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    Interestingly enough I just received an email from one of my ASUS contacts who had an eye on this thread. He stated that they have been working hard with the panel manufacturer (AUO) to try to reduce the liklihood of serious defects. Apparently models manufactured this year (and towards the tail end of last year) should generally show improved quality overall. Time will tell whether this is true, but I’ll be keeping an eye on things and will also be scouring Amazon reviews as they shift a lot of stock of this sort of model. I will certainly re-consider reviewing it in light of this.


    Well, that could be good news. At least they’re not ignoring the issue.
    This monitor is definitely the monitor I’d love to buy if it was reliable. Wait and see then, hope they can get things right.
    Thanks for sharing that.


    Still intensively thinking about this, and looking at thread from elsewhere. Hard to know how reliable it is though, as there is an awesome lot of whiners that spend their time picturing their monitors with black background at 100 brightness in dark rooms and sending it back rather than actually playing with it. I understand their disappointment especially considering the cost of the screen, but still it’s hard to know how many satisfied customers there are on the other side.
    Anyway, I see that pcmonitors is going to review a Dell TN G-Sync display. I’ll wait for the complete review, but is it really worth considering TN panels right now ? You seemed to say otherwise some posts ago.
    I’m trying to judge if I could live with this backlight bleed problem if ever I had it. So I tried to take a picture of my current VG248QE at 24 brightness in a dark room (damn I get infected !) and here is what I get : . Looks like there is a lot of bleeding and the uniformity is off, but it is SO OVEREXAGERATED by the camera ! I’ve never been bothered, and won’t be in the future, by these “defects”. Do you think it will really be any worse with the PG, knowing that the colors will be much much nicer than this TN panel ?

    So much hesitation. 🙁


    I didn’t mean to sound completely dismissive of the TN options like the Dell S2716DG. You’re right, we will be reviewing this shortly. And if I really disliked those 27″ WQHD TN panels that much, I really wouldn’t waste my time doing that. And I am also far more confident in the QC of the likes of the Dell. You’re quite right that people are far more vocal when they have issues with monitors and are far more likely to simply keep quiet if they don’t. But the return rates on monitors that have been purchased via my website don’t lie – and there is definitely a problem with the 27″ IPS-types in that regard.

    Yes there are definitely advantages to the IPS models such as the lighter (less grainy) screen surface, more consistent and accurately presented colours and lack of interlace pattern artifacts. But there are advantages to the TN models as well. There is of course no ‘AHVA glow’ and it also seems that you’re much less likely to get troublesome backlight bleed. They’re also cheaper and faster. Whilst most users would find the AHVA models to be perfectly fine in that respect and some users would struggle to see a difference even with a side by side comparison, the TN models are technically faster. As noted in our responsiveness article, if response times are equal to or faster than roughly half of the frame time (so ~3.5ms for a 144Hz model) without obvious overshoot, then the pixel responses are masked by motion blur. There are more transitions on the AHVA models that creep above that threshold than on the TN models.

    You’re in a fortunate position to help weigh out the advantages and disadvantages for yourself, though, as you own a VG248QE. For example – do you find the screen surface fine on that? Because it’s very similar on the 27″ WQHD TN models. So that doesn’t have to be an issue for you. And yes, the image quality is significantly better both before and after ‘calibration’ (or at least, correcting gamma as will be detailed in the review) on the 27″ WQHD models. So they would certainly be an upgrade in many respects without introducing new issues that could trouble you like ‘AHVA glow’.


    Thanks for your response.

    Your review of the VG248QE decided me to go for this screen some years ago, knowing what I’ll have (and what I won’t) at the time. The factory settings were horrible, but I’m still using the settings recommended in this review as well as the ICC profile that improve the colors a lot. It bothers me when some games just ignore it (but it’s almost always possible to workaround by forcing borderless window mode). I must say that I really like this screen, it’s damn fast (the difference in responsiveness and input lag with my samsung tv is obvious) and 144hz changed my games. I’m only considering buying a new screen because I want to go to WQHD.

