Looking for a new IPS monitor (focus on gaming)

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    Hi again!
    Don’t know if you remember me but please check context on first posts of the previous page.
    I haven’t decided yet on which monitor to buy and I just read somewhere else that the LS24F350FHUX/EN is not capable of doing 75Hz even with FreeSync enabled as it is capped at at 60Hz and that’s why the 24MP68VQ-P should be the recommended one in this price range. Would you please care to elaborate on this matter?
    Also noticed the ViewSonic XG2401 which is now at 240€ in Amazon.fr, does it worth the shot or will I lose too much colour quality compared to the LG or Samsung I mentioned before?

    Many thanks once more!


    That shouldn’t be the case, as long as ‘Ultimate Engine’ is enabled. And outisde of FreeSync you need to set a custom resolution as per the older model – https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-s24e390hl/.

    It sounds like you’re quite keen to test a screen with an even higher refresh rate, though, and with Amazon’s returns policy you’ve got little to lose. So perhaps trying the ViewSonic XG2401 would be a good bet. The review makes it clear clear what its strengths and weaknesses are, but you may still find the image decent and should love the responsiveness.


    Made up my mind, due to the fact that I don’t upgrade my hardware too often, I think I wouldn’t be able to maintain a high framerate in AAA games for too long without compromising graphic quality and that would lead me to not getting all the juice from those 144Hz. So, taking that into account and the fact that I would only be able to get a really entry level 144Hz monitor, the best option for me is to get a decent monitor with Adaptative Sync.
    So, sorry to bother you one more time @ PCM2, one last try, on which one of these would I get a better experience?
    – LG 24MP68VQ-P
    – Samsung LS24F350FHUX/EN
    – LG 24MP59G-P

    Many many thanks in advance for your patience and time.


    The Samsung, as recommended in this thread (https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/looking-for-a-new-ips-monitor-focus-on-gaming/page/15/#post-42075) and the dedicated recommendtions section. 🙂



    It’s me again…

    I’m out on the option of the Samsung C24FG70.
    I think that maybe it’s an expensive option for me, and in the case I buy another monitor in the future, It’s difficult to maintain the C24FG70 for second display, a disadvantage of the curve.

    I’m looking for the best 24″ IPS 1080p with the same intentions that I previously had, this is a quote of that:
    Im looking for a IPS Monitor to play videogames on PS4Pro, PC, and other consoles like WiiU, Wii, etc.
    I prefer IPS over TN because i’m not going to play in a competitive way, and im going to see movies, series and other stuff.

    I’m looking for a 1080p 24″ monitor, because i’m at 60-70 cm of distance from the display.
    I would like to take a 4K+HDR monitor for using the PS4Pro, but are very rare or expensive.
    I don’t know if the HDR it’s very important and that’s the cause that i’m looking for a 1080p instead a 4K.

    What are the best options to play on IPS?
    And what things I have to look further when I received the monitor x) (Ghosting, Lag, Bleeding…)
    Thank you very much, and sorry for the repetitive messages.


    Hi Allggg,
    Just a user and not a monitor guru like PCM2.
    But I think the c24fg70 is a very reasonable for what it can do. It is very small for my older eyes and I don’t care for freesync. But I’ve seen this one in a shop and it is nice.

    In my opinion (again worth what you paid for it, which is nothing). You are worrying about the wrong stuff.

    HDR = soon to be on the market, but VERY expensive. If you can’t afford a $280, how do you figure you’ll be able to spring for a $1000 one and the very powerful graphics card needed to drive it?

    Panel type… Instead focus on video quality. What do you care if it is IPS, VA or what have you if it looks good?

    Curve and multi-monitor. Again if you can’t easily afford a $280 monitor, how do you figure you’ll be able to afford two of them in the near future? If you want something to save for, save for a single 21:9 and get two monitors in one. It’ll take you a while, but by the time you’re ready (financially) the price will be lower and the format will be better supported.

    For today, solve for what suits your needs best today. If the day ever comes when it no longer suits your needs, then fine. You’ll have had the best suitable monitor for how many years? And you’ll be able to sell it for some small sum. The differnece (loss of value over time) from what you paid to what you sold it for, doesn’t that seem like a reasonable investment in your enjoyment? It is likely to cost you only a few pennies a day, which would seem a reasonable depreciation and investment in enhanced gaming experience while you save for something fancier.


    Hi @bjornl,

    On Spain the Samsung C24FG70 have a price of 350€ =~ 380$.

    My plan It’s to take a 1080p monitor and laaaaaater, buy and affordable 4K+HDR monitor (when the technology has a reasonable price for the graphic card too).
    With the curve Samsung monitor, it becomes a little weird to have the multimonitor desktop 😛

    P.S: I come from here -> https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/ips-recommendations/page/14/#post-42586


    Yes but aren’t all your prices similarly scaled? I know when I lived in Norway all prices there were the highest in europe. Samsung wasn’t more than the others, it was more by a similar percentage to everyone else. So any price comparison was OK in any country since the % rise for my local price was always the same. You can always compare amazon.es vs pixmania.com (also in Spain, last I checked).

    But your price is your price. If you can’t afford the c24g70, then pick one you can. There are good monitors which cost less. But you’ll have to wait a months or more before you find another 24″ quantum dot monitor with over 60hz refresh rate and less then 4-5ms response time.
    We just bought a Phillips 276E6ADSS to test at work and it is not a gaming monitor, but it is 27″, flat, quantum dot and only $200 in the states.

    Your eventual 4k monitor is likely to be curved as well. So a curved 24 at the side should fit in.

    I still say, buy what is best for today. By the time tomorrow comes and you’re ready for a 4k HDR, whatever you bought today will be so obsolete it won’t matter.


    I agree with a lot of what Bjornl has said (appreciate the input, by the way). With multi-monitor setups, the curvature of a monitor isn’t necessarily an issue. It depends on how you have the monitors angled and in fact, ergonomically speaking, they make more sense than flat monitors that extend to the far reaches of your peripheral vision. They are best-suited for a triple monitor setup with the flanking screens angled towards you, but careful positioning of two curved monitors (not touching each other, but angled towards the user) is not something to be afraid of.

    If you’re really not happy with the idea of a curved display, then that brings things right back to the recommendations already provided in my reply on the other thread – https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/ips-recommendations/page/14/#post-42590.


    I’m sorry, maybe I explain it wrong and you’re misunderstood.
    I want to buy a good 24″ 1080p IPS monitor for gaming.
    With the less problems possibles.


    Well there are plenty of recommendations in this thread for such models, so I’d advise taking a look at the last few pages at least. Or simply head over to the recommendations section which does a lot of the legwork for you. 🙂


    I will take the LG 24MP88 for 230€.


    Completely ignoring the recommendtions here and going for a more expensive yet inferior product. Suit yourself.


    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You tried, haha.


    More expensive? 350€ vs 230€.

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