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    Hi Adam! I’ve already explained in email what I wanted. But for other people who may be in similar situation I will say it again:

    A monitor for console gaming with responsiveness first, colour second, screen surface third (ideally glossy) , viewing angles. There won’t be much rays from sun during game sessions so I figure a glossy surface will be better than a matt.
    Choice is between HP27er or C27F591. I can buy LS27E391HS too, as that seems attractive, but I don’t know if it’s meets your quality standards. It’s spec is nice, IPS, 1080 27 inch, glossy, 4m response, etc.

    Best regards,


    Very considerate of you – I agree, I prefer discussions like this to be publically visible as that’s a good question. The short answer is that I am very fond of the HP 25er and 27er. It isn’t often I feature models in the recommendations section that I haven’t reviewed in depth, but these models certainly deserve to be there. I am very fond of the ‘low haze’ screen surface and responsiveness is really very impressive for a 60Hz LCD. Given the prices you mentioned in your email and the fact that you’re after a mixture of high repsonsiveness and pleasing image quality I reckon that’s a great choice. 🙂


    Thank you for your help again, much appreciated 🙂



    Is there any difference between Benq’s EyeCare and Sense Eye? Some monitors seem to have both while others have one.

    I consider a monitor with the least eye strain.

    Is the Benq GW2270H an fine choice for a panel?

    How of the Benq GC/GW2870H?



    They are two completely different things. 🙂 EyeCare is the marketing name BenQ gives to its viewing comfort enhancement technologies, which include flicker-free backlights and Low Blue Light settings. SenseEye is the name that BenQ gives to its image presets – nothing special about those.

    Are you specifically looking for a console gaming monitor, and one that’s comfortable for viewing at that? The GW2270H has received some good feedback from our readers for console gaming and viewing comfort, but responsiveness is a potential issue depending on your sensitivity to blur. It’s quite similar to the EW2750ZL in that respect. The GW2870H is likely to be extremely problematic in terms of responsiveness –


    I see- Thank you for the response.
    I went for GW2270H.

    Thanks again,


    No problem – please share your thoughts when you’ve had a go with it. 🙂


    Hi great site! some fantastic info on monitors to be found!
    Anyway I am on the lookout for a new main monitor for predominantly high end PC gaming and PS4 use. Currently I use a Samsung UE32H5000 1080p TV as primary and a Samsung S24B300BS as a second screen. Now the S24B300BS is fine for what I use it for (web browsing while gaming or watching TV on the main) The problem is the UE32H5000.
    As a TV its works well and pc gaming look lovely nice and crisp and smooth at 1080p & 60fps (Using a gtx1070) and the 32″ size gives me plenty of reel estate!
    The problem comes from the ps4 side.
    Dont get me wrong the ps4 looks nice when at menus or standing still in game but soon as I move a character it blurs too much and becomes quite frustrating as you can miss little details in games like uncharted 4 that you wouldn’t have on say tomb raider on pc.
    So i have decided to get a monitor to hopefully improve the ps4 side while keeping (or improving) the lovely graphics and smooth framerate on the pc side. I am not too concerned with loosing the inbuilt HD TV side of things going to a monitor as I have freesat HD and freeview HD boxes I can route through my AV amp To HDMI in on monitor (Like I do with the PC and PS4 at the moment)
    I have a budget of up to £400 and i would like to keep the 32″ size if possible but have considered 27″ and 28″ screens

    Monitors i have looked at are:
    Samsung S32F351
    Samsung C32F391
    Samsung U28E590D 4K though
    LG 34UM68 Ultrawide
    Asus PB287Q 4k though
    BenQ XL2720Z 144hz
    AOC Q2778VQE 2560 x 1440
    Any thoughts?


    Hi The Rugged Man,

    I can see why you’re focusing primarily on monitors with low specified response times, but as highlighted in our console gaming article and explored in more depth in our responsiveness article, you really needn’t pay too much attention to them. They’re extremely misleading and when you’re limited to 60Hz (as you are on the PS4) they really don’t matter as much as most users mistakenly think. The 28″ ‘4K’ UHD panels are actually slower in practice than most of the IPS-type models (~24″, 27″ and 32″). Compare the responsiveness section of our U28D590D section with one of our many reviews of ‘4K’ UHD IPS-types like the BenQ BL3201PT/PH and that becomes readily apparent. I appreciate the price difference is huge, though, so the TN models are certainly a valid option and would more than likely be much more responsive than your TV! But as a GTX 1070 user myself, I would not recommend plumping for this resolution unless the screen also offers a variable refresh rate technology like G-SYNC. I just feel you spend too long tweaking settings and making compromises to get a decent frame rate in modern titles. It’s doable, I wouldn’t be able to review such monitors otherwise, but I do feel it leaves you wanting more.

