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    Ah cool, definitely back on the cards when I get a PC then.



    I bought this monitor and had purple issues with it, I returned it to get one with the same issues. I realize that purple ghosting is always going to be a thing on this monitor unless you set the black Equalizer pretty low or high. My color papersheet says Gamma 2.14 and Greyscale 1.53. Gamma looks acceptable but something closer to 2.2 would be better but should I worry about the really low Greyscale Numbers? Doing some color calibration, or at least trying, I couldnt see the last two white squares at all. And on sharpness test was pretty bad as well. I cant seem to find a color calibration that suits me its either too cold (blue-ish) or seems there is a Yellow surface on the image like warm white (over saturated red?). Should I return the monitor and try yet again to get one with better Gamma/Greyscale?


    If you don’t know what the numbers are telling you, you certainly shouldn’t worry about them. The greyscale values are DeltaE values where lower is better. So no, certainly no need to worry about them. A gamma of 2.14 recorded is absolutely fine, especially for a VA model where perceived gamma depends varies at different points of the screen anyway.

    The last two white squares of Lagom aren’t always visible, certainly not the last one. The second last one should be visible (but faint) in a dim room, check if it is. If you’ve touched the contrast control of the monitor or made significant colour channel adjustments this might affect it. And ignore the ‘sharpness test’. It’s completely subjective, not at all scientific and extremely misleading.


    Ive read more about the subject and it looks fine. What I just cant figure it out is why the purple trailing is somewhat connected to black Equalizer? Also thanks for the great review on the CFG70 there is a lot of usefull information. You are right, there is no such thing as perfect monitor


    The overshoot (‘purple trailing’) occurs during specific pixel transitions, usually involving very dark shades. The black equalizer feature modifies shades, specifically lightening many of the darkest shades. The problematic transitions with very dark shades are therefore avoided in many situations.


    Do you think its possible to have a CFG73 with 0 purple issues? I can always send this back but the more I do the harder it will be.


    No, because as pointed out in our C24FG70 review it is just how the overdrive is tuned. And it needs to be done that way for the panel used, the alternative being more obvious ‘smeary’ trailing.

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