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    New to the forum but visit the site regularly. Love your reviews!

    I have a retina Macbook (12″, early 2016, core m3) that I use exclusively with Windows 10 Pro via BootCamp. Fantastic little thing but I want to buy an external monitor for use when at home (mostly as a single display, maybe ocassionally extended setup).

    I love the idea of a single cable solution so I have been looking for a monitor with USB Type-C input with power delivery and usb hub integrated as well.

    Ideally a 2K/WQHD monitor in the 25-27″ size. It would be a general purpose monitor (working, browsing, videos and movies) but I won’t be doing any gaming and I’m not a designer so I don’t need anything targeted at those audiences. A few areas I would like some advice:

    1. Glossy or matte? There seem to be varying levels of gloss/matte coatings so I have no idea what to look for. I don’t like overly glossy displays that show more reflections than content but I don’t want a dull display either as I would like movies to look good. It’s hard to see in person as most of the stores that have monitors on display have them hooked up to looping videos and the rooms have fixed lighting with no windows. The display on rMB would be ideal as it is glossy but has some sort of magic coating that reduces reflections.

    2. DPI/PPI/Scaling? I know basically what these terms mean. I have good eyes so I can deal with small text. The 12″ rMB has a resolution of 2304×1440 that I use with Windows 10 scaling set to 125%. Windows seems to have some issues with scaling when using multiple monitors so I maybe I can get a monitor that I can set to the same scaling without content being too small or big? Is there anyway to calculate the size of things when taking into account the scaling? (There a lots of sites that calculate the dpi/ppi given the display size and resolution)

    3. Are there any known issues with the rMB+Bootcamp W10+usb type c? I read a review on Amazon I think where the user said Windows would not recognise the native resolution, only lower.

    There seem to be plenty of 4K monitors (lots from LG) but I don’t think my rMB can handle that.

    I have only shortlisted the Philips 258B6QUEB. Seems to be a good all rounder and relatively good value but impossible to find one on display and few reviews. Any ideas on this or recommend any other monitors?

    Btw, I live in Japan at the moment and Samsung products are impossible to find locally for some reason or another.

    Sorry for the long post! πŸ™‚



    Hi SZQ and welcome,

    Your post may be long, but it’s very well-structured so easy to reply to. πŸ™‚

    1) The vast majority of monitors are matte, especially with the WQHD resolution. The matte surface used is usually light matte anti-glare as described in our reviews. So you don’t get the ‘glossy pop’ or wet look, but you get a good level of clarity and smoothness. Especially when you’re considering PC monitors with USB-C, you’re really not going to have glossy as an option. The only exception would be the Dell S2718D, which I have no experience with or user feedback to share. In fact, the same goes with any USB-C WQHD model at the moment I’m afraid.

    2) DPI is the only factor used to determine how things will look in terms of size when scaling is or isn’t used. Windows doesn’t know how big or small a screen nor its pixel density and it doesn’t really care, it just knows the reported resolution and bases its scaling off of that.

    3) Not sure, I’ve got no experience with modern Mac systems or Bootcamp.

    As I said in my reply to 1, I don’t have the experience or user feedback to share to make any recommendations on specific models. The Philips uses a panel I’m familiar with and find very good, though. You can expect fairly similar performance (colour gamut and screen surface at the very least) to the Dell U2518D.

    P.S. You (and I speak generally – this is a common mistake) should never use the term β€œ2K”. It is extremely misleading and also incorrect when used to refer to the 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution. The 2560 x 1440 resolution came before β€˜4K’ was a thing, and it was never referred to as β€˜2K’ or anything with a β€˜K’ back then. Yet people use β€˜4K’ to typically refer to the β€˜4K UHD’ resolution of 3840 x 2160. The horizontal component (3840) is close to β€˜4K’, hence the name. If you half both components of the resolution and therefore get down to β€˜2K’, you’d actually have 1920 x 1080 – Full HD. So if you’re going to refer to 2560 x 1440 with a β€˜K’ it is more accurate to refer to it as β€˜2.5K’. It’s best instead to correctly refer to the resolution as (W)QHD, or if you really have to, 1440p.




    Thank you for your reply. It’s very much appreciated.

    Noted on the “2K”. As you say it’s best to use (W)QHD πŸ™‚

    Thanks for pointing out the Dell S2718D. I’ll try to find a set on display to check out although it is very expensive for a (W)QHD monitor, almost double the price of the Philips! Looks great though and I like the idea of having the controls and ports on the base.

    There’s also an Acer model (H277HU) that is quite popular but seems to have issues. The Philips is my pick so far as you get all the ergonomic options, nice slim design, and a good quality display, all at a reasonable price and 5 year warranty here.

    If I want to buy through Amazon Japan can I still use your “Buy from” links to support your site?

    Thanks again.


    Unfortunately we aren’t affiliated with Amazon Japan so you wouldn’t be able to use our links for purchases on that site. I appreciate the thought though and would also appreciate any feedback you can give about the monitor you end up going for. I agree that the Philips seems to be the most solid choice, all things considered.



    That’s a shame but I definitely will leave some feedback once I get it. Maybe a week or two though as I plan to spend this weekend viewing some models in the stores if I can and then order online if it’s significantly cheaper.

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