Looking for a new IPS monitor (focus on gaming)

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    If your hunch that the issue with the s24f350 is some thing to do with the free sync scaler maybe I should give the older model s24e390 a try even though it’s a little more expensive but judging by your hands on review it seams very similar if not the same to the newer model sans free sync and the chassis.


    Unfortunately any monitor can suffer from such manufacturing defects, that would be by no means unique to the Dell. It sounds like you preferred the overall image quality of the Samsung outside of that, which I understand. Perhaps trying the S24E390HL would be the way forward then. I still own one myself and you can probably see (quite literally, in this case) why I tend to recommend that and the AD-PLS models over similarly priced AH-IPS models.


    Hi @ PCM2

    I’ve been reading through all the useful posts here and checked the reviews too and really appreciate the time you take to answer all these questions.

    I was wondering if you could suggest a good monitor for my current needs. I just got a GTX 1060 and need to upgrade my screen.

    I’ll be using it 99% for gaming. I’m not interested in anything higher than 60-75Hz as FPS games are not my top priority. Will probably sink a lot of time on The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.

    From what I’ve been reading, the gtx 1060 won’t be good enough for 1440p. It’s a pitty but it won’t hurt getting 1080p (specially coming from an 8 year old Samsung 2033sn)

    I’m a little tight on budget though. It would be awesome to get the best option for 250 or less.

    Don’t have space problem on my desk, so I could get either a 24” or 27” monitor.

    Been mainly looking at AOC models (specifically I2781FH and I2481FXH) but would like to know if I’m missing better options for my needs.

    Any help is highly appreciated

    TL;DR: What would be the best IPS monitor for gaming 1080p @60Hz under 250eur?


    He ziltoid,

    I’ve switched your post over to this thread, as it is more specific to what you’re looking for. Essentially my main recommendation would be the Samsung S24E390HL or S27E390H. As you’ll see in this thread, I was until recently recommending the newer SF350 models – however, they seem to have issues with flickering.

    The AOC I2481FXH is quite a decent performer overall and I really like the build quality for the price. Quite surprising in fact, how solid the look and feel is. Colour setup is not as good as on the Samsung, though, with dodgy gamma tracking letting down the overall colour representation. Plus the screen surface is a bit grainier (not by much, though) and there is an issue with interlace pattern artifacts as noted in the review. I’ve seen this sort of thing from models using similar AH-IPS panels as well. I have no experience of the I2781FXH, but I can at least say the build quality will be just as good and it shouldn’t suffer from the interlace pattern artifacts.


    Hey PCM2

    Thank you so much for your answer. I had my eyes on the S24E90HL too after reading your recommendations. I’m more inclined now to get that one.

    About size, would you say pixels on the 27″ screen will be too noticeable for 1080p?
    I have read some customers reviews on the I2781FH complaining about that.

    Thanks again!


    Personally I feel the difference between ~24″ and 27″ Full HD models is often exaggerated. I’ve used them side by side on many occasions. Whilst the pixel density of the 24″ model is still noticeably better, I take issue with people describing the 27″ model as ‘pixellated’ or ‘fuzzy’. Perhaps those terms could be used if comparing to a 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) or highe resolution model, but not to a ~24″ Full HD model. The differences just aren’t that pronounced in my view – any ‘weakness’ I see in clarity on the ~27″ model I’ll tend to see all the same on the ~24″ model. It depends on viewing distance as well, I’d generally advise 60cm as a minimum to sit from a 27″ screen.


    Thanks once again. I’ll try to get the 27″ version. Just hoping the Samsung one is not that expensive (due to delivery costs to my country). AOC 27 is really cheap right now sitting at 180 eur.

    I’ll make sure to use the link provided on the reviews as I really appreciate your help


    I appreciate the support, and hopefully the monitor you get lives up to your expectations.


    I’m looking into IPS monitors – there’s sooo much to read – and have somewhat set my eyes on the Dell P2717H model. It looks sturdy and has many adjustment abilities.


    How does it fare when playing movies and playing games? I haven’t read any reviews detailing this – info seems sparse out there. Guess a more specific approach to my question regards input lag and ghosting.

    I mostly surf the net, watch movies and occasionally play games. I’m no 144Hz e-sports gamer. But I can at times play 1st person shooters.

