IIyama monitors nowadays : Expectations vs Reality

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    Hi folks,

    As accurate as this forum may be on some topics, reviews on IIyama monitors are often missing due to the weak coverage they provide in the USA.

    Yet, some people (from USA or elsewhere) might be interested in comparing them and finding out if they’re worth.

    I was considering buying a IIyama screen to replace a 12 y-old … IIyama that’s probably consuming a lot and slowly burning my eyes …

    I was watching the whole GB27/GB32 product ranges and I was wondering how I could compare them to other monitors like FI27Q-X for example.

    The link to a promising 32″ IPS monitor : https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/g-master-gb3271qsu-b1/

    If someone wants to “cover” the subject a little ….



    I’ll leave this thread open to see if others chime in, it’s a nice thread idea. As you’re aware they don’t serve the US market – that’s where the vast majority of our users come from. Certainly the vast majority of supporting users of the site. It’s not possible to cover or actively gather feedback from monitors of all manufacturers – there are even some that do sell locally in the US we don’t cover. But people are more than welcome to discuss interesting products from manufacturers I don’t cover myself here. 🙂

    The Iiyama GB3271QSU-B1 looks to be based on the same panel as the Gigabyte M32Q. The Gigabyte puts it to excellent use (and is available for an excellent price in the US) so the Iiyama is unlikely to be a superior product. Where the Gigabyte could improve would be build quality of the stand, perhaps the Iiyama is better in that respect? Either way, the panel itself is a good one so I’d be interested if anybody has any thoughts to share on the Iiyama version. I don’t see how they could really get squeeze more out of the panel than Gigabyte has, but there’s plenty they could mess up. 😉

    Edit: Actually the Iiyama has a 1200:1 specified static contrast and the specs seem to match the BOE MV315QHB-N20 (same as the Acer XV322QU P). I’d certainly be keen on any input on that one, though I generally find BOE panels inferior to their Innolux counterparts. Colour consistency and contrast tends to be weaker screen surface somewhat grainier, but I prefer taking each individual panel on its own merit as there are exceptions. Will keep an open mind on this one. It’s also a standard gamut model not a wide gamut model, which some will prefer and others will like less.

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