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    Hi, I’ve noticed that you mentioned in February that ASUS wanted to improve their quality control closer to the end of the year. I just finished a new build with GTX1080 and am trying to decide between Dell U2715H and Asus PG279Q (to upgrade from my current U2412M). I see some people swear by 165Hz while others say they can’t see a difference b/w 165 and 60Hz… I also see some reports that, even after calibration, PG279Q has worse colors than U2715H. Do you know if PG279Q is a safer bet now? And is it true that it has worse colors while the Hz difference is marginal? Thank you!


    Unfortunately, based on recent user feedback, it doesn’t sound as if much has changed with the newer revisions. I don’t really have the volume of feedback to analyse this in detail, but it certainly seems to me that you’re still more likely to receive a poor unit than a good one. The general concensus is that 144Hz is superior to 165Hz (in terms of responsiveness – as covered in the TFT Central review). And some users report gamma changes as refresh rate increased, whilst others observe things that would suggest this is the case. Really the Acer XB271HU seems the best option for a G-SYNC capable IPS-type model of this type at the moment. Otherwise, if TN models are acceptable, the Dell S2716DG. The new screen surface makes that much more pleasant than it used to be as well.



    I’m looking for a 27″ (2560 x 1440) 144hz+ competitive gaming monitor with the lowest input lag and next to no tearing/ghosting.

    I’ve been looking for such a monitor for over three weeks now, going from review to review and I just don’t know what to choose. My current monitor BenQ XL2420T is displaying all kinds of tearing as of late and I want a new monitor. Having tried a 27″ monitor at a friends place I’m confident that I want that to be my new monitor size as well.

    What’s very important for me is low input lag / raw lag. I can’t stand input lag and that is what has been my main focus. The panel type would more than likely be TN as I can’t stand IPS glow / backlight bleeding, combined with the higher (than TN) reaction time of these types of monitors.

    I’ve looked at countless reviews but I’m still very confused as to what to choose. Price is not really an issue.

    I’m hoping people who are knowledgeable about monitors on this site can help me with this tough decision. (Yes, I am experiencing it as a tough decision – first world problems.)


    MarioABC, I’ve merged your thread with this one as it’s an appropriate place. Could you clarify what you mean by ‘2k’, because that is not an official term to describe a resolution and is often used incorrectly. I don’t intend to take things off-topic by giving a full explanation, but please indicate the resolution you’re interested in by using unambiguous terms (1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440 is best as there is no mistaking what you mean by anybody in that case).

    I’d also like to point out that tearing is not specifically a monitor issue, but is caused when the monitor and GPU are ‘out of sync’. This will occur if you are not using VSync and the frame rate doesn’t match the refresh rate of the display. It’s exactly what variable refresh rate technologies such as G-SYNC and FreeSync set out to address. Given that this is a potentially important box for you to tick with your monitor choice, I’d also need to know what GPU you’re using.


    I have a 1080ti. Sorry, with 2k I mean 2560×1440 that is the reason why I made a new thread as this one is focused on 1080p.

    Mod edit: Thread merged appropriately now.


    Right, I’ve moved the posts to a more appropriate thread, then. It’s a bit generic as it includes various 60Hz models and the focus wasn’t specifically on ‘competitive gaming’. But things were starting to go off in the direction of highly responsive 2560 x 1440 models towards the end of this thread and I’d like to continue that.

    The recommendation is therefore the Dell S2716DG. It’s simply the most responsive 27″ WQHD model out there. Competing TN models do not share its nice light screen surface, either, they use the grainier matte screen surfaces that plagued the earlier S2716DG revisions. This is such a significant difference that they’re not really worth considering in my view. The presence of G-SYNC should put to rest concerns over tearing, as well.


    PCM2 thank you. I must’ve missed this thread.

    The S2716DG I’ve heard great things about indeed. Does it compare well vs the BenQ ZOWIE XL2730 / XL2735 inputlag & gaming functionality-wise?


    Yes; refer to the review(s).


    Hi, I started reading a lot of reviews here since I am looking to buy a monitor as external display for my Macbook Air as well as for my desktop with a Geforce GTX, mainly for web, media, and gaming (fps like csgo).

    – 1440p (tn panel)
    – around 27″ size
    – not a heavy gamer design (like the predator)
    – 144hz
    – ideally a gamer mode like black equalizer or sth
    – g-sync is a maybe

    As I understand that g-sync is a major cost part, I am not yet sure if I really, really need it. What monitor would you recommend, both with or without g-sync?


    Hi skyebot,

    As above and as per the recommendations section, the G-SYNC recommendation would be the Dell S2716DG. And the non- G-SYNC recommendation the BenQ (ZOWIE) XL2730.

    For games like CSGO where it is easy to maintain a frame rate matching or exceeding the refresh rate of the display, there’s really little advantage to having G-SYNC. If you also play Battlefield or games where your frame rate would be expected to dip below 144fps quite a lot, G-SYNC becomes a lot more useful. It isn’t an essential feature for everybody and some users find it to be much more of a night and day difference than others.

    Clearly the Dell is a bit more expensive than the BenQ, but both models are quite decent in many respects. Aside from G-SYNC, the Dell also has the advantage of using a lighter (less grainy) matte screen surface. The BenQ uses the same surface used on the original Dell S2716DG reviews – so there’s a bit of extra graininess when viewing white and other light colours. It isn’t terrible, though, and the BenQ does have the advantage of having nice gamma handling (plus ‘Gamma’ settings in the OSD) which means it doesn’t need an ICC profile to make the most of it for gaming.


    Thanks a lot! As in my country the price difference between the two is currently roughly 70$ so I’d lean towards the Dell generally (even though it seems rather hard to get right now here). So regarding the ICC profiles and OSD: If I would want to have two different profiles (one for gaming, one for normal usage), I would need to fiddle with ICC profiles each time I want to switch, while the ZOWIE offers the shortcut, is that right?


    You can’t do anything with ICC profiles via the OSD. They have nothing to do with the monitor specifically, just the GPU.


    Yeah, that’s not what I meant. I meant that for the ZOWIE it is easy to switch between different presets, while for the Dell it’s hard because of the limited OSD?


    I see. That’s correct. Although it is easy to switch between ‘Preset Modes’ on the Dell, you can’t really configure as much stuff. There is nothing like the level of flexibility you have on the BenQ, letting you tweak things like the Black eQualizer, colour channels and different gamma modes on each profile. Creating easily selectable custom profiles for different games or applications.


    Hey guys,

    I was sort of considering the Samsung C27HG70 as I think a 27″ 1440p with freesync (as I have a Vega56) is the sweet spot for me.

    I mainly play games, browse the internet and do a bit of programming / coding in my own time.

    I have found it so so hard to work out whats good right now. Is there a solid purchase, a go to monitor per say that will see my just right for this quite simple criteria?

    All help and advise appreciated.


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