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    I’ve actually grown accustomed to both higher refresh rates and resolutions, so personally I prefer a monitor that offers both. Everybody is different, though, and with your budget and needs you won’t get both. From what you’ve said I feel higher resolution will provide the richer and more enjoyable experience you’re after. And I don’t think concerns about performance or HUD scaling should put you off. The pixel density isn’t really high enough to forgo AA entirely (23.8″ WQHD), but using MFAA as suggested will offer a nice combination of image quality and performance. The GTX 1080 will do just fine with good graphics settings at WQHD 60Hz.



    I’m also currently thinking about buying a new monitor with a higher refresh rate (144 Hz). Right now I have an IPS (Dell U2412M) which I think has really great colors and thus I would like to stick to IPS. It seems most of the 144hz monitors with Ips are 1440p. Have you ever tried to game on such an monitor with 1080p? I’m somewhat concerned that my graphic card can’t handle 1440p with new games.


    There aren’t any Full HD 144Hz IPS monitors at the moment. As for gaming at Full HD on a 2560 x 1440 model, it varies between monitors but the image is invariably softer than running on a native Full HD display of the same size. Refer to the ‘interpolation and upscaling’ section of relevant reviews. I find it better to keep the monitor at 2560 x 1440 and use a ‘resolution scale’ or similar feature (many newer titles have such a slider, not all games do) to lower the rendered resolution a bit if you want some extra performance.


    Is this softer image really noticable or just a very minor difference? Unfortunatelly most games I know of just offer supersampling but not sampling in lower resolutions.


    As I said, it varies between monitors. On some models it is like looking at everything through a soft-focus lense and the softening is extreme. On others it’s more moderate and something you might find acceptable. So you have to consider it on a model by model basis and also understand that everybody’s sensitivity to the softening varies.


    Hi, first of all thank you for you “service”. It’s very difficult “navigate” between pc monitors choices….

    I’m looking for 27″ 1080p (distance 80cm…) pc monitor for my night-light-gaming (FPS, RPG, and not only) and for Office/Home classic/familiar use. (web surfing, doc, photo, youtube). I like the “Height adjustment” 🙂

    My current short list, made by site specs and some reviews is:

    Benq BL2706HT
    Dell P2717H
    AOC Monitor i2790pqu/BT

    what do you think?

    fell free to addsomething missing..

    thank you!!!!


    I’ve merged your thread with this one as I like to keep things like this together and it’s an appropriate place.

    The only model of those I have a bit of experience with and have received user feedback on is the Dell P2717H. I feel this would be well-suited to your uses. It is quite well set up out of the box and delivers a vivid and varied image, whilst it offers decent 60Hz responsiveness. In other words, it offers good all-round performance. It is also quite solidly built and backed by a company which many would regard as offering the best aftersales support in the business (and I can attest to that from personal experience). Not that you’ll necessarily need to use that.


    Hello PCM2, I am not able to decide on which IPS monitor to go for as there seem to be many good options available (Dell, AOC, Asus, Samsung and such).

    I have been using BenQ G2420HD for over 7 years now which, I would like to upgrade to something better.
    Instead of aiming for “gaming” monitors with massive refresh rate, I’d like to go for better image quality that’s just suited for all around usage while reasonably being comfortable with viewing the monitor for long hours.

    As such could you recommend me a monitor that closely matches my preferences?

    FYI, my preferences are:
    – Size: around 23~25″
    – Ergonomics: height, rotation and tilt adjustments included
    – Resolution: both 1080p and 1440p are fine, though I’m not sure which one is better for my case
    – Response time: around 5ms
    – Inputs: HDMI must be included (for PS4)
    – Usage: watching anime, playing both PC and PS4 games, long hours of browsing/typing (e.g. surfing internet forums, reading large texts, typing essays etc)

    Thank you and I appreciate your help.


