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    Hi arc2350 and welcome,

    Obviously I’d love to review more monitor models than I do, but I simply don’t have the time when I dedicate as much time and effort into each review as I do. Plus the manufacturers and their PR companies can be rather restrictive in which models they’ll actually provide samples for. That aside, some quick thoughts:

    – The Dell U2417H would be my top choice. It is superbly calibrated, offers a nice design (as you noted) and also offers strong ergonomic flexibility plus a good port selection. It offers nice all-round performance and is backed up by the ‘Dell factor’ (good warranty and aftersales support, should you need it). The AOC i2481FXH is quite solidly built, as noted in the review, but is not as well calibrated as the Dell and doesn’t offer the same sort of flexibility or ports. Not that this may matter for your purposes. One thing I didn’t like about the AOC were the interlacing patterns that I noted in the review – I found these quite noticeable, but not everyone does. And it depends how far you’ll be sitting from it.

    I can’t really give you any detailed feedback on the remaining models as I have no experience with thme. Although I do have user feedback from the LG that suggests it is quite well calibrated (not as well as the Dell), offers decent responsiveness and reasonable build quality. It avoids feeling ‘cheap’, but certainly doesn’t feel as solid as models like the Dell or indeed the AOC. You can’t go too far wrong with any of these recent IPS-type models, really, although if you can comfortably afford it I do feel the Dell has the most to offer.


    Oh, so you are alone with the reviews? Now I respect you even more! Thanks for very detailed answer, so spending additional money for the Dell should be worth it. And here comes other question, some reviews including yours mention problem with increased input lag when non native resolution is set on the U2417H – is this happening only when different resolution is set by Windows, or the problem will take place also when for example some PS4 game will use dynamic resolution and change it in some scenarios to let’s say 900p. And what if the supersampling is used by the game?


    Yup, it’s all my handy work. Well the writing is, some others do help out by providing impressions and feedback as it’s always useful getting a second or third opinion on certain aspects. 😉

    The input lag is only increased if the U2417H itself is running at a non-native resolution. If the PS4 is sampling at a lower resolution or if supersampling is used, the monitor itself is still running at its native 1920 x 1080. So that doesn’t introduce the lag.


    Well, so this is rather a minor issue since I can’t imagine situation, when I would not use the native resolution. Thank you for all the answers, I think I will order the U2417H tommorow and I’m sure it’s going to be a really good purchase. Regards!


    Hello again!

    Today I have received my new Dell monitor, and I am amazed with its image quality, regulation options and overall performance. It’s really great. But there is one thing which annoys me a bit, it’s like one of those first scratches on your new smartphone – maybe it’s not a big deal, but when the rest is fresh and perfect – it can become really annoying. The problem is that the very bottom of the screen looks like there was a shade produced by the bottom bezel, very thin, but when you look at the monitor in the standard position you can see that this space is a bit darker, and when you look down from a very narrow angle you almost cannot see it, for example the date shown by Windows. I think photographs will show it better than I am trying to describe. There is no such a problem with the upper bezel for example. I want to ask if that was visible also on your model or this can be identified as a defect.

    You can see this issue clearly in the second and third picture – the blue line under the Chrome icon is visible in a normal way when looking straight, but when you look from the higher view you can barely see it. And it’s not a dramatically narrow angle to be honest. I would be thankful if you could tell me what do you think can cause this problem and is it really a defect or just a nature of this monitor.


    I can’t see anything untoward in the images. There is a sliver of panel border visible at the bottom of pretty much all monitors using the dual-stage bezel design, including the U2417H(A). That’s entirely normal. It is certainly there at the top as well – but the panel border is much thicker there. So what you’re seeing here as a ‘shade’ is simply a small amount of panel border. If you turn off the screen and shine a light onto this area you should see it’s still there. This border may also cast an internal reflection and cause additional refraction in the area right at the bottom, which could mask or dim the image there as well as perceived from a normal viewing distance. This is entirely normal for a montor with such a bezel design and is nothing to worry about.


    Yes, I know there is also that thin strip when I turn off the monitor, but it’s not what concerns me, I am talking about this “shade” you mentioned in the second part. Exactly what you told – it dims and mask the image there which is in some way annoying (but not in a horrible way of course). Well, so this can be a refraction effect. But the reason why I am asking is that I couldn’t see simmilar effect on the cheap monitors in the market. Maybe that’s because of the bezel design here. But I had a feeling that on YT videos showing this monitor it isn’t visible like here. Maybe I am wrong, because it’s hard to tell, those videos are not showing the details. Also, there is no such an effect near the upper bezel.

    I will show you 2 more photos, it is comparasion to my Samsung laptop, as you can see you can still see the whole date even when the angle is narrower, whereas on Dell it’s barely visible. This is an extreme example, but when looking straight you can see that this side is a bit dimmer.
    But if you can say this is still a normal effect on this kind of monitors I am okay, I will just get used to it, because it is extremely good monitor and if this is a cost of a great bezel design – I’m paying it. 😉


    I don’t want to create a new thread so I’ll ask this here:

    Best monitor to pair with an Xbox one X in November?

    I currently have a Dell U2515H and I have my PS4 and Switch hooked up to it.


    That would depend on your budget and size preferences, amongst other important factors. There’s no such thing as a single ‘best monitor’ for anything.


    looking at 27″ inches, and primary use will be gaming….

    PS4/Switch/Xbox one X…

    probably won’t be used for anything else.


    And budget…


    is there massive differences in prices? Just looking for suggestions on 27″ monitors for the uses I already stated.


    Well yes, because your budget would dictate whether you would be better off sticking with a Full HD model or considering a UHD model instead. The Xbox One X would have a lot of its potential wasted without a UHD model, whereas a PS4 and Nintendo Switch would be better served by a Full HD model. Or at the very least a UHD model with decent interpolation handling (which, in my experience, will not be as good as a native Full HD display for those consoles but could be decent depending on viewing distance).


    this makes no sense.. I already said I want the BEST monitor to pair with the Xbox one X in my original post. that obviously implies UHD. 4K. Whatever you call it.

    “Best monitor to pair with an Xbox one X in November?”


    Then in your second post you said: “PS4/Switch/Xbox one X…”

    As I’ve said, you can’t have it all. But if you’re primarily interested in the Xbox One X you should consider the Dell U2717D. I intend to review this shortly, but initial user feedback has been positive with respect to overall image quality and responsiveness. Obviously that would require deeper analysis, but at least initial impressions from users are positive.

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