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    Please refer to this thread. I would have thought the notifications in the footer of every page, at the top of the recommendations page and throughout the review would draw your attention to it. Much better returns policy than the place you were looking at, better prices for some of the products and you can actually support the website.


    Thank, will do through your Amazon links, I buy a lot on Amazon anyway so its preferred


    That’s good to hear :). The EW2740L is an older model by the way, with a slightly older panel. Still perfectly decent but no reason to pay more for it or buy it over the EW2750ZL for the same price or less.


    I have searched the forums and haven’t exactly come up with the answer to this question. I apologize if I have missed something.

    Quick overview of what I am looking for.
    – Under $200 US
    – 23-24 in
    – IPS
    – Good for gaming (not exacting blazing TN response times, I much prefer vivid colors. Still would like to avoid ghosting or laggyness)
    – 1920 x 1080
    – Not super glossy just so I don’t have to worry too much about lighting (semi-gloss is ideal, matte is ok)

    I have used an ASUS VS239H-P 23 and honestly found it underwhelming despite all the positive reviews on amazon. The colors seemed over saturated in some and dull in other areas. It could be just a bias from coming from a dull TN panel though as the effects diminished with continued use.

    Based on the recommend section on the site it seems like these two monitors fit my criteria above
    – HP 27xw (Or rather the 23xw in my case)
    – S24D390HL (Current recommendation is for the S24E390HL but that falls over $200 for me…figure the S23D is similar)

    What is the difference between these two? They seem pretty much the same unless I am missing something. Also could anyone offer any comparison to the ASUS VS239H-P if possible.

    thank you!


    Hi TalonFyr and welcome,

    I’ve put your post here as I like to fill up existing threads and I think it would be a useful addition to this one. The HP 23xw is not like a 23″ version of the 27xw featured in the recommendations section in that it uses a regular matte screen surface. The ‘low-haze’ (essentially glossy, but not with qutie the same reflectiveness) screen surface is one of the key factors that sets the 25xw and 27xw aside from many models.

    The Samsung S24D390HL performs very similarly to the ‘E’ model, as noted in the reviews. The stand is slightly sturdier, design different (thinner bezels etc.) and there is a JOG button for OSD control on the newer model. I prefer these to competing IPS models like the HP 23xw because the screen surface is somewhat ‘lighter’ and less grainy. The pixel overdrive is also very well optimised (can’t compare to the HP 23xw as I haven’t tested it) and image setup nice with just a few basic tweaks. They will also run comfortably at 72 – 75Hz, if you like to get a bit more out of them.

    The VS239H uses an older IPS panel than the new AH-IPS (and AD-PLS) ones. Compared to the Samsung it is weaker in many respects. It has a significantly grainier screen surface, inferior colour gamut, significantly worse gamma tracking and responsiveness. It also lacks the flicker-free backlight. So it would be an upgrade in many respects over the ASUS.


    PCM2 you have no idea how much easier you made this! Super clear and informative. Thanks for taking the time to detail out the details of each panel. You’re the best!


    Hello there!

    A couple months ago, I emailed PCM for advice on monitors (duh), and I finally hit the nail and got myself 2 Samsung S24E390HL. I am overall fairly happy with the displays, but backlight bleed bothers me quite a bit (picture of both displays: http://i.imgur.com/nzTr0wX.jpg

    Now it isn’t that bad, as in most cases, I don’t notice it. But when I play dark games/movies (Amnesia: the Dark Descent for instance), it can get… distracting.

    Now to the point: should I just return them and try to get something better? Is it worth the trouble? I am afraid I won’t get anything better, if not worse…

    Thanks in advance!


    Well it’s good to hear you’re happy with the monitor, aside from the backlight bleed. The images look quite over-exposed so I’m guessing it doesn’t look quite as intense to the eye. And I’m assuming you’re using a reasonable brightness level?

    You’re right to be skeptical of the benefits of returning the monitors. There are ones out there that are better in that regard, some that are similar and some that are worse. Unfortunately this is the same situation with comparable IPS models as well. So it wouldn’t really be worth jumping ship to a different model nor would it necessarily be worth plumping for a replacement. Unless it really bothers you during normal use and you’re patient and willing to perhaps go through multiple units before finding something better.


