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    I used to recommend the AOC i2369Vm quite readily and still do in some cases. It’s quite nicely calibrated and a good all-around monitor for an excellent price. My main criticism of it would be the fact it uses PWM for its backlight regulation. You said you saw it on a friend’s desk and didn’t find it flickering too much. But that’s not really the point. Flickering is something some users would notice and it would bother them, but even if you don’t consciously notice it, it can accelerate eye fatigue. And it affects motion performance as explained here. Aside from that, the i2369Vm has some overshoot (inverse ghosting) in places which the Dell U2417H does not.

    These issues may not affect you or you may not care about them, and indeed plenty of users love the AOC regardless. On the flipside, you may like everything about the Dell except for the input lag in non-native resolutions. Then again, you may not be sensitive enough to input lag for this to be an issue. If you think you would be and you’re not comfortable with the AOC, why not consider the Dell U2414H instead? There’s a reason that model hasn’t been discontinued despite being fairly old now – it sells well and people love it. More so now the price is slightly lower.

    With models like these, there’s very little reason to go for a TN model like the AOC E2450, unless you’re looking for a high refresh rate experience. Which that model does not offer. And I agree with your thoughts about WQHD, it simply wouldn’t be practical in your case.


    Thanks for replay PCM2,
    I made mistake in last post, it should be EV2450 from Eizo company not AOC.
    It is really worth to spend more cash on that Eizo model in your private opinion, especially it utilise RFC?

    TN probably isn’t option for me, because like you said, I don’t need high refresh rate experience rather that the more important for me is colour reproduction, and good image for eye (i.e. good regulation white luminance) .

    I live in Poland, so probably I will not support your site by purchase on Amozon, sorry for that.


    Ah right, that makes more sense with regards to the price. But no, absolutely no reason to spend that much on a product that will give you no advantage whatsoever over something cheaper. People are often fooled into thinking by buying an EIZO monitor they will get a product which has undergone some sort of super-springent quality control. That’s because the company built their reputation on some very high-end models (which they still produce and do indeed offer exceptional quality control). But that doesn’t filter down to their ‘cheaper’ models, which the EV series counts as.

    I understand it wouldn’t make sense for you to purchase through Amazon as well, I wouldn’t expect you to given your location. 🙂



    My brothers going to buy a new gaming monitor and asked me for recommendations on what he might get. He’s looking for a 25-27inch 1440p monitor and was thinking IPS due to the colour quality. He was looking at the ViewSonic XG2703-GS, he generally plays a lot of FPS games and like to watch movies/tvshow/netflix as well on there instead of having a tv. Would the higher refresh rate make movies/tv shows look worse? I know on high refresh rate tv’s they give the image an almost ‘fake’ sped up quality that looks slightly odd, I’m not sure if high refresh rate monitors would have the same issue, and whether on gsync monitors you can lower the refresh rate for movies to solve this issue?

    Any advice would be great.



    Yes, I feel the XG2703-GS would be a very good choice. The reason that TVs with high refresh rates can make movie content weird is that they use motion interpolation. They ‘invent’ intermediate frames that don’t exist in the actual content to smooth things out in a rather artificial-looking way. The so-called ‘soap opera effect’. Monitors don’t do this and in fact setting it to a refresh rate equal to the movie frame rate or sticking to a multiple of this is advantageous, as explored in the ViewSonic review (here). G-SYNC doesn’t typically activate for movie content and you can set the refresh rate to whatever, but either way you’re not going to get that annoying ‘soap opera effect’.


    how does the picture quality of the ViewSonic XG2703-GS compare to other similar 1440p IPS monitors? I know that the Acer Predator XB271HU and ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q have similar specs and price points, is the viewsonic the better of the three?


    It’s essentially very similar to those in that respect. Although the PG279Q should be discounted for its atrocious quality control (or lack thereof). Further information in this thread, which is worth a quick read-through – https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/aoc-ag271qg-vs-viewsonic-xg2703-gs/.


    Hi @NegatorI I want to buy same monitor that you buy, Dell P2317h. Do you have any problem with it? Any ghosting, color changing? And do you suggest it?


    Hi @ ubilog my 3 cents to topic …

    I have rather unpleasant experience when I tested his older brother P2314H; practically half of screen was yellow tint, and second has blue tint.

