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    That does strongly suggest that the U2715H would be the best choice. I am a fan of F.lux, in fact I use it myself on monitors which don’t feature easily activatable ‘Low Blue Light’ settings and suchlike. In fact I’m even hoping to get some ‘Philips Hue’ smart lights which adjust their colour temperature using F.lux as well.

    Some of the issues I have with F.lux are that it seems to slow some games down or is ignored completely, but for the desktop I find it good. No better than dedicated ‘Low Blue Light’ settings, though, and on some models you get a lower contrast hit by activating this sort of setting than using F.lux, too. The U2715H’s ‘Paper’ setting, for example, I find a bit better overall.


    Hi all,
    I’m new to this forum and I read a lot of information. I don’t want to open another topic so I’ll use this if it’s not a problem.
    I’m from Italy and I’m looking for a new monitor for my needs, a 24 or 27″ IPS which I’ll use for:

    70% -> Office/Web surfing and TV Shows
    30% -> Occasional gaming on Steam

    I’ve a 250$ budget and I’m looking for a comfortable reading monitor and good compromising for watching movies too. Gaming is not a first priority.

    DELL U2414H seems to be good, but there are a lot of other options at the end of 2015.
    Which could be the best choice for my needs? Thanks a lot


    Hi SuperMan88,

    I’m glad you posted here rather than posting another thread. The U2414H is a very fine choice for your uses I feel. There aren’t any 1920 x 1080 IPS models that use a better panel or are otherwise better all-round performers than the Dell. I do consider the S24E390HL and S24D390HL to offer some slight advantages with their AD-PLS panels, but really you’re not missing out on much by going for the U2414H instead. Plus you gain a much more flexible stand. If you’re interested in a more detailed comparison of the Samsung and Dell models, check out this thread.


    Really thanks a lot for your fast reply! So I think I’ll go with the DELL U2414H.
    By the way for a better reading for office/web surfing a 27″ will be better than 24″?
    I also read that DELL in february 2016 will release the new line: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/news_archive/34.htm#dell_u_new

    Maybe is a better choice wait a few months?


    If you’re happy to wait then that might be worthwhile, although I don’t think core performance will be remarkably different to the U2414H. For office-based tasks going for a larger monitor would only really be worthwhile if you’re also considering moving to a higher resolution.


    Hi, I’m interested in photo edition, watching movies, and internet browsing, maybe someone could help me to choose between of these models; all are offered now in an internet store here in Mexico for a very low price around $140 dollars.

    I think that all are Full HD, IPS panels; I was going to buy the Dell but I want more opinions. The LG is big but I’m not sure of the quality of the panel, and I haven’t made a lot of research in the other ones.

    LG 27MP37HQ

    Dell P2314H, (the P2414H in $160)

    Viewsonic VA2451M-LED

    Viewsonic VX2363SMHL-W

    Samsung SE360 Series S24E360HL

    Samsung LS24E390HL/ZX

    HP Z23I


    Most of the models you list use a similar if not identical AH-IPS panel. The exceptions are the Samsung models which offer well-tuned AD-PLS panels. As per our review of the S24E390H, this has a smoother (less grainy) screen surface than comparable IPS models. I can also confirm that the gamma tracking and colour accuracy is excellent following minor OSD tweaks, which is why that model is the recommendation. I can’t confirm technical monitor-specific data on models I haven’t used, but if you can cope without the stand adjustability and other ports offered by some of the other models then I’d go for the Samsung.


    Hi all,

    I’ve been sat on a list of monitors in my price range, I am usually good at eliminating things and picking between a couple, but these are all so similar and I just don’t know what to go for. So anyones personal opinions or advice on which is better of the same brand at least would be helpful!

    24 inch:
    AOC i2369vm – I like the look of this one, but it may be a bit smaller than I am looking for?
    AOC q2577pwq – Probably the better 24″, but above budget, is it worth that much more than these others?
    BenQ gw2470h – I know BenQ are good value, but are they as good as these others? (also a bit uglier)
    ASUS MX259H – seems good, but so many similar spec/price/models I dont know which to pick.
    ASUS VX24AH – again a bit pricy for 24″ but if its amazing I might consider
    Dell U2414H – an obvious good one, but the specs seem to be a bit worse even though I read nothing but great reviews for it?

    27 inch:
    BenQ GW2760HS – bigger BenQ
    Asus VX279H – along with the below
    Asus VC279H – see this is a often recommended one, but Asus offer so many.
    AOC i2757fm – really good reviews, really nice design, but compared to Asus/Benq?
    AOC i2769vm – Cant pick which AOC.

