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    Hello and congratulations on your great work!!

    I am a video maker and I usually edit and color correct my footage, although I am not a professional editor/colorist. I am looking for a budget 27” or 32” (either 2K or 4K) monitor with good color accuracy. Could you please suggest some models to me?

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Chrisss and welcome,

    The first thing to say is that ‘budget’ is very much open to interpretation, but generally speaking any 32″ ‘4K’ monitors that are suitable for video editing with strong colour accuracy are not going to fall under that umbrella. The second thing to say is that you (and I speak generally – this is a common mistake) should never use the term “2K”. It is extremely misleading and also incorrect when used to refer to the 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution. The 2560 x 1440 resolution came before ‘4K’ was a thing, and it was never referred to as ‘2K’ or anything with a ‘K’ back then. Yet people use ‘4K’ to typically refer to the ‘4K UHD’ resolution of 3840 x 2160. The horizontal component (3840) is close to ‘4K’, hence the name. If you half both components of the resolution and therefore get down to ‘2K’, you’d actually have 1920 x 1080 – Full HD. So if you’re going to refer to 2560 x 1440 with a ‘K’ it is more accurate to refer to it as ‘2.5K’. It’s best instead to correctly refer to the resolution as (W)QHD, or if you really have to, 1440p. Again, this is not a personal thing and I see it repeated over and over by people. And sometimes by people who should know better.

    What resolution is your footage actually shot in and what do you need to do with this footage afterwards? Is it uploaded so others can view it, viewed just by yourself or what?


    Hello again!!

    Thank you very much for your clarification. I was referring to WQHD resolution. I generally shoot in Full HD but I am planning to upgrade my camera soon, so 4K will be my standard. I have heard that a lot of people edit 4K footage with WQHD monitors (like the Benq SW2700PT which is a little bit expensive for me… – 750 $ in my country) and they don’t have any problems. What is your opinion? Is the 4K monitor really necessary? I do mostly corporate videos for small companies. My footage is uploaded on Youtube and Vimeo.

    Actually my intention was to leave the question as open to interpretation as possible so not to restrict your answer to a specific price range. I am not very familiar with the subject so I wanted to see what a budget monitor for video editing means to you. To put it in other words, I want to spend as little as possible but still have a decent, accurate, color monitor to work with (I am not a professional editor but I want my workflow to be as accurate as possible). Would it be possible for you to suggest some monitors in a different price range?

    Thank you very much!!


    I wouldn’t say people would have ‘problems’ editing ‘4K’ footage on a WQHD monitor, although it depends how you define ‘problem’. If it wasn’t advantageous using a monitor with a higher resolution then surely you might as well make the footage 2560 x 1440 and save space, computing power and bandwidth. If you’re sitting some distance from the screen and/or have weaker eyesight, then you may well not appreciate the difference. But if you’re sitting a normal distance (within arms reach) and are using a ‘4K’ UHD monitor of 31.5″ and below, you almost certainly will notice a difference in the level of detail you can see in the footage. If you don’t, then there’s something wrong with the footage itself and it may as well not be ‘4K’ in the first place.

    So my recommendations would include the BenQ PD3200U, which is also recommended for photo editing for much the same reasons. Or if you wanted to save a bit of money, also consider the LG 27UD68 featured as a recommendation more generally. It may also be worth waiting a bit for LG’s HDR-capable UHD screens to hit the market. One of those are listed here is the LG 32UK950. If your camera is capable of shooting HDR footage, and given the direction things are going in this might be of interest, it would make sense to have a monitor that is equally capable.


    Any further help needed here?

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