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    No, as it uses a matte screen surface that’s slightly ‘heavier’ and grainier than that used on the Dell and Samsung (but not too bad) and the factory calibration isn’t as tight. It’s completely different and inferior to both models. Hence why it isn’t recommended.


    Do you say that the HP 24er uses a heavier matte screen compared to the HP25er and HP 27er ?

    And which has a better image quality between the Dell P2417H and Samsug S24E390HL, lighter AG coating and which is the best overall monitor for everyday use considering they are about the same price?


    To be completely clear:

    1) The HP 25er and 27er have ‘Low Haze’ screen surfaces – they’re essentially glossy
    2) The HP 24er has the same screen surface found on other recent AH-IPS models. Medium matte anti-glare, essentially.
    3) The Samsung S24E390HL and Dell U2417H have a slightly lighter matte screen surface than the AH-IPS models, refer to the reviews.
    4) Haven’t tested the Dell P2417H, so no comment.


    Thanks for the answer.
    And what are your thoughts on LG 24MP68VQ-P and how do you think it compares to the Samsung and Dell?
    I understand it has a very good image quality from that 8bit AH-IPS panel.


    It is very similar to the HP 24er and all of the other ~24″ AH-IPS models, so refer to comments on those. Decent but not quite as good due to the screen surface. It is a 6-bit + FRC panel just like all of the other Full HD IPS or IPS-type panels of the size.


    I can’t seem to find my original login credentials, but I’m back again lol. I haven’t read through the entire thread yet but when I created this thread, I was close to putting a rig together. Unfortunately, that fell through for various reasons but, I’m going to attempt to try again. My criteria still stands as in my OP. I’m still looking to build a rig for daily use / multimedia, primarily movies and streaming with very little gaming.

    I was also still interested in the ~25″ panels. The Dell UltraSharp U2515H in my OP seemed like a great choice but, with it being just over a year since the creation of this thread, I’d like to see if there are any better alternatives to that. As before, I have no budget and am after something with great quality. I don’t if there are IPS panels with higher refresh rates now or whether or not that’s important for my needs either but I’d like to get your recommendations PCM2 again 🙂


    Hi again cignig,

    This thread has become something of a central hub for IPS recommendations of all shapes, sizes, refresh rates and resolution. But my advice to you would be exactly the same as it was back when the original reply was given – https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/ips-recommendations/#post-37175.

    The Dell U2515H is still an excellent choice, which is why it still remains in the recommendations section. Dell have not replaced it with a new model and there is nothing more compelling for other manufacturers for your uses, either.


    Thanks again PCM2. As I don’t have the parts to make a system just yet, I’ve been looking for comparisons between different monitors. In one of these comparisons, someone suggested going for a 1080 setup with a 24″ monitor because a 1440 setup on a 25″ will make things look too small. They used the Samsung S24F350FH as an alternative. It looks like you have an article about it but no review yet.

    I’ve never used anything above a 19″ monitor, so I can’t really say for myself whether or not this will be an issue for me.


    Text on 25″ 2560 x 1440 only looks ‘too small’ if:

    1) You have poor eyesight and should probably get that corrected (if possible).

    2) You’re used to monitors with much worse pixel densities and don’t have the patience to wait and adjust to the superior pixel density. Some users do still maintain preference for larger text, but most will adapt given a little time.

    The majority of users with decent vision (corrected or uncorrected) will find 25″ monitors absolutely fine to use, at 2560 x 1440 and without scaling, from a comfortable viewing distance of around 60 – 80cm. This is something it’s best to see for yourself and return if you’re not satisfied, which of course Amazon makes very straightforward.


    Good day. Trying to find out what is the best one for today.
    Im from Russia and cant buy HP 25er from yor recommendation list (have no it in our region).

    But first some main points what im looking for in such monitor:
    1 – good for ordinary gamers (not for professional where you need 144 hz)
    2 – high lvl of eye care.
    3 – good for reading (during net surfing) and working with text (some programming).
    4 – no more then 200$ (trully speaking in my case it is 150-170$ because of high prices in my region)

    So, i want to ask to help me to choose one from the next list (which i made after reading lots of reviews and comparising prices in Russia)

    1) HP 24er (only this one we have – i dont know why no 25, 27)
    2) Asus vc239h
    3) AOC I2481FXH
    4) Samsung S24E390HL
    5) Dell S2415H
    *6) Dell U2414H
    * costs more then 200$ but i can spend it it if it worth it (much better then others above).



    Hi romandrt,

    I’ve merged your thread with this one as there is a lot of relevant discussion here – even on this last page. The HP 24er, as above, is not the same as the 25er or 27er due to the screen surface. The Samsung S24E390HL is my main recommendation if you want a model with a matte screen surface as it is a bit lighter (less grainy) than the AH-IPS matte models and is overall an excellent monitor in many respects.

    I don’t feel the U2414H would be worth paying more for, unless you require the fully adjustable stand or extra inputs. The S2415H is also a bit different due to its glossy screen surface, which may or may not appeal to you depending on your preferences and the lighting conditions in your room.


    Tnx for helping!

    I found that i was wrong and we have HP 27er in our region (but still no 25er – made a request in HP why). So now im a little bit confused what to choose (because 27 is a bigger then 24-25″ which is perfect for me). But, if we dont count the size difference, is HP 27er still best choice from the all monitors i’v listed above? And isn’t it too big 0,311 Pixel pitch for 27″? I mean is it comfortable to use 27″ with max resolution 1920×1080? I’v read that pixels is too big for such size and resolution and you can see it sitting not far from monitor. What will you say?


    You’ll read a lot about ‘1920 x 1080 is too big for 27″ ‘. Mainly coming from users who are comparing to 2560 x 1440 27″ models or who have not seen 24″ and 27″ Full HD models side by side. I have, on many occasions, and also appreciate models with much higher pixel density than either. The difference is hardly staggering, from a normal viewing distance of around 60cm+. But whether the 27er or the Samsung would be the better choice depends on your screen surface preferences, really. As with size preferences, that’s a rather individual thing.



    I am considering on buying the Viewsonic VP2771. Other than having a 2560 x 1440 resolution and being 27 it is identical to the VP2468 (at least the official specifications). However there are no reviews (professional or user) on this version. Would it be safe to assume that it will perform identically or should I wait for reviews to show up?


    Well no, that isn’t really a safe assumption. It is a completely different monitor with different panel and capabilities. However; ViewSonic’s ‘VP’ series are usually very finely calibrated as was the case with the VP2468 and various 27″ ‘VP’ models I’ve tried in the past. You can assume it is well-calibrated but it will have a more generous colour gamut (still not ‘wide gamut’ in the traditional sense), lighter screen surface and higher bit depth without dithering compared to the VP2468. Responsiveness characteristics will also be different, it’s likely to have more input lag and perhaps slightly slower pixel response times on average.

    Could I ask why you are so interested in the VP2771 over something like the Dell U2715H that is a tried, tested and solid performer?

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