    My main use is going to be for work. I do web development/design, but not Print so I don’t need the most amazing colour, but pretty good colour would be nice, response time doesn’t bother me, hence the heavy weighting towards IPS.

    Will be using daily, so the low blue-light and flicker free would be good – I use an Eizo currently at work, but this is for my home office.

    Will be a monitor attached to an Asus ultrabook.

    Anyone able to help me narrow down my options? At least to one per brand! πŸ™



    Hi pixelhero and welcome,

    I see you are lost in a sea of monitors. I’ve also noticed that you’ve categorised monitors as ’24 inches’ when they range in size from 23 – 25″. Nice median I suppose, but not really accurate. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I have merged your thread with this as some of the models you’re considering are already discussed here and some that you’re not are also mentioned. As per the recommendations section and the advice here, you should really add the Samsung S24E390HL and S27E390H to your list. They are superior to any of the full HD IPS models your considering, frankly, as they feature a lighter (less grainy) screen surface and offer superior gamma tracking and default colour setup (with perhaps a few minor tweaks).

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree that ‘IPS’ (or IPS-type) panels are the best choice for your uses. Because you are not interested in responsiveness nor accurate colour representation and are really just looking for ‘a nice looking image’ and comfortable viewing VA seems well-suited. As per this thread, some users find the strong contrast and lack of ‘IPS glow’ on VA models to be more enjoyable. Their relative weaknesses in responsiveness and colour accuracy are not important for your uses.

    You can also forget the Full HD AOC models you’ve listed as they do not use flicker-free backlights. However; the AOC Q2577PWQ does stand out amongst the others because it offers – a 2560 x 1440 resolution, lighter matte (less grainy) screen surface, more generous colour gamut and true 8-bit colour without dithering. Frankly it is worth spending more for and is an absolute steal at the current price. If your budget can extend that far then I’d suggest you strongly consider it.


    I’ll add those 2 to my list (do they come in non-blue? πŸ™ ), think I will drop all the Asus monitors listed at the very least, the BenQ would be my budget version (I saw an EW model you mention somewhere too I may consider).

    The AOC 1440 would be better than the Asus one (vx24ah) do you think? The asus one is a little cheaper currently.

    And the HP CX/CW? Seen them recommended as the ‘best 1080 24″‘ somewhere, but no one else ever mentions them, and I would typically avoid HP laptops/PC’s

    The flicker-free isnt vital to me, never had any problems, more of a better-safe-than-sorry consideration. You see why I cant decide.


    HP only have 25″ models in the series that would be worth considering (25XW/CW) rather than 24″ models and they are not available in the UK. They also have 27″ models (27CW/XW) which are excellent monitors and ones I recommend openly in the US. Provided you can situate the glossy (very low haze) screen, of course. But in the UK, the price is far less competitive and I would never recommend them above some of the other options out there which are recommended.

    The VX24AH uses the same panel as the Dell P2416D. If you refer to that review, you’ll notice there are a few drawbacks compared to the 25″ WQHD models. Most noteably the grainier screen surface, potentially more difficult to read text without scaling (due to tighter pixel density) and the fact that dithering is used (6-bit + FRC). Whilst they are still good monitors, they are too close in price to the superior performing AOC in the UK for them to really be considered better. And there are some definite advantages to the 25″ models.


    Thanks πŸ™‚

    So I have cut it down a bit (sorry I don’t like the exterior look of those Samsungs, which is a shame they’ve gone down a coloured route).

    Dell U2414H – If I decide to stick under Β£200 (would this be a better pick than any of the 1080 Asus/AOC models I listed? Or does another one stand out in my list?)
    AOC Q2577PWQ – If I can justify it to myself

    Likely go for the nicer AOC though, but out of the others which would be a decent back-up plan if my budget becomes a problem – any other VA’s worth looking at – keep in mind the ‘thin bezel’ and modern/flat look I am going for in my list?

    Then I will be able to pick one πŸ™‚ yay

    thanks for the advice


    The U2414H is very good really, it’s certainly one of the better built and more minimalistic-looking ~24″ Full HD models. I completely understand you not liking the fashion statements of the Samsung models, it’s something they often do (and they change their ‘style’ year on year for models in that sort of series). The BenQ models you’ve already highlighted would be my key recommendations, but I’ve only had experience with the 27″ models myself where the EW2750ZL would be the key recommendation.


    Thanks for your help πŸ™‚ will let you know which I go for


    Now just to decide how many +Β£20 I want to step up
    Ben Q EW2750ZL
    Dell U2414H
    AOC Q2577PWQ

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