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    It isn’t ‘broken’, it just isn’t 100% effective. 😉 The oversaturation may be related to colour temperature, not gamut. That does vary between individual units.


    Well, if i’m looking at someone’s picture and just change from costum to sRGB the only thing that changes is bright reds, and bright greens. Their face look exactly the same, oversaturated, no change at all.

    Soo should I just pick sRGB and change the color channels manually? The problem is that if i do that darker colors get way too dark, since this screen only has 1 point saturation per channel.
    White balance out of the box seems spot on to my eyes. (calibration report)

    The ICM profile that comes with the driver from samsung fixes saturation, colors look extremely good with it.


    Can you send over a copy of the ICC (ICM) file that you’re using, I’d like to take a look at it. Easiest way would be to email it over (see and click ‘by email’ in the top paragraph). If you like what this does to colours and would like to use it with games, have you tried running your titles in a Borderless Window instead of Fullscreen?


    I’ve sent it. Have tried borderless mode on pubg and the division. Doesn’t work on either. Anyway i like the saturation on those 2 games. I even used reshade with vibrance.fx on pubg, now i don’t need it.

    There’s only a few situations where i feel like it’s oversaturated, like faces they look yellowish or redish.


    Thanks for sending it over. It doesn’t appear to be different to the Windows default (sRGB IEC61966-21) and is likely just there to overwrite any other profiles that you’ve activated or GPU LUT changes enforced by other software. That includes F.lux, SweetFX etc. You haven’t made any changes in Nvidia Control Panel / AMD Radeon Settings and aren’t actively using other software that would modify the GPU LUT? If so you’re simply disabling those things when you activate the Samsung profile.


    No changes in nvidia control panel. I think it’s just chrome now. Windows interface doesn’t seem to be affected (maybe i have to restart windows to see the changes like i have to do with chrome.)

    This is the difference i see in chrome:, also the gamma seems a bit higher. (monitor settings costum, brightness 25, contrast 75. 45 red, 50 green, 50 blue.)

    Edit: I just did a test, and it is in fact chrome. Opened the same image on mpc hc+madvr and doesn’t look redish. Windows 10 Photos app looks redish too.


    Right… Chrome has known issues with colour management. So the Samsung profile is simply disabling or interfering with Chrome’s own ‘colour management system’. Creating an ICC profile with gamma tag would do the same thing, even if (as with the Samsung profile) it did nothing to affect the profile data/colour values/LUT tables etc. That is not a good way of assessing things – try a different web browser and you’ll likely see very different things even with the Samsung profile disabled.

    If you’re concerned with accurate colour representation you should really purchase your own colorimeter. But certainly don’t use a web browser known to have colour management issues to assess things like that.


    looks redish on microsoft edge, windows photos, only looks good on mpc hc+madvr. And it does soo because i set madvr gamut on device calibration to dci-p3.


    Presumably it looks the same on Windows Photo Viewer whether the profile is active or not active?


    no, just figured it out… profile only changes chrome fixes colors but fks up the gamma. madvr was set to dci-p3, that’s why it looked good.
    I was wrong i guess it was not the profile… profile only desaturates chrome but in the process messes up the gamma.


    Hello, first let me say, that i think this is the best site on internet about monitors and i thank you for Samsung C24FG70 review. I learned a lot from it.

    I own Samsung C24FG73 for a year now. I like design, 144hz, curve, 24inch size, contrast, colours. I used to have LG Flatron W2220P, which was amazing IPS panel. It had slightly more natural colours (especially green) and better viewing angels compared to this Samsung, but otherwise Samsung is better….

    except this monitor has sadly one HUGE flaw – PURPLE SMEARING. It is visible when picture is moving and when grey colours are involved. Some games, like bright and colorful Overwatch, i dont notice it at all. Other games, like for example Portal 2, it is so prominent and annoying, i cannot enjoy the game at all. I tried different settings, refresh rates, cables…nothing… I was afraid of this, thats why i skipped CFG70 and waited for CFG73, as i thought Samsung would remove this issue, but it is still here. I read on internet, that some owners have different firmware, than me. I forgot how i managed to check firmware and i cannot find any guide online, but it was something like 1.0001 and some users wrote they have something like 1.0004 and no purple smearing. I cannot find any firmware download for c24fg73. Can you please tell me how to check my firmware ( i think you need to hold joystick in menu somewhere) and if you know how to upgrade firmware and where to download it? I tried to contact Samsung support, but…well lets say it was beyond my skills. Also if anybody has this monitor…can you please write if you suffer with purple smearing and what firmware version you have? Thank you


    I can’t advise on how to access the service menu (I know how to, but I can’t encourage or share with users how to). This should display the firmware version, but I don’t think that will be helpful. Because I know from user feedback that it isn’t as simple as newer firmware somehow getting rid of the ‘purple smearing’. This effect is caused primarily by stronger pixel overdrive on this model, which gives overshoot that manifests itself in this way. Some users with new units also notice this and some users are more sensitive to it than others. There are certain settings on the monitor which reduce it and some units seem to suffer from it less than others – but that could be partly down to differences in calibration, even from the factory or after user intervention. Essentially, some settings would reduce contrast or lighten dark shades up (affect gamma or saturation levels) and this changes the transitions so that they aren’t affected so much by this overshoot.


