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    Awesome! Thanks for the info. I went ahead and clicked on that amazon link that was included on that page you posted as I read you benefit from that 🙂 They also includes free 1 dy shipping so I’ll actually get this sooner than my other parts. Can’t wait to hook it all up!


    Excellent! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the monitor when it arrives and you put it all together.


    It looks like an HDMI cable comes with this monitor. I think I’ve read that the display port is the preferred connection to use, so I wanted to see if I should buy one and just use the HDMI for something else. The card I’m getting is the “GTX 1050 Ti” which shows connections of 1 x Dual-Link DVI-D 1 x HDMI 2.0b 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, so it looks like it would be capable of using it.


    There is no issue with using HDMI on this monitor. It uses HDMI 1.4 (and your GPU will support that) so you will gain no advantage to using a different connection with this monitor.



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    Can you recommend a 22″ or 23″ glossy display, vibrant and bright? I will need 2, for side by side. I believe 24″ side by side is going to be too large for my work space.




    I can’t really, because such models are few and far between. And I have no recent experience nor user feedback to share on any. Why not consider a 23″ option like the the Dell S2318NX? 23″ shouldn’t be too wide given how slim those side-bezels are, but you know your desk better than I do.


    Hello everyone, I want to buy new IPS monitor and i stuck between these two monitors (Dell P2417H and AOC I2481FXH). As i read throught the web sites and forums Dell has a big ghosting and lines problem. I want to use this monitor mostly for work and not competitive gaming. Also I want to buy second pair some time later. And I’m open to any suggestion. Help me with this please.


    A number of alternatives are mentioned in this thread and those two are also mentioned, so I’ve put your post here. I’d also advise a forum search on those models for further information. In summary:

    – No experience with the P2417H, but I’m aware of user reports of inverse ghosting (overshoot) even with the ‘Normal’ response time setting.

    – Main potential issue with the AOC I2481FXH for your uses re the ‘interlace pattern artifacts’ explored in the review. The colours are a bit off as well, as explored.

    – Plenty of alternatives explored in this thread that don’t have either issue. Also look through the last few pages of this thread.


    Looking into getting another IPS mainly for gaming and things with fast movement.
    Considered a 144 hz but I tend to crank up graphics a much as possible so getting over 60 fps isn’t super common. It would be great but I most often opt for a pretty picture. Although I guess there is an argument for smooth movement makes things better looking…dunno I have never seen a 144hz monitor in action.

    Also considering 1440p but worry that there will be games in the future that I can’t run at that res and I am wondering if downscaling looks horrible on those.

    Under 300 is ideal


    To add a little more context as I have been doing some more research

    – With 1440p I have some concerns: Mainly not being able to run games at that native res and crank up the graphics. I guess it is game dependent whether 1080p on ultra look better than medium on 1440p. Also it seems like not all game support this well so HUD/ Text elements might be small since I am looking to stay in the 24″ range. Given all that I am kinda shying away from 1440p which is a shame because it seems like it would produce the best looking picture.

    – So now I am stuck between getting a 144hz TN panel like (ViewSonic XG2401) or a cheaper IPS panel (HP 25er or ASUS VN248Q-P).
    It seems like the TN panels are getting closer to IPS color / vibrancy. Also it seems lots of people seem to think 144hz creates a better looking experience (i don’t care about faster reaction times in FPS but a smoother experience is interesting)

    – I did look at the Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch. Which seems like a great on the surface but I dug into it some more and it seem like it has problems with fast movement blurring and purple shadows depending on what hz you are running at.


    In my opinion ‘Ultra’ rarely does anything but add flashy and in many cases unrealistic effects and filters. I have a heck of a lot of experience gaming at ‘convervative settings’ at 2560 x 1440 – usually a mixture of ‘medium’ and ‘high’, possibly some stuff on ‘ultra’. And it looks much clearer, sharper, focussed and ‘more detailed than anything a monitor with significantly lower pixel density would produce. I also advise running with 2x MFAA as an Nvidia user, which looks like 4x MSAA more or less without the same performance hit. Remind me what GPU you actually have?

    Don’t be fooled into thinking TN panels are ‘getting closer’ to IPS. They aren’t. That is the kind of drivel people come out with when they have very little experience with anything but extremely cheap old TN models that were awfully calibrated. They still are and always will be bound by the viewing angle and colour consistency restrictions explored in detail in our reviews and mentioned in this article.


    I have a GTX 1080. I built the rig for VR mainly.
    So i figure I can handle most games in 1440p. At least current games. I’m not sure about at max setting though, but I still worry about future games or games that don’t support 1440p well (HUD is too small or you have to edit config files).

    I would imagine on a 24 in 1440p you could turn off AA which buys you some performance. But I’m not sure.

    Is it accurate to assume you would prefer a 1440p 60hz IPS to a 1080p 144z TN panel then?

    The Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx did looks interesting.

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