    The peripherals I plan on using is PC (with Ubuntu), PS3 and PS4. I know this monitor model has 1 HDMI, but I assume a short extender cable can solve that, basically doing a manual re-plugging according to what I am to use.

    Regarding Ubuntu: I guess the monitor doesn’t need a specific driver when connected to the Ubuntu PC, right?


    Hi c_t_s_o,

    I have no experience with the Dell P2717H, specifically, nor any user feedback to share (there is none on this thread). From experience with recent Dell models, I would expect the pixel overdrive to be quite well balanced in the ‘Normal’ setting (no particular inverse ghosting or trailing issues). And I haven’t used a 60Hz Full HD model for a very long time with any particular input lag issue, I doujbt this has one.

    You could buy an HDMI splitter for this task, or could manually plug in the correct cable as you suggest. It may seem inconvenient at first, but would soon become second nature. And no, you shouldn’t need any specific drivers for Ubuntu. All monitors are ‘plug and play’ across the main operating systems nowadays.


    Acer Predator GN246HLBbid
    ASUS VG248QE

    Is the second one worth the higher price? Or should I go with a completely different one?
    Mainly for gaming


    You’ve lost me, what do 144Hz TN models have to do with IPS monitors for gaming, as you were originally looking at? Also, don’t link directly to Amazon – it is against the forum rules.


    Hi again.
    After experiencing S24E390HL with my PS4 and these “on the nerve” Black Level and dark atmospheres, i wondered if it’s best to go to VA panels according to their better contrast and pleasing dark shades. Now that i’m starting to re-compare between C27F591 and S24E390HL. Just wanted to know your opinion about these two. And actually there is another thing which is a little funny to ask!
    For about one and a half year ago most of your recommended monitors where IPS (and PLS) but now in your EU recommendation page there’s only one and in U.S page there are two. Just wondering if lately released VAs took an advantage of IPSs, is that it or it’s just simply coincidence?
    Thanks a lot…and sorry for my English.


    Naturally, yes, I would give the C27F591 a go. Don’t expect perfect black representation – note ‘black crush’ as per the review and the fact the contrast ratio is still not ‘amazingly high’. It is, though, 2-3 times as high as the S24E390HL and doesn’t suffer from ‘PLS glow’ – so hopefully you would find it more comfortable in the contrast department on your PS4.

    Regarding the recommended monitors, note that there is no such thing as an ‘EU recommendation page’ – it is actually specific and seperate for various regions including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Any country aside from those, the US and Canada all have one single ‘recommendations section’. Yup – it’s a heck of a lot of work keeping that up to date. At time of writing there are actually:

    – 4 IPS-type, 3 VA and 3 TN models on the UK recommendations.
    – 4 (now 5) IPS-type, 3 VA and 3 TN models on the US recommendations.

    Note that there is plenty of overlap, depending on availability, and some recommendations actually contain multiple models in the same series. The page is also frequently updated. And given the fact that a lot of development has occured recently in VA models – in fact they have arguably been the main focus, especially from the likes of Samsung – it’s quite natural to see the ratio change a bit compared to some years ago where they were all relatively low resolution, low refresh rate things.



    My current configuration PC is i5-4650, GTX 760 (2GB), 8GB RAM and 1TB HD. Most of the time I watch some streamings, read documents and play old games in lower resolutions i.e. Heroes 3, Quake 2, Warchammer 40k SS and so on. Also I like play, a bit more fresh games i.e Eador Imperium, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin but most games that was published in recent years are nothing more that graphic, with dumb mechanic and story…

    So I think QHD display will be not optimal for my daily use, especially if I watching image from 70cm, and my current PC is too weak to properly handle that resolution. I should inform you that 24′ is a bit too large for my eys – accommodation problem and my desk is not wide enough to stand bigger monitor. Also I need new display that have low input lag and ghosting with good uniformity and colour reproduction (and if it possible “better for my eyes”).

    After some time I manage to limit my potential list to a few models:
    i2369vm – the cheapest, only lack FF (I saw this monitor on friend desk and didn’t flick too much );
    U2417H – mid price range, probably only problem is with latency on non native resolution;
    E2450 – I plan to spend no more on FHD@60 (three times more that AOC – around 350$);

    So with I should check first, or there are any right reason to go for QHD or other display model in my case?


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