Colour Temperature in AMD Radeon Settings

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    I have very recently acquired a C24FG73 due to recommendation and favourable review from here! So, first things first – thanks for all the work that is being put into this review site!
    Now, for the reason I am posting here: On my particular unit of C24FG73, which is connected via DisplayPort to a Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Vapor-X Tri-X OC on a PC running Windows 10, the ‘Custom’ and ‘sRGB’ modes look the exact same. I have bound both modes to shortcuts to switch them quickly, and I can make out no difference whatsoever. In the review however it says there should be a noticeable difference in saturation. I will stress it again: No matter what I have looked at so far, I never found even a slight difference whatsoever. Is my model defective? Am I possibly doing something wrong?

    Another thing: In the Radeon Settings application, there are some settings to adjust colours: Temperature, brightness, contrast etc. The colour temperature section has a slider to adjust from 4000K to 10,000K as well as an automatic mode. No matter what temperature I set the slider to, it never looks anywhere close to what automatic mode produces, which is noticeably more muted. It doesn’t look bad, more like restrained, less extreme. I couldn’t say which is more accurate, though, since I lack a means of comparison. Now my question is: Which mode is used in the review of the monitor (so which is the one that has accurate colours as per the review?), and what does automatic mode really do?

    I have tried googling the latter question and came up almost empty, except for this post. But there’s not much detail to the explanation or even a source for the claims. Can anyone shed some light on the matter?


    Could I ask where you purchased this from and when?


    Of course. I purchased it this Monday, so on 5th March, 2018, on


    For some reason that didn’t register, if you used our link. But never mind, technical glitches happen…

    Anyway, I’ll look at this in more detail later when I have time. But what immediately strikes me is that I had an issue with undersaturation of colours (regardless of OSD setting) on the Samsung C27HG70 (see ‘Test Settings’). If you have FreeSync set to ‘Ultimate Engine’ in the monitor, disable FreeSync and then have a play with the different settings. Use this as a reference for what things ‘should’ look like. You should then notice that if you have ‘Colour Temperature’ set to ‘6500K’ instead of ‘Automatic’ in the AMD driver that things look like that even with ‘Ultimate Engine’ in use.


    I have cookies and all that jazz blocked in my browser by default, maybe that’s the reason? I honestly didn’t think of disabling that prior to the purchase. I did however click that amazon button on the review site, but changed to the different amazon region afterwards. Also, would it really work on a different amazon region? It sounds to me like it would not, and require a separate affiliate registration + link just for my specific region. I can’t sensibly purchase from, but instead from If my behaviour led to a loss of revenue there that you would otherwise have gotten, then I apologize for the mishap.

    Now, my specific graphics card doesn’t support Freesync. It’s the only card in the range of products that doesn’t support it to my knowledge (they even falsely advertised it! But sadly no refund for me.), so I can’t test that I’m afraid. FWIW I did switch it from ‘off’ to ‘Ultimate Engine’ and found there to be no visible difference to ‘off’, which means automatic vs 6500K is still a huge difference, and ‘custom’ still always looks just the same as ‘sRGB’. Thank you for your input, though!

    Edit: I don’t know what happened there or why, but after switching Ultimate Engine on and off a couple more times, there is now a difference between sRGB and custom for both 6500K and automatic. Now I just got to figure out which combination is the most accurate! Going by the thread I linked in the opening post, it would seem to be sRGB and automatic mode, I figure.


    You would need to purchase from the Amazon you’re redirected to, unfortunately. It is all automatic and is supposed to direct users to their geographically closest regional Amazon. Sometimes it messes up. But as I said, don’t worry about it.

    It sounds like the ‘Automatic’ setting for colour temperature is causing real issues on some monitors. I’ve only observed this on the CHG70 myself, but it’s possible AMD changed something in a driver update. I’ll investigate this with other monitors in the future to see if it’s a broader issue. For now, though, just stick to ‘6500K’ as that is showing you things as they’re supposed to look.

    Edit: I see you had some luck after enabling then disabling FreeSync ‘UltimateEngine’ on the monitor. So it probably is a Samsung-specific issue.


    Actually, could you let me know if any of the links redirect you to You don’t block JavaScript do you? If this is a wider issue I will have to see if I can fix it.


    I did some testing just now about that amazon button, and as it turns out, the built-in ad blocker in Opera reproducibly breaks it’s regional redirecting functionality. The same seems to be true for Firefox’s activity tracking protection. I was not aware it was supposed to do this in the first place! Always linked me to Amazon US. Many people probably aren’t aware that the button is supposed to work for every region and just assume it’s a US only link. Might be worth adding some info to the notes section on the bottom right.

    Alright then, I’ll be sticking to 6500K then. Thanks!


    Thanks for confirming this. You’re right, I’ll need to make users aware of how the links work as many users will be unwittingly breaking the redirection behaviour.

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