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    Hi Angelo and welcome,

    I do think this is a good place to ask this question regarding how the U2715H and GW2765HT compare, assuming gaming is one of your priorities.

    The core performance of both models is actually rather similar. The ‘out of the box’ setup is technically a bit more accurate on the Dell, although actually not bad at all in that regard on the BenQ either. You also get various gamma settings to play with on the BenQ, which won’t need adjustment in the interest of accuracy but is something users may wish to adjust according to preferences. Plus there is more flexibility in its Low Blue Light settings than the single ‘Paper’ setting of the Dell. Both models show a bit of inter-unit variation when it comes to colour channels, although in general the Dell is usually closer to the common 6500K daylight target. The colour gamut of the BenQ’s AHVA panel is actually slightly broader than the AH-IPS panel of the Dell, although both fully cover sRGB with a bit of extension beyond. The screen surface texture is also just slightly smoother on the BenQ, but again is very smooth on the Dell.

    The input lag of the Dell is also slightly lower, with a signal delay of around half a frame (~7ms) vs. a bit over 1 frame (~19ms) on the BenQ. These are based on both TFT Central’s readings and my own readings taken when I’ve had a brief turn with both models. The majority of users will not notice this difference in input lag, but if it’s something you’re sensitive to then you might consider that the U2715H has an advantage there.

    There are also the obvious aesthetic differences, with the thinner ‘dual-stage’ bezel design of the Dell being one some users would prefer over the somewhat thicker (but still reasonably slender) glossy black bezels of the BenQ. The U2715H also has a more generous port selection, with the 5 port USB 3.0 hub and greater DP connectivity (MST Daisy Chaining, MiniDP as well as Full Size DP). The connections of the BenQ are more than adequate for general PC use, however.

    So really, I do feel there are some advantages to both models. But if you’re happy with the aesthetics of the BenQ and don’t think you’re too sensitive to input lag then I feel it provides better value for money.



    Great reviews there and just what I was looking for since I’m after a 27″ 1440p monitor for gaming and prefer IPS panels. Not worried about response as I play Elite: Dangerous and stuff like that – not really into fast FPS games and the like. I saw an offer today on the Samsung S27D850T for £299 which was tempting but I’ve had a Dell before and loved it. The thing that is stopping me is the new AOC Q2775PQU which was announced at the start of the month but has no prices announced yet. I’m guess it’ll be €400+ (so similar in £) and I like the fact it also has a USB 3 hub built in, but should I wait for this or just go with the Dell? Or am I worrying too much and would the bargain Samsung do me just fine?

    Cheers for any advice!


    Hi stevepettifer and welcome,

    That certainly is a decent deal for the S27D850T, but then again the GW2765HT featured in the recommendations section and mentioned just above (and earlier in this thread) is actually available for less. It’s also available from somewhere with a much better returns policy. What seems like a bargain may not be if you end up with something you don’t like and need to send it back at your own cost (which isn’t cheap for a monitor like that once you factor in insurance). I appreciate that it doesn’t have the USB 3.0 hub and you may not like the style as much, which is fair enough. The monitor itself is excellent, though, and offers more flexibility than the Samsung in terms of going dim without PWM (flickering) being introduced and also the inclusion of various ‘Gamma’ modes and Low Blue Light (LBL) settings.

    I’d also consider the 25″ models such as the AOC Q2577PWQ and Dell U2515H if you’re looking to save a bit of money. They are very much like 25″ versions of the more expensive 27″ models – a smaller screen size which gives a slight edge in pixel density and saves money. I completely understand if you’d prefer not to sacrifice that 2″, but these are certainly worth considering due to the excellent value for money offered there.


    Yes, I did think about 25 but I’ve become used to 27 (I have a curved Samsung 22″ 1080) so I’m happy to lash out the extra. Good call on the returns policy too, as I know that place is not the best (been there and done that with them and it does cost a fortune).

