Looking for a new IPS monitor (focus on gaming)

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    Forget how two would run, that monitor alone is a waste of money for your system and a risk to buy. The 2560 x 1440 models from mainstream manufacturers that we recommend feature superior 60Hz performance (image quality and pixel responsiveness, flexible OSDs and flicker-free backlights) and are available from places with good returns policies in place.

    And you aren’t going to be needing a higher refresh rate at that resolution with a GTX 670! Even at 60Hz you’d have plenty of headroom. If you do want a higher refresh rate then don’t fall onto the trap of thinking an IPS model designed to run at 60Hz is going to give you the best experience. Either go for a TN model or wait for a mainstream manufacturer to specifically design an IPS-type panel for high refresh rates.


    Allright for some news, I got a Dell u2414H two days ago, the colors really looks much better than my old monitor! πŸ™‚ But there seems to be pretty bad of IPS Glow ( or blacklight bleeding) mostly on the bottom left corner, here are some pictures :

    My phone’s camera slightly exagerates and adds a blue tint to it.

    In game.

    Is this much IPS glow / blacklight bleeding normal on an IPS panel ?
    I’m thinking about returning and then maybe get another one to see if the problem still persists.


    To avoid capturing IPS glow you’d have to take the image from around 2m+ back and keep the phone as central as possible to the screen. It looks to me that there is quite a bit of excess bleed in the bottom left photo, however. You could expect some units to be better if that is the case so it may be worth opting for a replacement if it bothers you, which I assume it does.

    Good news about the colours though!



    Apparently these monitors have this issue in that corner. You may remember me from the other topic PCM2, i got my Dell P2414H aswell and returned it to the store, got another one and it still had bleeding – not so much as the first one tho – and decided to return this one again – this time directly to Dell – and got another one on friday. Guess what? It still have bleeding…

    Shame on that. I guess there are no such thing as a IPS bleeding free monitor, or its all about these Dell’s models.

    It’s not glow – in my case – its always in the same spot, left corner, that light is always there. I can even notice some “yellowish” color right in the bottom of it. Some of that light even goes to the middle of the monitor, not so agressive as the corner but still there.

    Guess i’ll need to deal with that, unfortunately.


    Unfortunately ‘corner bleed’ is unnervingly common on modern AH-IPS panels, it’s definitely not restricted to Dell models. Actually bleed and clouding is very common across all panel types, with the exception of VA. It’s really something you just have to expect to have on a modern non-VA monitor and try your best to accept it. Not all units have it, but many do.



    Yea, i guess we must deal with that, as major percentage of monitors have that issue nowadays, apparently. Here are some pictures that i took today:

    1ΒΊ replace from store:

    2ΒΊ replace from Dell

    I think that the one that came directly from Dell is even worse than the other. I personally don’t use dark backgrounds that much but when is the case i always notice that corner brighter, e.g. movies with black bars on top and bottom, in photoshop, etc.

    Guess i’m done with replacements, i think its even harder to get a bleeding free monitor than winning the lottery πŸ™‚


    Hi Guys,

    I’m in the market for a 23″ IPS monitor to replace my decrepit old Samsung Syncmaster and was wondering what people think the best monitor I could get in the Β£125-Β£160 range was.

    I’ve been looking at the AOC i2369VM and the Viewsonic VX2363SMHL-W, but I’m open to suggestions!


    What will you use the monitor for?
    Office, photo, video, gaming?

    in case of gaming: What type of games, and what hardware (GFX-card) do you have?


    General browsing, YouTube and gaming.

    Hardware wise I have a 2gb Radeon 7850 in my PC and I play most types of games, mainly shooters like Titanfall


    Hi manx21 and welcome,

    There are a number of existing threads on very similar topics with a wealth of good advice. This is one of the more recent ones, so I’ve added your post here. The first page in particular is worth reading given what you’re after.

    There are a number of newer and better options available than the AOC model you’ve been looking at, although I don’t doubt you would enjoy something like the AOC i2369Vm anyway.

    Some of the newer models such as the Samsung S24D390HL offer some advantages over that model. Most noteably it has a flicker-free backlight which reduces eye fatigue and improves motion clarity (see the relevant section of this article if you’re interested in that). It also offers superior pixel responsiveness, providing an experience free from any ‘inverse ghosting’ and as good as you’ll get from a 60Hz LCD. Some ‘lesser’ benefits include a slight larger screen (23.6″) and a marginally lighter screen surface (slightly better clarity and vibrancy).

    I can’t give any specific advice on the ViewSonic VX2363Smhl-W as I haven’t tested it. If you like white monitors, though, consider the S24D391HL which is simply the white version of the Samsung mentioned in this thread and reviewed on the website.


    Hey! I am unsure what 27″ IPS 1440p gaming monitor to buy
    I come from a Samsung T240 24″ TN 1200p and now i would buy a IPS/PLS monitor
    I live in Europe and wanted buy a PB278QR (the new revision of PB278Q available in Europe with no PWM flicker) but at the moment can’t decide which one to get between the ASUS PB278QR, AOC Q2770PQU and BenQ BL2710PT
    Which is better in you opinion for gaming use ?
    Thanks in advance!! πŸ™‚


    Thanks very much for the advice PCM2, I looked at the Samsung and it looks ace, I’ll go with that


    Saurak: I’m looking at the same monitors as you. You could consider the BenQ GW2765HT as well, but it is fairly new and only a few reviews exists.

    The AOC Q2770PQU and the BenQ BL2710PT are both reviewed on this site.

    Whatever you choose, I am looking forward to your feedback πŸ™‚


    My pleasure, manx21 πŸ™‚ .

    Saurak, definitely take a look at the reviews if you haven’t already. As Scandal said he was also looking at some of those models as well as the GW2765HT which is another one to consider.

    Unfortunately I haven’t tested the ASUS PG278QR nor have I received any user feedback on it, so I can’t really recommend that one. I really think that you’d be happy with any of the 2560 x 1440 models you’re considering.


    Ok, thanks for the reply!!

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