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    Can you confirm that the 27 er and es monitors are PWM free and have good response times (for console gaming standards)?


    Refer to the recommendations section.


    Hello Adam,
    I am compelled to thank you for your reviews as they have saved me hours of research. After considering my budget and your fondness of the HP27 er. I used the link to purchase the HP27 er.

    I have yet to receive the monitor, but I wanted to mention that the HP 27 er does require a special adaptor if the user is planning on mounting the display versus utilizing the supplied stand.

    I will share my thoughts on the HP after I have a go with it.


    Your support and feedback is appreciated, I hope you enjoy the monitor. I look forward to hearing about your experience with it. 🙂

    And good point about the VESA adaptor, I’ve now added that this is available as an optional extra in the information on the recommendations page.


    I’m trying to find a PC monitor for console gaming and I see you guys reference the ‘HP 25 ES’ and I can’t find it anywhere on this website


    Drakefive5511, that model is not available from UK retailers and certainly nowhere that supports the website so it is not recommended within the UK. That’s the simple answer. There are a number of alternatives which are good for console gaming and are featured recommendations within the UK and elsewhere.


    Seems like the s24E390HL might be the other one to go for. Not having much overshoot is important for me as I play a lot of fifa


    Agreed – it’s an excellent monitor and one I actually own myself and use as a reference display.


    Will you recommend the CFG70 for consoles?


    Perhaps, you’ll have to wait and see. 😉 Think of it as a Christmas present, as I aim to publish the review just before then if possible.


    Good! I currently own a CF591 with active return policy, loving it so far for my ps4, but curious to see if it beats it


    So I read the CFG70 / CF591 reviews, both have their advantages and disadvantages, at the end is the CFG70 better for console than the CF591? Is the extra price worth?


    Image performance is largely comparable, it’s really the responsiveness that seperates them. The pixel responsiveness on the C24FG70 is considerably better and it doesn’t really have any stand-out weaknesses at 60Hz in terms of slower than optimal transitions. This contrasts with the C27FD591 where there are some definite sluggish pixel transitions as explored in the review. On the flip-side the C24FG70 has more noticeable overshoot which some users would find bothersome.

    It’s really a matter of personal prefrences, but most users will find the overshoot on the C24FG70 to be perfectly acceptable at 60Hz and will enjoy the superior pixel responsiveness. Others won’t really mind or notice weaknesses in the CF591’s pixel responsiveness and find it perfectly fine. The fact is, you’ve already said that you’re loving the CF591 for your PS4 so why on earth change it? Just enjoy it and be happy. And save a bit of money in the process.


    Hey PC, it seems that the Samsung s32e590c is discontinued. Do you know of any alternatives to that, or if Samsung made a successor to it? The best one that I know of is the Samsung c27f591 which I’ve owned and returned. Was pretty good, but wasn’t that impressed with the black levels, and was a bit overpriced even on sale. Also rather go 32 inch if possible. I could possibly still get the s32e590c on eBay, but it’s still $500 which is way over priced IMO.

    I’ll be using it mostly for Xbox one and ps4. Thanks.


    Yes; the S32F351 would be it, although it’s a bit different. It has a glossy white construction rather than black and also has a glossy screen surface (low haze, like the HP 27er etc.) White colouration, a glossy screen, strong contrast and good responsiveness according to user feedback. Much more affordable and available from somewhere that supports our work, which is a possible bonus. Actually it might be available for you locally as well if you wanted to see one in action first?

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