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    Would you be able to squeeze the AOC Q2577PWQ or Dell U2515H into your budget, then? They are excellent monitors, but the resolution gives slight softening in Full HD movie content as noted in any of our reviews of 2560 x 1440 models. It’s quite a subtle effect really and you might not even notice this.


    @ PCM2
    Yes, absolutely!! I can take both of them! Which one at this point? Again thanks a lot for your patience!


    I think the challenge is between Dell U2415 and Dell U2515H/AOC. The main reason that make me the choice for Dell U2415 is for a higher pixel pitch for reading text (0.27 vs 0.21) so I really don’t know which is better for me eyes 🙂


    That is difficult to answer as it depends on your eyesight and own preferences. And also viewing distance. What is your current monitor and how do you find that for reading text?


    Actually I’m with a Samsung 22 inches Syncmaster 2253BW TN Panel and I’m reading and writing from a 1meter distance. It’s a comfortable reading from here actually, but I think I’ll go with the Dell U2515H for a better All around use! Really Thanks again for everything, I hope that my questions will also help other users. Have a nice day!


    Currently I’m looking at these two variants:

    DELL U2417H ($250)

    DELL U2515H ($277)

    Right now I’m trying to figure out which one has the better value considering the available prices at my region. Of course, the second monitor has a 1440p resolution, but in that regard I’m only trying to figure out which one gives more for it’s money. Any suggestions?


    You’ve sort of answered your own question really. The higher resolution alone makes it potentially much better value proposition – provided you aren’t gaming on a system that can’t cope with that resolution, don’t have poor (uncorrectable) eyesight and don’t watch a lot of Full HD movies or other content. In addition to the superior resolution, the U2515H also has a more generous colour gamut, lighter matte screen surface and true 8-bit colour without dithering.


    Since I was meaning to dedicate the monitor for media consumption, I’ve realized I wouldn’t actually be needing that high of a resolution. So my only problem as of right now would be finding the best recommendation for a 1080p monitor. (around 24” if possible).


    Right, well you’ve picked out an excellent one in the U2417H. Other suggestions throughout this thread and as always refer to the recommendations section.



    Looking to buy a new monitor and narrowed it down to these 3:

    All around similar price, all have similar review scores from this website.

    Please help me choose.


    Hi alfred,

    They’re all decent monitors, but the Samsung S24E390HL has an edge hence the recommendation here – https://pcmonitors.info/recommendations/. The AD-PLS panel offers a slightly smoother and lighter screen surface for slightly superior clarity and vibrancy compared to the AH-IPS models (AOC ones). The I2481FXH also suffers from a potentially offputting interlacing pattern as noted in the review, whilst the i2369Vm does not feature a flicker-free backlight. From a viewing comfort perspective and in terms of motion performance it suffers as a result.

    P.S. I’m sure you’ve seen the reminders all around the site about buying via our links?



    Yes I’ll probably end up buying the Samsung. I will go through this website when buying.

    Thanks for the advice.


    Hi guys!

    I have an LG 23EA63 monitor but it will be passed to my brother.

    I’m thinking of buying the LG 23MP68VQ-P.

    Do you have any better recommendations?

    My budget is up to 150€-170€ for a daily use monitor.
    (Web browsing, Office and some Photoshop / Lightroom editing. I don’t play any games)


    Hi alexisgt,

    The LG 23MP68VQ is a decent enough monitor, especially in terms of value for money. Some alternatives are mentioned in this thread and the aptly named recommendations section. Again, with your budget in mind, you might consider the Samsug S24E390HL . It has a slightly lighter (less grainy) screen surface than the LG but both models have good factory calibration and would be well suited to your uses. They’re also both flicker-free with some ‘Low Blue Light’ type settings as well.


    PCM2, is the HP 24er as good as it’s bigger brother, the 25er?
    And if so would you choose it over the Dell U2417H or the Samsung S24E390HL ?


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