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    General usage,wordpress,web browsing,gaming etc..
    settings were same as ur review…on daylight brightness was at 60 and on night I reduce it to 30…

    The odd thing is that at job I work on old crappy 19 inch lg tn panel with 1400×900 res and I don’t have eye strain…I was hoping that higher ppi of p2416d will do the job but it seems that didn’t…


    Some users do have sensitivity to IPS glow and find it visually bothersome. Some users are also spectrally sensitive to certain backlight. But also, high PPI can be counter-productive depending on eyesight and could in itself be a cause of eyestrain. What were the other IPS models you have had experience with that you found uncomfortable?


    Don’t know where to start…
    dell s2415h
    dell p2416d
    lg 22mp68
    lg 23mp67(the best picture out of the box that I’ve seen)
    lg 25um58-p
    LG 23MB35PM

    And 4 32 inch TV’s one lg ips and 3 va…


    And you found all IPS models uncomfortable, including the 32″ TVs. But not the VA TV models? Certainly sounds like VA is the way forward if that is the case. And you clearly have experience with 32″ models as well as smaller screens, so perhaps know something about the suitability of that size from your preferred viewing distance as well (no need for cardboard cutouts, perhaps).


    The only problem that I had with va(TV’s) was that because I sed them sometimes as monitor the heat coming form the panel was too much…
    do u recommend any va monitor up to 180euros?


    What about the models you were considering before? One of the models I used to recommend quite readily on this website was the BenQ EW2750ZL. And I still consider it a good monitor. But pixel responsiveness is simply not as good as on the modern curved Samsungs (you listed several earlier), at least if the models I’ve tested are anything to go by.


    yeah I did a research and here in my country the 391 costs 250 euros and the 591 330 euros…so that’s too much money for me at the moment…
    Oh I forgot to say when I play a game after 20min I see noodles…(u know)


    Could you get the EW2750ZL from somewhere that would allow you to return if not satisfied? It may be a decent option if the others are out of your price range. It sounds like you could work out fairly quickly if it’s comfortable for you. What sort of lighting conditions do you view the screens in? Or does this vary?


    Good morning…
    The BenQ EW2750ZL also costs 260 here in my country…

    I went to my optometrist…and he suggested me to watch/play on the smallest screen that I can and to sit far from the monitor and all this in a very well lit room…he also said to throw away my led lamps(spotlights) and buy classic bulbs or CFL…
    At work the environment is very well lit and propably that was the cause of eye strain that I have at home…


    Hi, already commented on this forum before but wanted to ask around:

    The LG 32MP58HQ-P monitor is finally available in the UK via Amazon.

    I currently had an LG 27MP monitor and love it. I’ve had it for 2 years now and back then, it was a million times better than your standard 32inch HD 1080P tv.

    Question is; will the 32MP58HQ be just as good? It’s pretty much exactly the same as the 27MP, but crucially a larger monitor. Thoughts?


    I think it’s a safe assumption that the 32MP58HQ will be very much like a larger version of the 27″ model that you have very much enjoyed using. Given that you have enjoyed using the 27″ model and the preferences you shared earlier in the thread (concerns about VA responsiveness etc.) I feel this would be an appropriate choice.



    The only thing issue I can see with it going forward is it only being 1080P. The AOC 32inch 4K monitor Q3277PQU (I think you reviewed a similar model?) offers a competitive 4K alternative given it’s Amazon price.

    Would you be able to comment on this AOC’s Xbox One upscaling performance and the like?


    Refer to the interpolation and upscaling section of the review. Just above the conclusion 🙂

    Edit: Sorry, the Q3277PWQ is very different and I haven’t reviewed that model. It is not ‘4K’, it’s a 2560 x 1440 model. One I only tested briefly. Interpolation performance was similar to the BenQ BL3200PT. Again I didn’t analyse this in detail, but there was noticeable softening compared to a native Full HD screen of the size.

    Unless you meant the U3277PQU? In which case I haven’t tested it I’m afraid.


    Interesting to hear. I saw something similar on YouTube – that the 1080P output was quite poor – and thought it may be an issue across all 32inch monitors, but are you suggesting this model in particular has quite a poor native Full HD picture?

    Until 4K monitors become more affordable, or until LG release a 32inch 4k monitor, I think i’ll go for the 32MP58HQ


    Interpolation performance is usually quite disappointing on 4K UHD models. It does vary and some are better than others, but some people mistakenly believe that the monitor will just use 1:4 pixel mapping for displaying Full HD with no loss of sharpness. In reality, it doesn’t happen. I feel the LG 32MP58HQ would be a better choice really and you’ll likely get more for your money if you do wait for that more attractive UHD model to come along.

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