    This video I published when i didn’t know what is ips glow…


    I’m sorry to say this, but the video doesn’t really highlight anything of particular concern. That sort of uniformity issue is extremely common on modern monitors I’m afraid, even ones significantly more expensive than this. Perhaps it was more severe than it looked on the video, I appreciate it’s difficult to capture that sort of thing. And unlike me, you’ve actually seen this model first-hand of course. But if you’re expecting strong uniformity from a model in this price range, prepare to be disappointed.



    After some time I made decision and bought U2417H, because it look more elegant and modern. I discovered that my graphic card drivers upscale all content to native resolution of display, so any problem with latency shouldn’t occurred (on most games). After three weeks of using this model I can only thank you for suggestion PCM2.

    My unit was manufactured in April 2017, rev03, calibration report really similar to review unit, also BLB and uniformity level on acceptable level (for my eyes, I need only drop contrast to 50% and brightness to 15%).

    Some pics BLB:

    Response times and color reproduction is on right level; I didn’t find any defect pixel, also my eyes gained better endurance now I can spend more hours – of course I make breaks and have proper condition of setup(light,chair etc.). To be frank only size was some nuisance at first, but after some time my eyes accustomed to it.


    Excellent! Thanks for the feedback, I’m very happy to hear that you’re enjoying the U2417H. 🙂


    I recently got a bigger desk and dug out an old monitor to use for dual monitor purposes. It’s a Dell S2240L, and I’d forgotten how good it looked. I’d ditched it because the headphone jack didn’t work any more, and I used that one monitor for both PC and console gaming, so it was easiest for me to run it all through the one monitor with a HDMI switcher and use the headphone jack to get audio to my speakers. I replaced it with a terrible 24 inch Iiyama thing, which I’m now noticing is terrible because of the S2240L next to it looking great in IPS.

    I really want to replace the Iiyama. The issue I’m having is actually picking one.

    First I looked at the Dell S2418H, which looked really nice but then there was also the Dell U2418H, and I’ve been lead to believe U series > S series? However I read that it can be input laggy if it receives a non native signal, and I wasn’t sure if something like a Nintendo Switch (which outputs 1080p max but can drop lower depending on the game) might be included in that. Then I saw the LG 24MP68VQ which looks great, but reading about online I see complaints about vertical lines among certain colours and certain brightnesses. Also saw the Samsung S24F350 on Amazon, but wasn’t sure if it was the same as the S24F350FH recommended here, or what the difference is between IPS and PLS?

    Reading around has at least given me a set of ideal features:

    Price: £200 max
    Size: 24″
    Freesync: Optional, but also really nice to have
    Type: IPS
    Suitability for PC and Console gaming

    Thanks for all your help!


    Hi Duffking and welcome,

    I’ve merged your thread with this one, as it’s an appropriate topic. And I like to keep things together, plus you seem to be familiar with this thread already.

    The thing to remember about the Dell S2240L is that it features a glossy screen. That provides enhanced ‘perceived vibrancy’ for reasons explored in this article. It is quite likely that a well-calibrated IPS-type model would please you regardless of this, though. To answer your questions or address some concerns:

    – The U2417H does have increased latency at non-native resolution. May or may not bother you, it’s an individual thing. Compared to the S2418H (and more generally comparing UltraSharps to the ‘S-Series’), you get superior factory calibration, superior build and ergonomic flexibility, more ports and arguably better build quality.

    – The ‘vertical lines’ on the LG 24MP68VQ are what we would call ‘interlace pattern artifacts’. It uses the same or a very similar panel to the AOC I2481FXH, which shares this issue. The Dell S2418 models actually suffer this issue, but during motion.

    – The S24F350FH is simply a more complete model code for the S24F350. See link at the bottom of news piece. Also note the complete item number given by Amazon is LS24F350FHUXEN. It can be shortened in various ways.


    Thanks for your advice. Sounds like the lines on the LG might be an issue of taste more than anything, then? I figured the glossiness was part of the nice look of the S2240L, my colleague at work as U2414Hs and I like the look of those as well. I was going to bite on the LG, but by chance I found a black friday deal on the Samsung C24FG73. Spotted it on the recommendations page here so I’ve decided to take the plunge on that one for now as the deal brought just into my price bracket!

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