn’t mean it’s ‘better’, nor was it ever intended as a replacement for the U2417H.


    Thanks for the info! Looks like it is U2417H!


    Hi, Looking at a previous post you advise waiting for HDR displays to move out of their ‘infancy’ with regards to buying a monitor to make the most of the Xbox One X.

    Can you help me clarify what I should be looking for when the next wave of HDR displays start appearing (early 2018 likely?)

    As I understand it, I’m looking for the following (please correct or add etc)

    4k 3840×2160 resolution.

    Low input lag.

    Freesync over HDMI not Displayport? I believe the XBOX OX will support Freesync 2, Should I then be looking for Freesync or Freesync 2, will it matter?

    Is HDMI 2.1 required? or 2.0, 2.0a only?

    True 10 bit native panel?

    Anything else?



    Sort of, but I wouldn’t stress about the constituents in that much detail. All you need is:

    – Proper HDR capability. That would encapsulate 10-bit colour (whether achieved through dithering or otherwise is of little importance), a generous colour gamut and crucially many dimming zones on the backlight (FALD). Reviews and information available by well-researched sources such as our website will be all you need to determine whether this sort of HDR capability is included on a specific model. But I’ll tell you now, it won’t be found on anything but rather expensive monitors for quite some time.

    – FreeSync over HDMI. As you state. It doesn’t specifically need to be FreeSync 2, but it likely will be if you’re looking at a monitor with proper HDR capability and FreeSync anyway. The HDMI revision would be appropriate if those boxes are ticked, so you needn’t worry about that specifically.

    – ‘4K’ UHD resolution as you state.

    – Low input lag is desirable, but unless you specifically know you’re sensitive to this then it’s not worth worrying about too much.


    Thanks very much.


    Hey guys,

    I’m a new poster, but a casual reader of this forum. First, I’m glad that these kind of community exist to guide people through all the choices out there!

    I got a new house and I’ll set up my gaming spot in the office. I will work sometimes on my monitor (accounting) but it will be mainly used for gaming on my xbox one. I’ll be near the desk while gaming so I’ve been recommended that a monitor would be better than a TV.

    I’ve seen some deals on 3 monitors, and I was wondering wich one would be best suited for my use? I’ve kept my choices in 1080p because I don’t think I will see much of a difference on the xbox one at this size, am I wrong?

    1 – Philips 32″ FHD 60Hz 5ms IPS LED Monitor (323E7QDAB)
    2 – LG 32″ 60Hz 5ms IPS LED Monitor (32MP58HQ-P.AUS)
    3 – Samsung 27″ 60Hz 4ms PLS LED Monitor (LS27F350FHNXZA)



    I’d first narrow down by screen size, which would depend in part on preferences but also viewing distance. There’s no point in looking at a monitor with a higher resolution than Full HD for the Xbox One simply because it doesn’t support higher resolutions; I can vouch for the S27F350 being a good 27″ choice for console gaming. It’s very similar to the older S24E390HL we reviewed in terms of core performance. As a PC user I have little interest in reviewing 32″ Full HD screens or spending much time researching them, so I can’t really help you choose between the others. If you feel 27″ would be sufficient from your viewing distance, though, the Samsung would be a good choice.


    Thank you for the fast answer!

    Coming from the living room type of gaming, with the big screen and everything, I may have looked for something bigger than what I need with the 32″ monitors. I wasn’t sure at first, but your answer confirmed it.

    If I narrow my choices to 27″ monitors, I would have 3 choices: the Samsung and the Acer which are, $$$ speaking, of similar value, and the big marketed BenQ RL for an extra $$$.

    1- Samsung 27″ 60Hz 4ms PLS LED Monitor (LS27F350FHNXZA)
    2- Acer 27″ 60Hz 4ms GTG IPS LED Monitor (RT270 bid)
    3- BenQ Zowie 27″ Console eSports FHD 60HZ 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor (RL2755)

    I feel, from what I’ve read here and on some reviews that the Samsung would be best over the Acer, but I am wondering if the extra $$$ on the BenQ are really worth it for what I intend to do (from a quality and performance POV).



    I’d advise reading the article which I linked to in my previous post. That you should have no doubt whatsoever that the RL2755 is an overhyped and overmarketed pile of rubbish. Looks a lot better on paper than it does in reality. Or you could just take my word for it; the Samsung is easily the best of those three. 😉 For reference, though, the preferred model code is simply S27F350(FH)


    This is exaclty what I wanted to hear haha! So we could say that their marketing is better than the product itself!

    I just ordered the Samsung. Thanks again! And I’ll use the preferred model code from now on 😉


    Really enjoying my Samsung CF591 for both PC and Console gaming.


    Glad to hear it MASKOAA, and I appreciate the feedback. That’s why it remains a long-standing recommendation on here. 🙂

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