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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m looking for my first colour accurate monitor that covers all the common gamuts adobergb, rec 709, dci p3 etc. and is also “10bit” (given up on true 10bit). Considering all the factors I think that the Dell UP2516D is the best option for me at the moment. I was wondering whether this was still a good option for today?

    Or Should I wait for the latest model just announced at NAB to drop and get the model previous to that discounted?

    Another side question is will I still need the blackmagic decklink mini monitor for a 8bit+2frc monitor?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi IcantSee,

    Yes, the Dell UP2516D remains an excellent choice for this sort of work. As with its 27″ counterpart, which we’ve reviewed in depth, it offers strong factory calibration and support for a good range of colour spaces. If you consider what has replaced it, Dell themselves only tend to release a single Ultrasharp model of a particular size and resolution combination per year. And this time it is the UP2518D which is a standard gamut model.

    Looking at options from other manufacturers currently available and on the horizon don’t reveal any compelling alternatives to the UP2516D, really. There are some interesting ongoing Quantum Dot backlight developments, but so far these have really just been either cost-cotting solutions (affordable Full HD ‘wide gamut’ models) or implemented on more expensive models. And even so, such a solution wouldn’t offer substantial benefit over the GB-LED backlight used in the Dell.


    Any further help required here?


    Hey PCM2,

    Apologies for semi-hijacking IcantSee’s thread, but do you have a rough ETA for the Dell U2518D review? I’ve got my finger hovered the “buy” button for the AOC Q2577PWQ or Dell U2515H based on your recommendations, but I got a quote from Dell yesterday for the U2518D and I’m tempted by it.

    If the review is not too far away, then I’ll hold off on pulling the trigger. Thanks 🙂


    It will be a few weeks away I’m afraid. I would say this – you can’t go wrong with the other models you’ve listed, really. The main headline feature on the U2518D is ‘Dell HDR’ – and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s a load of rubbish. Can’t say this is entirely down to Dell’s implementation, necessarily, but it isn’t a feature ready for prime time. And I think by the time it is, there will be far better implementations. That’s not to say the monitor isn’t very capable aside from that, but so are the other models you listed. I can also say the factory calibration is very nice on the new model, but if that’s important to you then getting your own colorimeter would be better and would work nicely on any of those models.



    Thanks very much 🙂 The U2518D is £113 more expensive than the AOC, which in terms of percentage is a huge amount.

    I don’t own a colorimeter and probably wouldn’t buy one, but I learned recently that a friend of a friend has one which I could borrow. I guess that means that the AOC is probably the one to buy since the U2515H is now quite difficult to find in stock for a price that doesn’t immediately make the U2518D the more sensible choice.


    I agree with that assessment. Once calibrated (as you could do with your friend’s colorimeter) you will have similar colour performance whilst saving a decent wad of cash. I’m sure in future the U2518D price will be reduced and probably the U2515H discontinued, but as it stands currently the AOC is the better buy. 🙂


    Thanks dude. I’ve just ordered the AOC, via your affiliate link of course 😉


    I appreciate the support. And thanks for keeping this thread going, it would’ve just been closed off otherwise. Feel free to post impressions etc. when the monitor arrives as well.

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