    You’re quite right about the BenQ, I forgot about it! It does tick every box for including height adjustment (one of my key requirements). I’m actually not too bothered about the USB hub as it’s a ‘nice to have’ (my old Dell had it I did find it handy, albeit not a deal breaker), but the new AOC does look very tasty overall. My worry would be that a brand new unit would not have had time to bed in and for faults to be found and fixed and good reviews to happen so I’d have to wait and since I’m a monitor down right now I may just go for the BenQ as it seems like excellent value. I think I’ll read a few more reviews, but the Dell and the BenQ seem like front runners to me. I can get the Dell for about £350 which seems OK to me – is it really worth the extra over the BenQ (lets assume the cost isn’t an issue since I’ve decided to buy one of them no matter what)?


    I only think it’s worth paying extra for the Dell if you much prefer it aesthetically or really want some of the extra ports it offers. Otherwise it isn’t really worth paying extra, no. Refer to the top post on this page. The same points apply regarding returns policies as well – and also if you’re able to support the website with the purchase then that’s always preferable.


    OK, thanks for that advice. Lots to think about again – thought I’d made a decision but it’s always worth taking time over such a big purchase! Once I’ve bought something I’ll be sure to come back and note my thoughts in case it helps anyone else out.


    Excellent, I look forward to your thoughts on that.


    Thanks for your impressions and feedback Chris, it’s much appreciated. You don’t need to worry about the contrast measured by the Spyder4 as it can’t accurately measure black point. It’s likely that the actual contrast is around double that (~1200:1) which is very good. Sounds like your sample has pretty good uniformity overall, the colour gamut is strong and that you’re happy with its performance overall. And it’s good that you’ve confirmed that it uses an AH-IPS panel, I’ll add that to the article.

    If you wanted to check the exact panel you could do that by entering the service menu. If you hold down the menu button (with the monitor switched on), unplug the power cable and then plug it back in (holding menu down all this time) you should see an ‘F’ (for factory) when the monitor turns on and you try to enter the OSD. If you press enter (the menu button) again you should get a little factory menu that provides the panel part number. Be careful – do not press anything or change anything on the menu. Simply observe/note down the panel number and then switch the monitor off. When you switch it back on again everything should be as it was before. If you don’t want to do this or it doesn’t seem to work don’t worry about it. 😉


    Thanks for confirming this. The 60Hz AHVA panels are very capable, which is sort of weird for some users to understand given the sort of variability seen on the 144Hz variants. It’s a shame it didn’t say exactly what varient of the M270DAN02 is used (there are a few – probably the .0 or .5 used here), but it doesn’t really matter. 🙂


    Hi, Im getting a new graphics card soon, GTX 1070, and I’d like to get into 1440p and higher frame rate gaming. I currently have an Acer VN279 and its great..aside from is only being 1080p and 60hz.

    So the requirements for a new monitor…needs to be 27 inches, it has to do 1440p and I need over 60hz….preferably 144hz. I dont know that Im willing to spend 600+ USD on the high refresh IPS monitors though…so we are probably looking at TN…..


    Hi loki993,

    Sorry for the potential confusion, but I’ve put your post here as there are some options discussed here. Basically, given your budget and requirements I would happily recommend the Dell S2716DG that is also featured in the recommendations section. If you decided to go for an AMD GPU instead, the BenQ XL2730Z would be the one to focus on. They both provide a superbly fluid gaming experience and come without the same headaches, price tag and lottery ticket attached to the IPS-type (AHVA) models currently out there


    Hi would you give me some advice

    i`m between the Dell up2716d (here in Greece right now is at 545 euros) and the LG 27MB85R-B at the same price.
    The LG as i read (not much found) is considered low ips glow (but it is not 100% Adobe RGB).
    I read from your review that the dell up2716d has some evident ips glow do you confirm and also do you have any info about the LG 27MB85R-B ?

    thanks in advance


    I’m afraid I can’t add anything on the 27MB85R.


    to help you help me this is the apparent ips glow from the LG 27MB85R-B


    It does appear good from that video, but without knowing the brightness setting used or much about the camera it is tricky to say. I have seen other videos (Playwares I believe) where monitors appear to have little ‘IPS glow’ or similar in their videos but the reality is quite different.

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