Minimum brightness settings of high refresh rate 32-inch 1440p displays?

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    I saw the review of the Acer XB323UGP and it’s minimum of 44cd/m².

    This is important to me as my current monitor (BenQ EW3270ZL with “eye care”) is way too bright during evenings even at it’s minimum which is apparently 61cd/m² (according to a list I found on Reddit), which causes eye strain for me. That monitor also doesn’t support high refresh rates.

    The other contender that I’m also looking at is Asus PG329Q which has the same panel, but a “ELMB-Sync” which apparently works? I also think it looks nicer, but some reviews say that the Acer has a better build quality. This site doesn’t have a full review of it, and I haven’t been able to find it’s minimum brightness value either. Does anyone know? That Reddit list had the 27-inch version at above 60 as well…

    Then there’s the LG 32GP850 where I’ve seen 67cd/m² mentioned as minimum and the Gigabyte M32Q but I’ve seen other mentions on this forum that they might not be as “good” (yes, the details were deeper than that, but also apparently higher minimum brightness, which made me disregard them for now).

    Anyone know of any other 32-inch 1440p high refresh rate displays that can go very low on the brightness?

    (Also, I know that if this is my main concern, some Eizo displays go below 1cd/m², but I do want to game as well…)


    Hi eobet,

    Unfortunately minimum brightness isn’t something that is specified by manufacturers, isn’t something most reviewers test and isn’t something is easy for most users to test. Unless they own a colorimeter or similar device. I’ve provided a comprehensive comparison between the PG329Q and XB323U GP in this thread. As noted there the Acer has a superior minimum brightness (44 cd/m²) and maximum brightness for that matter. The minimum brightness of the PG329Q has been recorded by various sources and is 67 – 71 cd/m². Significantly higher than the Acer – and that may be because a focus of Acer when it comes to their VisionCare technologies and related marketing is ‘Low Dimming’ as they call it, which is another way of saying low minimum luminance.

    ELMB Sync does ‘work’ on the PG329Q, but hardly very well and isn’t really something you’ll likely use very much. Certainly not if viewing comfort is a concern in general – but everybody’s eyes and sensitivities are different. The M32Q was compared in detail in this thread for reference, which you’ve undoubtedly read already. But could benefit others reading this post. There’s certainly a lot more to it than it not being as ‘good’, but it’s simply a cheaper monitor that may suit some given their budget or other preferences. It’s not really fair to say it’s better or worse and that’s quite the generalisation – it’s just different. Minimum brightness was measured as 62 cd/m² by Hardware Unboxed on YouTube.

    Another option to consider is the Gigabyte G32QC, which we measured ~42 cd/m² on. And being a VA model, that will come at the same time as a superior black depth and overall contrast with less ‘glow’ as well. As for EIZO displays, they achieve such low luminance levels using a hybrid dimming solution which switches to PWM for such low luminance levels. PWM has the potential to be very bothersome at such low brightness levels, where flickering is clearer. That’s not really a good selling point as far as viewing comfort is concerned. EIZO usually targets a 10 kHz PWM which certainly helps here, but I still feel at these brightness levels DC dimming is more appropriate to prevent unnecessary fatigue on the eyes.


    Thank you for the reply!

    One thing I forgot to mention was that I personally need a flat screen because I also to various design work and a curved screen distorts that, so from the sounds of it, I’ll stick the Acer as my primary choice. Thanks again, if not for this forum I wouldn’t have known what to go for.



    I need your help!

    I’m looking for a monitor.

    The size could be something like 27 up to 35 inches, and it needs 3 HDMI ports, one for my TV, one for my notebook and another one for my nintendo switch.

    But the most important thing is the brightness control. I need something that allows me to set a very low level of brightness, like my cellphone samsung a31 do with screen filter app in 50%.

    At this moment, I use a Sony TV 32 inches kdl-32R305B(A) model and I’m not happy with the results of the adjustments in low brightness settings and warm colors that are available.

    Are such a monitor like this exists? Or there are a similar with fewer HDMI ports and a good HDMI extension for plug my 3 HDMI devices?


    Hi lucas777,

    I’ve merged your thread with this one because whilst you were less specific about the resolution and screen size, it points to the same thing you’re looking for. A low minimum brightness. And the suggestions provided here would fit in the middle of your size preference range. Whether or not you’d prefer that resolution or something else (‘4K’ UHD perhaps) would be up to you really, but the Nintendo Switch is limited to 1080p output maximum either way. It’s difficult to say exactly how dim you’d need things to go, but typically TVs are quite poor in that respect compared to monitors. I’m not clear why you need 3 HDMI ports, however. Why do you need to connect your TV to the monitor? Using a TV with a PC or other system is one thing, but connecting the TV to the monitor directly is an odd thing to want to do.

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