    Hi tenshi_ and welcome,

    It’s not really a straightforward choice, as for some of your uses a WQHD model may be better suited and some a Full HD model may be better suited. In terms of vieiwng comfort, everybody’s eyes are different. Whether you’d find the 25″ WQHD experience comfortable depends on your eyesight and intended viewing distance. I have very good visual acuity so can use monitors with much higher pixel densities than that, even, without resorting to scaling or suffering discomfort. Scaling or at least application-specific zoom to make text a bit bigger is also an option. I also feel the resolution can work well for gaming, but that depends on the games you play and your GPU as well.

    As for the PS4, that complicates things further. You’d be better off with a native 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) screen as you will always get a degree of softening when running a 2560 x 1440 monitor at 1920 x 1080. The degree of softening depends on the specific model and its interpolation process – most are generally alright in that respect, especially if you’re not sitting too close or overly fussy about that sort of thing. Even with the best interpolation process, there’s a degree of softening compared to a native Full HD display of similar size, though. The Dell U2518D offers the sort of interpolation experience you can typically expect from a decent 25″ WQHD model. It’s similar to the older U2515H in that respect as well.


    Thank you for the swift reply.

    For the reference, I’ve been viewing my BenQ around 10~25cm over arm’s length (for watching, gaming) as well as around arm’s length when I lean forward (for browsing and all around usage). Though these two viewing positions are not set in stone, I can see reasonably comfortably on both occasions.
    I’m not sure if a jump from 24″ full HD to 25″ WQHD will bring discomfort to my eyes. However I did test out 27″ WQHD before which, it was a bit too big for my viewing experience. For 27″, everything was smaller and it was very harder for me see to the point where I had to scale the desktop/applications to larger size. It was something that I didn’t prefer.
    Again I’m not sure if WQHD 25″ will bring the same negative experience as I haven’t tested out such monitor.

    As for the console, if that’s the case then would it be better to get a separate 1080p monitor specifically for PS4? I do prefer using a single monitor instead of dual monitor due to less cable management and more space on the desk. Hence the reason why I mentioned HDMI input.
    However if it’s more favorable to get a dedicated WQHD monitor for my preferences (excluding PS4) , then I don’t mind getting such monitor while getting another HD monitor for PS4 only.
    On the other hand, if it’s considered a “good” upgrade to just get a single 1080p ISP monitor to suit all of my preferences I also don’t mind getting such monitor as well.

    All in all, I just can’t decide on what to go at this point. My apologies if I’m being indecisive but I just want to make a right decision as I’ll be using these monitors for the next 7 years or something along that line.


    It sounds like the 25″ WQHD monitor would be the best route for you to go down, you’d get more out of it overall. And it might be that you find the PS4 looks fine on it anway. If not, then that’s when you could consider a seperate Full HD screen.


    hello there
    i am looking for a new monitor with following specs :-
    1- 22″
    2- FHD
    3- 178°/178°
    4- 5 or 4ms
    5- vesa
    i have noticed the samsung at the bottom of the recommendations page had a 22inch sister, with nice specs, but no vesa, what are you recommendations ?



    I’ve moved your thread to here – there are a wealth of recommendations for you to consider. Most are larger than ~22″ because market preferences have shifted towards larger models, manufacturers tend to focus on them more and I don’t personally like testing such ‘small monitors’. Personal thing.

    The Dell P2217H would probably be the one to consider.


    It looks like Dell U2518D might be the monitor for me though:
    – When leaving it at native 1440p, just how much “softening” will I notice from playing video contents such as anime at 720p or 1080p Blu-Ray via media player?
    – Regarding to “IPS glow”, for someone who’ve never used an IPS monitor before, will such effect be noticeable and ultimately hinder my viewing experience?
    – With the lackluster HDR feature on this monitor, is it worth the high price if I’m not planning to use such feature at all? I mean, the monitor itself seems to fit all if not, most of my preferences which is a big plus


    – The softening in that case is minor as per the review. Same as on any other WQHD display.

    – ‘IPS glow’ and its effects are explored in detail in the review. Best assessment of that you’ll get short of seeing it yourself.

    – If you’re happy with the price, it is a solid monitor even disregarding any HDR capability. But if the U2515H is significantly cheaper where you live, carefully consider that instead.

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