    Yeah I took the picture with my phone, so the quality really isn’t there…

    Brightness is at 50%.

    And by “getting something better” I meant get a replacement and try to get less backlight bleed with the same model. But ultimately that is probably something I can live with, I just need to focus a bit less on it 😛
    I think it got me really bothered because of what I was playing. I played some Overwatch, and between matches, the game goes to a black screen for a couple seconds. So I went into this circle of “forget the bleeding, get reminded of the bleeding” and I guess that worked me out….

    Here’s something else to consider: it only bothers me on the main display, the one I play games/movies on, since the other is mostly on a web page or just off while I do that. So I was thinking of maybe try to get a replacement for the worst one. I don’t know…

    Anyway, thanks again for the advice!


    Trying to get the worst offender (or one you notice – when gaming in those dark scenes) replaced could be an idea. I’d say there are more out there that are the same or a bit better than your unit than those that are worse. It’s still a bit of a gamble either way, but I suppose if you’re looking it like that you’re more likely to get something similar or better than something worse.


    Hi guys,

    first of all congrats for the site, it is very helpful. I just bought a Samsung S27E390H because it was recommended here and it seems pretty good for the price, and it arrived to my house yesterday. I was really worried about backlight bleeding because I know quality control is always bad even on high profile products… this is what it is. I took the picture in a fully dark room with brightness set to max, sure the phone camera make it seems worse than it really is but it seems anyway pretty bad to me:


    You can see it’s bleeding from all the 4 corners, and in the bottom left corner is pretty bad you can really see the light comes out of the bezel while the other three corners are at least tollerable.

    Do you think I have to live with that (in the end is a 200 bucks monitor, it’s not professional, but anyway…) and it’s pretty common or it’s better to try to change it or take a refund for this?

    I was thinking about this monitor and the HP 27wx and I’m just start to thinking I made the wrong choice.

    Thank you very much for your help!



    Hi sssavio,

    I’m sorry to hear about the issue, but unfortunately this is the reality of modern LCDs and is particularly prevelant amongst affordable IPS-types. See my replies above to GrumpyEtha as this situation is exactly the same.

    I would also advise taking the photographs from a central viewing position and moving >1.8m back from the monitor to ensure you are capturing backlight bleed and not PLS glow. It looks like you’re capturing a bit of both in your images.


    Yeah I know I was prepared to go through these things, sorry for the new thread I did not find the post above. Fact is I saw the picture on your review of the same model and it was like pretty much backlight-bleed free so I tried…

    Other than this the monitor is really awesome with great colors and contrast and really good responsiveness so it’s not that bad in the end.



    I could really use a recommendation for a 23-24” IPS monitor in the 150Euro price zone.
    I tried with a VA – Benq GW2470H but I couldn’t get along with it. I can’t say I had problems with it in games (the most use my monitor will get beside movies and browsing) but I couldn’t get it to ‘behave’ the way I like for browsing/office use.

    Now I’m considering AOC I2369VM (I understand from your reviews that is better than the i2476VWM). I have the I2269VM at work and it feels ok.

    Another one would be LG 23MP47HQ-P (in the online shops from my country I also found it with the name LG 23MP47HQ, not really sure that these the same?).
    At the top of my price range there is LG 24MP57VQ-P. The 23″ one seem to be out of stock for most sellers. Is this one worth the effort over the i2369VM?

    Are there any other monitors worth considering?



    The AOC I2369VM is a very good little monitor and certainly better than the I2476VWM (similar to the I2276VWM as you correctly identified). The only potential issue with the AOC for your uses and why I generally don’t actively recommend it any more is that it does not have a flicker-free backlight. If you’ve used the I2269VM and found it alright then it might not be an issue worth worrying about. The LG models do offer flicker-free backlights, but I haven’t tested them so can’t say any more on them unfortunately.

    What was it about the GW2470H that you didn’t get on with (or it didn’t ‘behave’ as you like)? Was it just a general unbalanced look to the image? From feedback I’ve received it does take a lot of tweaking – the white point for one thing is usually way off target and the gamma is usually best set to one of the other modes as well.

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