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    yeah, I mean “deeper”.


    But do you know “better” gaming monitor (27 / Full-HD) than the CFG73 in regards for example to the lag and pop-up colors?!

    What do you think about the S2718H or HP 27x Curved?

    Samsungs quality control is just bad: now I noticed that this new monitor has a really bad color uniformity! Also: it is normal that at 144Hz and pixel response “fastest” the colors are more dark and not so pop-up?!


    Nope, at least not anything near as affordable or with a Full HD resolution. I don’t comment on models I have no experience with or user feedback to share. With the S2718H you’re looking at a significantly lower refresh rate. It’s not comparable.

    And it is unfair to single out Samsung for “bad quality control”, so welcome to the world of modern monitors. It ain’t pretty, but inter-unit variation occurs with any model from any manufacturer. Admittedly some of the VA models seem more affected by this than average. But I suggest you try to enjoy the monitor rather than specifically looking for and focussing on flaws. Otherwise you’ll remain unhappy and stressed no matter what you get. All monitors are a compromise in one way or another.



    The MSI Optix GC27C is the same panel as the Sammy apparently and its cheaper.


    He was looking for better, not cheaper. Plus with the punchiest possible image. And that’s not it, it lacks a Quantum Dot backlight and therefore has an inferior colour gamut.


    Moved some discussion to a more relevant place –



    Can this monitor or cfg70 operate under custom frequency?
    I understand that there are some problems regarding strobing.
    I have an NVIDIA GPU.
    I intend to watch movies and sometimes play.
    The reason why i would like to use custom refresh rates is because of fps.
    I need to have modes that are as close to multiples of movies that i have.
    I have many movies that are 23.976.
    A multiple of 23.976 would be 143.856.

    I like color gamut that these two have and they are fullhd.
    Many of my video materials are fullhd.
    I plan to skip 2K and when the time comes i will buy a monitor with 4k, 144hz and a better panel than TN.
    So for now a C27FG70 or C27FG73 would suffice.


    I don’t think so. Generally if you set a monitor to a fraction of a frame rate, it will simply round it up to one of its officially ‘VESA supported’ refresh rates. So it would simply operate in its normal 144Hz mode even if you created a custom resolution of 143.856Hz. These high refresh rate monitors don’t usually like being set to odd static refresh rates either, for example 110Hz.

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘problems regarding strobing’, please can you expand on that?

    P.S. To repeat what I’ve said to some other users recently; don’t use the term ‘2K’. I know some idiotic marketers who work for some manufacturers use this term to incorrectly refer to the 2560 x 1440 resolution. But mathematically speaking, it’s wrong. The 2560 x 1440 resolution came before ‘4K’ was a thing, and it was never referred to as ‘2K’ or anything with a ‘K’ back then. Yet people use ‘4K’ to typically refer to the ‘4K UHD’ resolution of 3840 x 2160. The horizontal component (3840) is close to ‘4K’, hence the name. If you half both components of the resolution and therefore get down to ‘2K’, you’d actually have 1920 x 1080 – Full HD. So if you’re going to refer to 2560 x 1440 with a ‘K’ it is more accurate to refer to it as ‘2.5K’. But please, rise above the marketing idiots and refer to it correctly as (W)QHD, or if you really have to, 1440p. This is not a personal thing, by the way, it’s just a common mistake that really irks me as somebody who knows better. 🙂


    No problem, thank you for the reply.

    I currently have an S231HL which is ok for a budget monitor imho.
    But like many TN monitors it has it’s weaknesses.
    I can run it at ~71.928hz and the maximum refresh rate is 75hz.
    I used cru to create 71.928 with tweaked timings from madvr.

    The strobing problem that i was talking about:

    I quess playing videos at the nearest multiple with reclock is the way to go.
    Unless there is even better monitor that i’m not aware of.
    But, i will try to see if i can run the monitor i’ll be buying whether or not it’s one of those samsungs.