    I’ve had three C24FG70‘s by now – two from September 2016 and one from March 2017. The amount of purple smearing on all three is pretty much the same. It is indeed almost unnoticeable in modern/colorful games that have a lot “going on” in terms of visuals, but it might be VERY ugly looking and distracting in older or just minimalistic games – when there are large surfaces of the same grey-ish color (like walls or the floor), that whole surface may become purple when you pan the camera. I mostly play R6 Siege and Rocket League, and in those games the monitor performs admirably (although the crosshairs in Siege look somewhat fuzzy, akin to how the text in general looks on this panel). But in singleplayer games I definitely notice the purple sometimes.

    But I have to say, this is a small price to pay for the picture quality you get. I can only compare the Samsung to a Viewsonic XG2401 and a 2013 27” iMac. Well, the XG2401 I had was nowhere near the Samsung. The colors were very washed out by default, and while that was fixable by playing with the OSD and calibrating the monitor in Windows, something was always worse on the Viewsonic. I could make the colors pop almost as much as on the Samsung, but that made the contrast terrible so the picture looked way too dark. I could make the picture nice and bright to watch a football game, but that invariably led to horrible color accuracy noticeable when there was a closeup. Etc etc. As for the iMac, it’s about the same in terms of colors I’d say, but of course with a 60 Hz refresh rate and noticeable IPS glow.

    With the C24FG70, it all just works out of the box – you don’t need to calibrate anything, all three monitors I’ve had were pretty much identical in terms of colors. I only use different presets for desktop use and immersive gaming / competitive gaming / movies – by the way, the 3 buttons to switch presets are fantastic, one of my favorite features on this monitor. If only it didn’t have the purple smear of death…

    By the way, has it been officially confirmed that C24FG73 and C24FG70 use the same panel? I’ve seen datasheets suggesting that C24FG73 has more Adobe RGB coverage.


    Thanks for the feedback truefalse, I’m glad you’re enjoying the monitor even though you accept it isn’t perfect. Accepting that no monitor is perfect in every respect is an extremely important part of actually using and settling for one. Otherwise you’ll remain eternally unhappy.

    Anyhow, the monitors certainly use the same panel. They both have exactly the same colour gamut as a result and that’s 125% sRGB. Anything else is using incorrect data or cross-comparing between sources which maybe measure things differently. Not reliable and giving a false representation in this case.


    Cool, thanks for clarifying that up!

    I’m also interested in hearing feedback on the 3rd party monitors using the C24FG70 panel if anyone has any. There is a bunch of them: MSI MAG24C / G24C, VIOTEK GN24C, Acer ED242QR and I’m sure a few others. I’d imagine the colors are not as good as on the Samsung since they lack Quantum Dot backlight, but if that comes with less fuzzy text and no purple smearing, these models might be worth considering. Amazon reviews are not very helpful here since no one really compares them to the C24FG70 or XG2401 directly, and of course a lot of them are either “11/10 best monitor in existence” (with no further explanation) or “0/10, had a dead pixel, calling my attorney to sue the manufacturer right now” =]

    P.S. @ PCM2: I’ve been (lazily) researching monitors for a couple years now, and your reviews / website / forum replies have always been very informative and a joy to read. Probably the best on the web, honestly. Big thumbs up from a fellow geek!


    @ vincik:

    Like I said a couple of posts earlier, I’ve had three C24FG70’s – two were on firmware version 1001 and one on 1004. There was pretty much the same amount of purple on all three. A newer firmware doesn’t guarantee less purple, but it should increase the chances of that.

    You cannot update the firmware on this monitor yourself. You can, however, send it to Samsung, and I actually did that with one of my 1001. It took Samsung MONTHS to “update” it, and when it came back – you guessed it – the firmware was still 1001. Nothing changed really. This was in Eastern Europe however, so I might’ve just been unlucky with the service center I went to.

    In the case of C24FG73 though, the firmware should be at least 1004 if I’m not mistaken – it was already available when C24FG73 came out. It certainly can’t be 1001 – that was only on early C24FG70’s from like August/September 2016.


    I have received some (limited) user feedback from a user who has used both the C24FG70 and MSI Optix MAG24C. He noted that the colours were more saturated on the Samsung (makes sense – 125% sRGB from the QD backlight vs. 110% sRGB for the MSI). He also noted that pixel responsiveness was weaker (less effective pixel overdrive) on the MSI. But he didn’t specifically notice issues with overshoot on the Samsung. It is something I’d like to be able to assess myself, but we simply don’t have the time to add MSI to our review repetoire at the moment. We’ve got plenty to look at from other manufacturers, including the AOC C24G1 which uses the same 1500R 23.6″ panel as the MSI (different to the 1800R 23.5″ panel of the Samsung). The text rendering issues are related to the subpixel strucutre and that is almost certainly shared amongst all of the models, but the sharpness filtering used by the manufacturer can indeed help circumvent this to a degree. In my experience, though, it’s more like putting a sticking plaster over a heavily bleeding wound. It can help to a degree, but never solve the problem completely.

    And I’m glad you enjoy reading the content here, on the website and forum. It’s nice to see it being appreciated.

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