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    Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking into buying a new monitor, primarily for gaming. I’ve been running an old 1080p display for years, but I’ve been noticing more and more how bad the colours and brightness of the screen actually are. During my research I learned 2 things:

    1. I’d probably get more enjoyment out of a 1440p IPS screen than a 144hz TN screen
    2. There are A LOT of monitors to choose from, and trying to pick out the one that has the best price/quality is a weeks long adventure on its own

    So, I’m looking for a 1440p IPS monitor, preferably 27″ or larger and with low amounts of lag. My budget is about €500, but I’m willing to go higher if it gets me a much better monitor.

    Any advice?


    Hi Redspring and welcome to the forum,

    Whilst there are a few other threads that may help you and I could merge this topic with, I feel it would be good to do a more specific analyis of some of the front-runners from the perspective of a gamer. Obviously there are some models with the 2560 x 1440 (WQHD or ‘1440p’) resolution with IPS-type panels that also feature 144Hz+ refresh rates such as the Acer XB270HU and ASUS MG279Q. These also feature variable refresh rate technologies to aid those situations where you can’t drive the frame rate of games high enough to match the frame rate – as the latter will instead match the former for you. They’re beyond the price range you’re considering and they also suffer from very poor quality control, making it a lottery with poor odds as to whether you get a ‘good unit’ or not. There are some upcoming models such as the ASUS PG279Q and Acer XB271HU, but they’re using this same panel that seems problematic so I don’t feel things will really change in that regard. So I’ll leave these out of the equation.

    The key 27″ players:
    The key models I feel are worth considering, starting with two currently featured in the recommendations section; Dell U2715H, BenQ GW2765HT, BenQ BL2710PT, Samsung S27D850T, AOC Q2770PQU and the ASUS MX27AQ. I don’t feel it is necessary to go through each one individual and pick it apart and to be honest feel you would be quite happy with the performance of any of these models. What I will do, though, is eliminate the MX27AQ simply because it isn’t a model I’ve used myself nor one I’ve seen any thorough analysis or direct user feedback for. It stands out for me due to its design and the fact it uses an ergonomically inflexible (tilt-only) stand with no VESA support. Given what I know about all other members of the ‘MX’ series, I’d also suspect the gamma tracking is not as accurate as the other models. So shades will be represented a bit less accurately; not that I feel this is actually an issue for gaming – just that some shades will be a bit deeper than they should and some a bit brighter.

    The AOC Q2770PQU, BenQ GW2765HT and BenQ BL2710PT are compared in some detail in other threads. The BenQ GW2765HT is currently featured in the ‘recommendations’ section over those two models simply because it is cheaper and really the performance is very close. If you dislike glossy bezels, that might be a decent enough reason to go for one of the other options. I personally slightly prefer the AHVA panels used on the BenQ models over the AOC, simply as the screen surface has a lighter (slightly less grainy) texture that I find agreeable.

    The Samsung S27D850T is an interesting one and also a very good choice. Really nicely set up ‘out of the box’, a good design in my opinion and a newer PLS panel with the same sort of screen surface texture as the BenQ models. I am actually quite fond of this model as well, but its price and not having a real practical edge in performance from a gaming perspective over the GW2765HT prevents me from recommending it over that. It also uses ‘hybrid dimming’, meaning it isn’t ‘flicker free’ unless you keep the brightness over about 30%. Off the top of my head, that’s around 130 cd/m2 so something most users would be happy to do, but not those particularly sensitive to light.

    And finally the Dell U2715H; featured as a recommended monitor. This one tends to fetch a higher price, but I feel it stands out for its design with the very slender bezels that some users really like. I’m sure I don’t need to remnd you how highly customers rate Dell for customer services and support in general, either. This model has the lowest input lag of the lot, with a signal delay that is around 6-7ms vs. 16ms+ for the other models. To be honest, unless you specifically know you are sensitive to input lag this probably doesn’t matter, but I know some people like to know the signal delay is negligible for extra peace of mind. Aside from that this model offers excellent all-round performance, making it a strong contender as a 60Hz WQHD gaming model of choice.

    What about the 25″ models?:
    I know you specifically wanted a 27″ model (or larger, but there aren’t any new larger IPS-type panels with that resolution currently in production). But I couldn’t end this thread without mentioning the new kids on the block; the ones with 25″ AH-IPS panels. There is a thread focusing on those options. I find the afordability and overall similarity of these models to their 27″ counterparts quite compelling. I’d definitely recommend reading our review of the AOC Q2577PWQ and in particular looking at the ‘experience’ section that shows how it compares to 27″ WQHD models physically and in terms of the pixel density.


    Thank you so much for the detailed response!

