Looking for a new IPS monitor (focus on gaming)

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    No. To be clear, I am referring to the S24F350 as per the recommendations section and the previous page of this thread, both of which I suggested you read for that reason.


    It’s a little bit cheaper, that’s right, but i didn’t think that were superior than the LG (who have 2 hdmi that it’s great for the pc and a console).

    My other options was the MP68 or waot the MP59…


    Okay, I will look the Samsung.
    There are some similar models with the S24F350 etiquette?


    Only Samsung’s own models use the same AD-PLS panel, which is my experience is superior to the AH-IPS panels used in the alternatives. There isn’t a huge difference between them, but the Samsung models still have a bit of an edge due to the panel used (slightly less grainy screen surface for example). So that means there are no models like the S24F350FH with multiple HDMI ports, unfortunately.


    The product nane it’s LS24F350FHUXEN x)


    That is the extended product code. The preferred designation is simply S24F350(FH) with additional regional suffixes. As per the news article.


    If you remember my problem in this thread about s24e390hl not working properly when overclocked at 72Hz then it turned out to be driver issue reset but after testing it on google chrome. I have new issue or somewhat old issue. The internet explorer 11 sometimes get locked to 66Hz or 67Hz and then I have to change settings to 60Hz and then back to 72Hz to make it work. Tested it in UFO tests. And google chrome always work fine at same time when internet explorer is locked to 66Hz or 67Hz. Sometimes opening completely new tab and closing old one fixes it. While firefox works fine at 60Hz, at 72Hz there are visual glitches as we all know it is not supporting higher Hz at all. While blurbusters say the new addition for adaptive sync for browsers for html5 will come eventually. Still on windows 7, will edge be any better. I like UI of IE11 but hate it’s cons and every other browser have cons and pros to it. It is like hunting perfect monitor when none exist XD.


    I have not seen any indepth reviews of this monitor .. but looking at the specs, it doesn’t look to bad.

    Amazon has it first listed as of May 1st 2017


    One thing that was kinda odd, is there a single “hat” button for the menu & options. No VESA mounts, the connectors are sticking out (instead of down), and uses a power brick.


    That’s simply a variant of various other LG models already discussed here. I’ve made it quite clear why I prefer Samsung’s AD-PLS models and whilst that may or may not be a decent monitor, I also don’t see it being superior to the Samsung solutions.


    I got a S24F350 and while it is a pretty good looking monitor (well to someone coming from an old TN monitor anyway) I had issues with flickering, I’m not sure what exactly causes it but it seams to be related to the image being displayed, it could ‘randomly’ happen in the middle of say a game. I could however reliably cause it to flicker when sometimes using menus and the inventory in FFXIV where putting my mouse one item would cause the whole screen to dim slightly and another would cause it to lighten so just mousing over your inventory would cause the screen to flicker although not always leading me to believe it related to the image as a whole. I could make it happen with all kind of settings of over drive brightness, in game settings even changed the cables.

    I have probably over explained the problem but this didn’t/doesn’t happen with my old monitor
    Here’s someone else’s video of the flickering happening with their screen
    I don’t know if I just got unlucky or if this is something that happens with all s24f350s and people just don’t notice, I probably wouldn’t of given it much thought had it not been way more obvious while sometimes using the inventory in FFXIV.


    Simple question. Are you using FreeSync? If so it’s a known issue with the technology and not just this monitor. It occurs when the frame rate drops very low or lack of animation causes an essentially zero frame rate (as per game menus etc.)


    No I’m using a gtx 760 and I’m just using the monitor at its native 60hz. I’m sending the monitor back to Amazon (which is a shame since it was otherwise pretty good) so I’m now looking for a different monitor, looking back at this thread someone got and was pleased with a p2317h. I really like the stands on Dell monitors so I’m defiantly interested but is there any thing I should know about them before buying?


    Oh right. Well that is indeed odd. As I haven’t tested this monitor myself and this issue hadn’t come up in any user feedback, I wasn’t aware of it. It doesn’t sound like there is anything you could do to remedy it. It certainly didn’t crop up on the S24E390HL, so it must have something to do with the new ‘FreeSync-capable scaler’. I assume you’ve done a factory reset and aren’t using some ‘Dynamic Contrast’ or anything either?

    I will remove this as a recommendation, and I would certainly consider something like the P2317H a safer alternative. This is a really a shame – if you do go for the Dell, I’d very much welcome your feedback as well. 🙂


    I believe I did do a factory reset and the dynamic contrast was a pre set in the magic right thingy iirc I just used standard or custom pre set which should not use dynamic contrast I think.
    The Dell p2317h came today, and the stand as well as the build of the monitor are really good (no glossy black finish which is always a plus) how ever the panel it self is not quite as good as the rest of the monitor, it has manufacturing defects such as two instances of quite bad backlight bleed on the left hand side as well as what looks like one or two stuck pixels on the opposite side, Samsung was better with only minor backlight bleed noticeable in one small part of the screen and no stuck/dead pixels but I guess this is just all down to luck. And while I can’t compare them side to side (since the Samsung has been sent back) comparing from memory I think the Samsung panel had far less obtrusive Pls/ips glow it was more subtle from what I recall and was more of a light silver sheen in the bottom corners where as the Dell in front of me is more golden yellowish which is far more unpleasant and seams to creep out from the corners more and up the sides too, the Samsung was tolerable the Dell is intolerable. This just makes me upset that the Samsung had the flickering issue other wise I would of been completely fine with it.

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