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    Thanks, I knew about that monitor but the white bezel is a deal breaker for me. Any other alternatives, or upcoming 2017 1080P VAs? Thanks.


    Nothing that has yet been announced or has made its way onto any Samsung product pages.


    OK thanks. Is the CF591 the same as the SF591, only difference being the curve of the CF? Did you review, or plan on reviewing any of them? Thanks again.


    No, it is unfortunately considerably less responsive. According to a user who has tried both. Samsung have no samples, so I’m not going to be reviewing them. And I have plenty of other models which I would prefer to look at or are more in demand anyway, so they will take priority I’m afraid


    If you’re specifically looking at upgrading to the Xbox Scorpio, you’d be able to take advantage of the ‘4K’ UHD resolution of a monitor as long as it had HDMI 2.0. So my recommendation is the LG in the appropriately named recommendations section – (third model down). It is slightly beyond your budget but about as affordable as you’ll find a UHD model of decent size with HDMI 2.0 support. It’s a good monitor by all accounts.


    Would like to quickly jump on this, as a fellow console gamer.

    I have been using the 27MP58 LG IPS Full HD monitor for about 2 years and it has been a brilliant investment. The picture quality is brilliant with a good range of settings to avoid any ghosting. There is some motion blur but it’s marginal and given consoles only output at 60Hz it’s to be expected.

    After the growth in budget 4K TVs in recent months, I was considering swapping it. however, after seeing a few in action, I’m now convinced that your money is best spent on a monitor for console gaming, or an OLED if you have the money.

    The newly announced 32UD99 and 32UD89 monitors from LG are worth considering if you can afford it too. Otherwise for me my next monitor will be an upgrade from my 27inh model to the 32 inch one.


    Hello, What do you think of the AOC I2757FH? I’m between that or the Asus MX279H which seems pretty popular.


    Hi austin7,

    The AOC I2757Fh is a solid monitor and was one that I used to frequently recommend some time ago. It is similar to the I2757Fm that we reviewed at the back end of 2012. As with the ASUS MX279H, though, it uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to regulate its backlight. It is not flicker-free, which some users find visually uncomfortable or somehing that accelerates eye fatigue during prolonged use. It also introduces artifacts during motion as explained with a video example in this article (look for ‘PWM artifacts’).

    Some alternatives which are recommended here all have DC-dimming for their backlight regulation, meaning that they are flicker-free and avoid these potentially unwanted consequences. I dare to mention the HP 27er (or HP 25er), given the allergic reaction that set off last time I did so. But I’m sure you can see from the text in the recommendations section and the huge volume of positive feedback (and no convincing negative feedback) on Amazon that this is a compelling choice. You can also search for feedback on its predecessor the 25xw if you like, which is essentially very similar in terms of performance.

    You may of course prefer matte monitors, in which case some of the flicker-free LG models may be worth considering, like the LG 27MP58 for example owned by hmoulond or ViewSonic VX2776 which I’ve received some good user feedback on. Although you have already pinpointed some cheaper and more readily available alternatives. It may be that you are not sensitive or bothered by the side-effects of the PWM-regulated backlight of the ASUS MX279H, for example, and you can see from feedback that it doesn’t put everyone off. The monitor is configured for vibrant colours which are reasonably accurate (not technically as accurate as the HP models, but good for gaming really) and has good responsiveness, PWM artifacts aside.


    Thanks for the reply. I’m gonna go with the AOC. The HP looks good as well, though. I think that person might have been concerned that the input response looks low on paper, as you said. And also it seems many reviews are from people who aren’t using it for the same reason that this forum is.


    Hope you’re doing fine.
    Lately i bought S24E390HL and i adjusted it’s settings according to your “test setting” and now i’m using it for console gaming. But the image goes a little dark and it’s hard to see the dark areas specially when the monitors surroundings are light (like during daytime) . I changed it’s gamma mode from “Mode 1” to “Mode 2” and it helped a bit but the color richness went down. Shall i adjust the brightness (you recommended it to be at 65) or stick to “Mode 2”? Or you suggest something else?


    Dark compared to how it looks on the PC? What console are you using?


    Relatively yes, it’s a bit darker compared to PC. I’m using it with PS4 Pro.


    Have you tested different ‘HDMI Black Level’ options on the PS4 Pro (and also the monitor OSD?) Or it could just be naturally darker, perhaps as the gamma setup is a bit different on the PS4 Pro compared to the PC. It’s difficult for me to say as I’m not a console user myself.


    Actually there is only a “RGB Range” on PS4 and it’s got three options which are “Full”, “Automatic” and “Limited”. On “Automatic” (and “Limited”) it’s bright, but it’s just too bright! And of course the colours are not as rich as they are in “Full” option.
    On the Monitor i set the “HDMI Black Level” to “Normal”, because on “Low” setting there’s only darkness!


    Yup, ‘RGB Range’ is another name for the same thing. It sounds like you’ve done everything you can to configure the monitor and console correctly as far as colour signal is concerned. You could perhaps try adjusting contrast as well, although don’t go mad with this or you start losing static contrast which can make the image start to appear washed out. Hopefully you’ll get used to the darker look on the PS4 Pro.

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