    I used your recommendations and read some more reviews on the monitors you suggested. After narrowing down my options and comparing prices (I tried using the Amazon link, but that would’ve cost me almost €100 more), I finally made my decision.
    I’m now typing this on my delicious shiny new Dell U2715H! I’m loving it so far, everything looks crisp and sharp and the colours look so much better. It’s everything I was looking for.

    Thanks for the help!


    My pleasure. I’m very happy to hear you’re satisfied with it. The U2715H is indeed a superb monitor and I hope others pay attention to your experiences. 🙂



    It seems that the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q isn’t that good afterall? I was looking to get it, since it’s an IPS monitor with higher refresh rates but according to your opinion, PCM2, it suffers from very poor quality control which makes me now skeptical about it.



    Yes I’m afraid I can’t recommend any of the models using that AHVA panel at the moment, including the PG279Q. According to user feedback I’m received and user feedback more widely it’s simply like entering into a lottery with poor odds. There is always a degree of inter-unit variation and poor samples for pretty much any model out there. But in this case the ratio of poor to good units is in my opinion unacceptable.


    All your other suggestions are 60hz monitor though, so i guess that there’s no viable IPS 1440p “27 with 100+hz at the moment?


    Correct. Or alternatively consider 34″ 21:9 models instead. There are a number of high refresh rate 21:9 models on the way (to complement the current overclocked models which are 75 – 100Hz depending on model). Samsung also has a 32″ 2560 x 1440 panel in the works with 144Hz refresh rate. These 21:9 and 32″ WQHD models are going to be VA models rather than IPS-type, however.


    Thanks PCM2, appreciate it!



    I’m currently looking for a WQHD gaming monitor as well, but 144hz and GSync aren’t negotiable for me. The comfort it gives is really priceless.
    I had my eyes on the PG279Q as well, but there indeed are a lot of writings on it on the internet. On one side, the completely one-way reviews praising the monitor’s excellence, and on the other side, a lot of users disappointed with their screen. A lot of them is talking about backlight bleed. Aren’t everyone confusing backlight bleed with IPS glow ? As I never had an IPS panel before so I can’t say. But is it really that bad ? I still find very disturbing that so much reviewers just love the screen, and so much users are disappointed with it. I guess it’s the “lottery” you were talking about. The subsidiary question : will there be any review of this screen on pcmonitors ?
    I must say that I’m very cautious. At this price range, I really don’t want to be disappointed. But I also know that the perfect screen doesn’t exist. I’m wondering, as of today, is it better to opt for the PG278Q TN version over the IPS one ? Or is there any better screen with these specifications ? Or even wait for the “round 2” of high frequencies IPS screens ?


    Hi Olivier,

    My response to you would be exactly as above I’m afraid. Given the quality control issue, I simply can’t recommend the current crop of IPS-type (AHVA) 144Hz WQHD models. It is a shame because if you get a good unit they’re certainly very nice monitors. The screen surface is far smoother (less grainy) and a fair bit lighter than used on the TN alternatives and they don’t suffer from the ‘interlace pattern artifacts’ or same poor gamma handling that plagues the likes of the ASUS PG278Q and Dell S2716DG.

    A large part of the quality control issue stems from the panels themselves that are used, which seem to be rather hit and miss (and more miss than hit, at that). If you can buy from a retailer with a good returns policy and have the patience then it may be worth trying your luck a few times. Alternatively you could indeed wait for something else. There are no new 27″ IPS-type 144Hz panels in the pipeline, but there are some interesting alternatives elsewhere as noted in my previous reply on this thread.


    Thank you for your answer.

    Ok, so basically, TN is not an option in your opinion. I should rather go for IPS 60Hz or try my luck. As going back to 60Hz is really worse than a somewhat faulty screen for me, I guess I’ll try my luck. I’ll let a month or two pass to see if it get any better.
    By the way, has the new predator (xb271hu) the same AHVA IPS panel ? I heard somewhere that it had a different panel, but couldn’t find a review on it. Any clues ?

    EDIT : You said it’s the same panel in your first post of this thread, sorry for that. Well I’ll stick to what I said and try. Hope I’ll be lucky… :p


    For my information, on the pictures taken here :
    Is this backlight bleed or IPS glow ?


    There are a few sub-variants of the AHVA panel in question and I believe the XB271HU does use a different one to the PG279Q. Early user reports seem to suggest that there is still something of a lottery going on with the model, but the odds of getting a ‘good one’ are perhaps better than on the PG279Q. I have requested a review sample from Acer, but they don’t currently have any in the UK.

    The image you post shows backlight bleed, you can see this from the patchy rather than diffuse nature.


    Okay, thanks for the explanations.
    I’ll wait to see if the new predator is “safer” than picking an Asus.

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