    For the PS4, specifically, you’re limited to 1920 x 1080 and a higher resolution is not only wasted, but the monitor will have to use interpolation to display 1920 x 1080 (unless you can stomach large black bars and it supports 1:1 pixel mapping). That is rarely perfect. You will always get the best performance from a native 1920 x 1080 display on the PS4. If you really are attracted to the 32″ screen size then the Samsung C32F391 stands out to me. Although I haven’t used it myself, I have received some very positive user feedback on it. Including from one individual who has compared it with some of the 27″ variants. Its response characteristics are very similar – so have a read through that section of our Samsung C27F591FD review for a bit about what to expect. There are certainly some weaknesses in responsiveness, as with all VA models, but it should be a lot better than your TV in that respect.

    Basically you’ll have to choose between optimal performance on the PS4 (sticking with 1920 x 1080 or 2560 x 1080, if you can stomach the black bars) or having a higher resolution for a nicer PC gaming experience. I would stay clear of the XL2720Z as well, unless you’re really in to competitive PC gaming and value repsonsiveness much more than image quality. To me it sounds as if you’re really after a large screen with good image quality and decent responsiveness that will work really nicely with the PS4 and can be used without issue on your PC – which the C32F391F delivers. You could always buy it from somewhere with a good returns policy and see for yourself. If you’re not happy then back to the drawing board after working out what you didn’t like about it.


    Hi PCM2 and thanks for the detailed reply!
    It looks like I might wait for 4k monitors to come down in price and performance of gpus (and consoles for that matter) get to the level to run 4k resolutions comfortably at ultra! After all we all play catchup in the pc performance world!
    Until then I think I will go with a 1920 x 1080 HD 32″ screen as the pc does look fantastic at that resolution and hopefully get better results with the ps4!
    I have had a look at the links you have given and I think I might have narrowed my choice down to
    the C32F391 or the S32F351 they both seem to have favourable reviews in smaller screen sizes and 32″ size on here and Amazons site.
    But the one thing concerns me about the C32F391 and its the curved screen.
    I am unsure if its viewing angle would be too narrow (like looking though a glass of water bendy effect as its concave) as sometimes I might not be sat slap bang in the middle when watching TV as I would be while playing a game or while at the desktop.
    as for the S32F351 any thoughts?


    The S32F351, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed, is very much like a flat variant of the C32F391. Your concerns regarding the curvature of the C32 are perfectly valid if you’re going to be viewing the screen ‘off-angle’. The curve works nicely if you’re in the middle of the action and reasonably close to the screen, not when you’re a bit further from the screen at a non-central angle.


    Hi PCM2!
    I went into my local PC world today on my way home from work on the off chance I could see the S32F351 (were its strangely called LS32F351FUUXEN! on the shelf ticket) and the C32F391 in the flesh (Or plastic LOL)
    I was able to have a little demo of both screens and my concerns about the curved screen on the
    C32F391 are I am glad to say unfounded! I would have to be as some extreme angle before it distorted. it seemed to be just as smooth but much more responsive than the UE32H5000 TV I am using now (although I was using an sales assistants laptop to demo) it also looked fantastic when a small portion of a blu ray disc was played (couldn’t test PC games or PS4 though)
    The immersion factor because of the curve was brilliant! I can see gaming taking on a new dimension! Unfortunately the S32F351 while great in its own right was no match for the C32F391!
    So I have decided to buy the C32F391 (but not from PC world) so if you could give me a through link to Amazons site so I can support this great site It would be great!
    I might even buy the 24″ C24F390 to replace the S24B300BS if the C32F391 is just as good at home as it was in the store! Thanks!


    Yeah, some retailers like to use extended model designations rather than the preferred (shorter) model codes. Which as you can see with Samsung models can be quite a mouthful! It’s fantastic that you’ve been able to see the monitors in person in a local store and could see that the curvature won’t be an issue. That makes sense given the size and screen and depth of curvature really, you’d have to be at quite an extreme angle for it to become problematic.

    I also appreciate you wanting to support the website of course. There is a link at the bottom of this article for the curved Samsung – Although technically you can use any of the links on our website to go through to Amazon, it doesn’t have to be for the exact same product. 🙂


    Hi PCM2!
    Great topic, very helpful and packed of useful infos.
    I have a question for you.
    I want to buy the HP 27er monitor for ps4 gaming, but this particular model is sold out on
    Is the HP27es the same monitor/ has the same performance?
    I need a certain answer, cause i don’t want to risk to buy an inferior model (for example the 27es might have the PWM dimming).


    I can confirm that they are identical, aside from the fact that the 27er has a white rear and the 27es has a black rear.

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