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    Hmm, I’d love to buy U2518D locally though the fact that it cost almost as much as my GPU ($650 AUD) is a bit concerning.
    As for U2515H, they’re also not available here locally which I’ll have to import it while paying close to above amount.

    On the other hand, for 1080p IPS, is U2517H the best option available for my needs?


    You mean the U2417H? If so then yes, it’s an excellent Full HD model.


    Yeah, that’s the one. Though according to your review on responsiveness, it’s mentioned that if the monitor is “set to run at a non-native resolution” the input lag will dramatically increase. Are you referring to the actual resolution set on the desktop via windows setting, and not the resolution from applications/games correct?

    Also, it seems like you didn’t mention the use of ICC profile for this monitor. Is your “test setting” (excluding brightness) perfect out of the box?


    If the monitor is running at a non-native resolution, be it through Windows or a game, the significant increase in input lag applies. If you’re just looking at a video that’s lower resolution or are using some sort of resolution scaling in the game, as long as the monitor itself is still running at 1920 x 1080 then this input lag increase doesn’t apply.

    As noted in the calibration section: “This data was collated after the monitor was left to run for at least 2 hours. The monitor was left in its ‘plug and play’ state with no additional drivers or ICC profiles loaded.” Therefore everything mentioned in the table, which includes the ‘Test Settings’, are done using monitor OSD adjustments alone and no ICC profiles. If ICC profiles were required I certainly wouldn’t have been so positive about the colour performance of the monitor. They are completely unnecessary and actually counter-productive on the U2417H unless you have specifically generated them using your own colorimeter, on your own unit.


    Just to clarify:
    – Setting non-native resolution via Windows setting or in-game options (i.e. lowering resolution to 1600×900 or 800×600 etc, while on full screen mode) = Increase in input lag
    – Using scaling method such as “fit/stretch to the screen” or “keep the aspect ratio (i.e. seeing black bars)” in the game/GPU options = No increase in input lag

    Is this correct?

    I just don’t understand why such monitor would have this behavior. U2414H didn’t have this weird “issue” though.


    Such ‘scaling settings’ would exist on the monitor itself and imply you’re running the monitor at a non-native resolution. Hence increased input lag. ‘Resolution scale’ which I was referring to means downsampling or rendering the content at a lower resolution, whilst the monitor itself runs at 1920 x 1080 as normal.


    Alright that clears up my confusion.

    I decided to go with U2417H. It matches most of my preferences and I think it’s a worthy upgrade from my current BenQ monitor.
    As for WQHD, I guess I’ll try them out when their prices go down a bit.

    With that being said, thank you very much for your help. I’d love to buy the monitor from you affiliation link though they don’t seem to ship them internationally and I do need to pay extra due to currency rate and Amazon’s shipping rate.

Viewing 7 posts - 241 through 247 (of 247 total)

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