    You’re right about 2k not being the correct term for WQHD.
    I just used 2K because it is quite popular term.
    And actually cinematic 4k is the real 4K from mathematical point of view although having a slightly different aspect ratio than 16:9.


    That’s a pretty long Reddit which covers many issues. All of which appear to be covered in our review, by the way. I’m still not clear what you mean by ‘strobing problem’, you’ll have to be more specific.

    P.S. You mentioned the DCI 4K resolution, also referred to as ‘true 4K’. Which is correct and why we refer to the alternative as ‘4K UHD’, specifically.


    According to the comment by falkentyne CFG70 at 60hz produces ugly double image:
    “Right now, if you select 60hz refresh rate, the monitor will DOUBLE STROBE, creating a very ugly double image that looks arguably worse than no strobing at all. Yes, people complain about flicker at 60hz, but at least you have the option not to use it.”

    Another thing falkentyne says about strobing when using custom made refresh rates:
    “Installing a custom 85hz or 75hz refresh rate will cause an “out of phase” strobe, not clear, but not stuttering. Doesn’t look good.”

    I haven’t tried this monitor(or CFG73 which has 92% of adobe RGB), yet.
    I intend to try and see if i am happy with either one.

    Btw. Will overshoot be a problem when watching movies?


    I suggest you read our review, all of this is covered. If you’re watching movies and ‘sometimes playing’, that doesn’t strike me of the sort of usage that would demand a strobe backlight. So this ‘problem’ isn’t actually a problem anyway. Don’t let diehard CRT fanatics who live and die by strobe backlight solutions sway you, for the vast majority of users that is nothing but a bonus feature of the monitor. Not a core feature that defines the experience.

    The colour gamut of the CFG73 is exactly the same as the CFG70, it is exactly the same panel. This is all explained earlier on in this thread.


    Just got a c24fg73, there’s no purple artifacts, or any other wierd color artifacts. However i noticed something wierd, if i set the color present to any other than sRGB trailling is twice as bad on UFO test darker cyan/gray.

    Is there a bug on firmware that reduces pixel overdrive on the other modes? Because ghosting is kinda bad on any other mode.


    As per our review of the C24FG70, the sRGB setting is an emulation mode. It significantly changes the shades that are actually displayed in the Test UFO scenario you’re describing and therefore takes the very slow transitions out of the equation. There are certainly ‘problematic’ shades displayed elsewhere even when you’re using this emulation mode and in fact in some cases where the shades wouldn’t cause such issues with the other settings that use the full native gamut. So really it is just displacing the problem, not solving it.


    Well i feel that my screen has a lot more ghosting than what both your review and limscave have.

    There’s no color artifacts on the trailing thankfully.


    Maybe, maybe not. If it isn’t calibrated in exactly the same way and isn’t the same screen then you can’t guarantee it’s displaying the shame shade for that test. It’s all relative. I always tell users not to get too het up by testing specific aspects in artificial and constrained scenarios. Just try to enjoy the monitor in actual use.


    Another thing i’ve found was some wierd banding, only noticed it while i was moving my camera in a game looking at the sky. (first image is 25% gray from paint, underexposed a bit soo it’s easier too see. Not that bad in person.)

    I’m really not sure if i should should send it back to


    Such uniformity issues, which I know are completely exaggerated on the photo, are quite common on VA models. Again, I’d stop looking for flaws and questioning your purchase in artificially constrained environments. You’re setting yourself up for a long period of stress and disappointment. Your unit is probably quite ‘normal’, so just enjoy it. 🙂


    Thank you, yes i don’t notice those banding issues that much in normal usage, only if i’m dragging something like an explorer window across the screen, and i have to be looking for it.


    Also is it normal for the sRGB preset to be broken? It only makes the brightest colors less saturated. mid tones, faces, still look oversaturated. Only solution i found was to use the icm profile provided by samsung with the costum preset, but that doesn’t work for all games/applications.

    What about the chg70? has broken sRGB preset too? Because if it’s firmware related i might get samsung to fix mine.

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