    I would rather have inaccurate color than horrible bleeding and glow to be honest, so I don’t really mind buying a TN panel again. Like when I bought the VG248QE, I want a fast, responsive screen without glaring defects that could ruin the image. And as you said TN is really much cheaper. Saving some money now and wait for a better screen technology in the future seems to be a reasonable choice.

    So I’m really looking forward for your review of the Dell display. 🙂


    Good Morning,

    I recently dropped a good amount of money on a new PC, and now I am looking at new monitors. I’m currently running three monitors of various sizes/brands/max resolutions that I’ve purchased over the years. Needless to say the viewing experience is not the best.

    I do work, media, and gaming (though the gaming is not hardcore FPS style). The monitors I’m split between are the BenQ GW2765ht and ASUS PB278Q.

    Both appear able to provide me with a significant upgrade, and both have gotten great reviews across the board. The BenQ model is about $60 cheaper, and given that I’m purchasing 3, that does add up. Which has me leaning towards it.

    The question is; is that BenQ model still a good buy? It is not longer listed among your recommended buys, but it is an older monitor.
    If not, do you have a recommendation for a similar monitor?

    I appreciate any advice you could give, and appreciate the work put in to this site.

    Thank you,


    Hi Kevin and welcome!

    The only reason this was (temporarily) removed from the recommendations section was that the price and availability was not competitive with certain other models. Specifically the U2515H was undercutting the BenQ’s price slightly and I felt it might be less confusing simply to feature one of those two models in the section. Clearly the price and availability has cleared up nicely and I can’t possibly justify not featuring the GW2765HT as a recommendation. So it’s back there where it belongs. I think it’s an absolute steal at the current price, making it a triple steal if you’re after 3 of them! 🙂

    And I appreciate the kind words about the website, I’m glad you appreciate the work that goes into it.


    Thank you for the reply. (Sorry I took so long. It’s been a hectic couple weeks with work)

    Of course now that I’ve gone to buy them, they’ve jumped in price by $60. *grumble grumble*


    Which now of course begs the question, if that is still the 27inch WQHD to go with.


    No problem Kevin. 🙂

    It is still the model to go for in my view, even with the $60 price increase. I know that it’s frustrating that the price increased like that, but it’s still significantly cheaper than any other decent 27″ WQHD model and that will of course add up if you’re getting more than one of them. Even at the current price, well worth the money.


    Hi, I’m new here, i’m Looking for a monitor with these specifications:

    – 144hz
    – can be 2k, depends on the money.
    – A good Display (IPS?)
    – 400 USD (probably more)


    Hi Pierre,

    I’ve put your post here as it would be a suitable place for it if you’re interested in a 2560 x 1440 model (and in my opinion – they are worth paying that bit extra for). Note that 2560 x 1440 is not ‘2K’, it is in fact ‘2.5K’ (or more correctly WQHD or perhaps 1440p). I’d have a read through this thread as there are some very important things to bear in mind when it comes to the 144Hz IPS-type (AHVA) choices. Even the 144Hz TN models, which are significantly cheaper, are much better than any of the Full HD 144Hz options out there. So unless you’re on a really tight budget or have a fairly weak GPU I’d forget 1920 x 1080, but from a quality control perspective you might consider the 60Hz IPS options instead.


    thanks, I will go for Dell U2715H, ne question , I see the 29″ wide cheaper on amazon, which one do you prefer?


    I prefer the U2715H over the 29″ UltraWides as you get a higher resolution and more screen height. The 34″ UltraWides are more comparable to a wider version of the U2715H, but are obviously a lot more expensive as well.


    Hello – Just wanted to thank you for the great reviews. This site is definitely one of the best.

    Not sure if this is the right thread to be posting, but my question is related.

    There are two monitors I am considering (both on your recommended list) which I have had trouble finding side by side reviews.

    BenQ GW2765HT
    Dell U2715H

    Which monitor would you choose?

    I know the GW2765HT can support 100% sRGB, but I am also a fan of how the U2715H looks (probably not an important consideration).

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