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    So you still haven’t got a review sample?


    Yes, afraid that’s correct. It wouldn’t really matter if I did, right now, as I have my hands full with other things. LG have missed their slot by around a month now, so what can you do?


    One of the next days, I’m going to my local retailer to test out some monitors…

    So on that note, if I can find one with a good panel, are any of the IPS based 27″ WQHD Freesync monitors up to snuff, compared to the XL2730Z. In terms of freesync implementation and the underlying mechanics of the monitor?


    The Nixeus (EDG27) model you mentioned is actually very good in its FreeSync implementation.


    Sadly that one cannot be bought here.

    It’s kinda sad that we have quite a few IPS based freesync monitors, and none of them seem to be up to par with a, now older, TN monitor like the XL2730Z…
    From where I’m sitting it really feels like the various companies don’t really care about good freesync implementation.
    But I guess that’s one of the pitfalls with an open standard like freesync.

    Anyways, thanks for all your feeback.

    A thought…
    If I could find a MG279Q with a good panel, would it be worth buying it, to then CRU its freesync range to be wider than 35-90Hz? Have been reading about quite a few people having success with that, getting a range like 60-144Hz.
    Over simply buying the XL2730Z.


    Yup, that could be an idea.


    Hey PCM2 and everyone else

    So I found the updated version of the Acer XF270HU, XF270HUA at a decent price.
    If my memory served me right, from all my reading… that one uses the a newer(different) version the AUO IPS panel, v2.6 instead of v2.3, as v2.6 is borderless, comfirmed by Panelook. & TFTCentral’s Panel Data Base.

    I remember what you said about the XF270HU earlier, but according Acer the overdrive is not broken when using freesync, it’s just locked to Normal.
    So if we go by TFTCentral’s findings on the XB version, done without G-Sync, those should be the response times we would be seeing XF when using freesync, no?

    So I’d love to hear your professional opinion if you think that panel might be better better… and from anyone here who have any first hand experience with the Acer.
    I’m going shopping over the weekend, and go see which of the monitors I can see in action and fiddle a little with.


    Don’t be fobbed off by what a ‘support agent’ says to users to get them off their backs. Actual user feedback confirms that the XF270HU(A) behaves as if the overdrive is set to ‘Off’ if FreeSync is enabled –

    For reference, the v2.6 panel uses the dual-stage bezel design (‘borderless’) and is 8-bit + FRC rather than just ‘naked’ 8-bit. In practice that makes little difference when gaming and using the monitor for normal desktop tasks like browsing the internet. So if it wasn’t for the broken overdrive with FreeSync, that would be a decent one to consider. But the panel itself makes little difference to anything in practice and it’s why for Nvidia users I would equally recommend the Acer XB271HU (2.6 panel) to the G-SYNC models using the 2.3 panel, price and availability allowing –


    That’s why I come here… you know a lot more than me about this, and I don’t just take the company’s word that it’s “working as intended.
    I’m gathering the data, so I can make the right choice. And right now that’s the BenQ XL2730Z. By far it’s still looking like the best overall package.
    The only reason I’m still looking at all these IPS monitors, is because of your video about IPS vs TN panels, colour performance, the difference was very noticeable with the red/orange stone floor.
    And as I plan to have my next monitor setup for quite a few years, I want to make sure I don’t “miss out” on a noticeable better visual experience… same reason why I’m also looking if there appear to be something worthwhile on the horizon, in which case it might be better to wait a little. Right now thought, all the IPS based monitors seem to have quite a few gremlins.

    But… I also know that I can always say: “wait for the next generation”, and then you never upgrade. I just want to be sure I don’t spend $500 now and then something comes along in three months, AOC AGON AG273QCX caught my eye. Sadly Freesync still feels like a secondary implementation from many monitor manufactures.

    The AOC Agon AG272QCX also looked interesting, but I don’t it was ever released… or has not been released yet.

    Many thanks so far.


    The funny thing is that the AG273QCX supports ‘FreeSync 2’. And that is supposed to offer a more ‘careful’ implementation, including a good refresh rate range plus what AMD themselves deem to be decent pixel overdrive performance. That is the theory and what the marketers at AMD and the monitor manufacturers would have you believe, at least. Either way, I think the AG273QCX is quite interesting due to having a special backlight with superior gamut to the competing models (both IPS-type and TN). Whilst that won’t overcome the colour consistency issue raised in the video, which you rightly point out, it will help provide strong saturation so even the ‘washed out’ bits look quite rich. Some users will really like that look.


    I need good freesync monitor too. I want 27′ 144hz 1440p curved ips freesync 2 monitor 🙂 I think Nixeus is the best freesync ips monitor right now. But i cant find it too. Im really curious about AOC freesync 2 tn monitor. Hope PCM2 will review it fast 🙂

    I tried with my smartphone. TN viewing angles looks exaggerated on the camera. Benq xl2730 really good monitor. Everything works as intended. Freesync range is 40-144 and LFC works great. Blur reduction mode works great too. No annoying glow but blacks are weak because its TN. Default osd settings terrible tho. You should definitely tweak it. Standard picture mode and Gamma 5 option good start point. Dont judge before tweak 🙂

    We need decent ips freesync options really. Im expecting it after GsyncHDR monitors release. Probably they will use same panel without expensive local dimmings with freesync2 cert. 4k is too much for these panels tho. 27 inch 1440p sweet spot.


    Yup, I will certainly be reviewing the new AOC as soon as a sample is available. It seems too interesting not to. 😉


    I’ve been trying to find info on its little sister, AOC AG272QCX, but so far I have not been able to find any info about it outside of Asian publications.
    It looks super interesting, 27″ QHD curved VA panel, but I cannot find anything about other than This from AOC’s Hong Kong site.


    It isn’t available in Europe and may never be. It’s no more interesting than the Samsung C27HG70 that uses the same panel (or CELL).


    I figured it might use the same panel, but I was hoping, since it does not have all the HDR fluff, that they might also have used a better/more aggressive overdrive with its freesync, to improve pixel response times… as that was the reason I skipped the HG70.
    I really liked the Samsung design, have for quite a while, and I really like the picture quality of the VAs, but the issues you, TFTC and other reviews have shown regarding their pixel response times… makes them less than optimal as a mainly gaming monitors. #SadPanda

    I had the chance to try out some IPS panel based monitors today, although in a well lit store, none of them showed any intruding glow or bleed. I don’t know if there’s different QC depending on what country they are shipped to, I don’t see how, but I didn’t see any of the common IPS problems people are reporting… but the light in the store could have an effect.
    We have 14 days of full return, so I might just try and see if I can snag a “flawless” IPS one… Sadly they didn’t have any of the freesync ones in house.

    Pleasant weekend all 🙂

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