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    On Amazon UK… Not a cfg73, but an lcfg73? Just popped up today i believe


    It’s the same monitor (C24FG73). Samsung add various prefixes and suffixes for their extended model codes. 🙂


    I appreciate users like direct links to these things which they can use. I’ve added some to my first post on this thread.


    I’m highly considering the Samsung C24FG73 (available by the end of this month) as my first option. But will I be able to achieve the 144Hz on my GTX 1070 using the DisplayPort even without G-Sync?


    Yes, if you refer to the C24FG70 review you’ll see it is specifically mentioned that “HDMI supports up to 120Hz and DP up to 144Hz on this monitor on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs”. Furthermore, it is explored throughout the review in the context of Nvidia GPUs supporting everything on the monitor aside from FreeSync.


    MusclePharm, I’ve moved your latest post to this thread as it’s an appropriate place for it (we are no longer discussing “27” Full HD monitors”. Hope this didn’t cause confusion. 🙂


    Oh, I apolagize then. Must of got confused with the part where it says that the FreeSync wasn’t supported by nvidia and assumed it wouldn’t be able to do 144Hz.

    Anyway, Thank you once again for your effort on this very helpful page sir, greatly appreciated!
    Do you happen to have the affiliated link to this monitor on the Amazon UK page? (it’s a pre-order though)


    No problem. 🙂

    Yup, there are some links in my first post on this thread (



    I bought this monitor a while ago after reading reviews on the FG70 which is apparently the same panel?

    I took a bit of a shot in the dark because all the reviews state virtually no input lag, has it at 4ms which is also very fast. But say they have recorded the 24 and 27 version at 24ms input lag which is worse than the new 4k HDR TV’s and double that of most gaming monitors.

    I bought the FG73 to use with Xbox One and then for a gaming pc when I buy one.

    Using it with the Xbox seemed fine with no bad blur or ghosting even on COD, but the input lag was huge and made it pretty much impossible to play online.

    They even used this monitor for the PUbG invitationals at Gamescon so surely the lag can’t be that bad, is it possible it’s something to do with using it via HDMI at 60hz and under or a fault on the monitor I had?!

    I returned it but the monitor seemed perfect in every way apart from the lag, I would re-order it in an instant if the lag went away! 🙁


    We accurately recorded ~4ms of input lag on the C24FG70 with it running at 144Hz – It’s certainly possible that input lag is significantly higher when the monitor is running at 60Hz. You’ll enjoy it a lot more when your gaming PC arrives, no doubt, it’s not really as well-suited for console gaming.



    Ah cool, definitely back on the cards when I get a PC then.



    If you don’t know what the numbers are telling you, you certainly shouldn’t worry about them. The greyscale values are DeltaE values where lower is better. So no, certainly no need to worry about them. A gamma of 2.14 recorded is absolutely fine, especially for a VA model where perceived gamma depends varies at different points of the screen anyway.

    The last two white squares of Lagom aren’t always visible, certainly not the last one. The second last one should be visible (but faint) in a dim room, check if it is. If you’ve touched the contrast control of the monitor or made significant colour channel adjustments this might affect it. And ignore the ‘sharpness test’. It’s completely subjective, not at all scientific and extremely misleading.


    The overshoot (‘purple trailing’) occurs during specific pixel transitions, usually involving very dark shades. The black equalizer feature modifies shades, specifically lightening many of the darkest shades. The problematic transitions with very dark shades are therefore avoided in many situations.


    No, because as pointed out in our C24FG70 review it is just how the overdrive is tuned. And it needs to be done that way for the panel used, the alternative being more obvious ‘smeary’ trailing.



    I have here two Samsung LC27FG73 and I would like to know which is better according to these parameters in the photo:
    What do you think?



    There are no significant differences there and certainly nothing that would offset natural changes over time. You’ll have to seperate them based on other criteria such as uniformity or if you notice more backlight bleed on one that the other etc.


    @ PCM2

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    Don’t know: the first monitor (left) is a bit more brillant but maybe not so sharp as the second monitor (right) which as maybe a better color balance? I mean: the white color of the second monitor is just white while that of the first monitor has a tendency to the red. What do you think?

    Also: Do know the difference between the CFG73 and the Predator Z271T. Which could be better (= colors, sharpness, lag etc.) for gaming?

    Again, thank you for your time!


    Well you’ll have to trust your eyes, unless you own a colorimeter. Just be aware that the one that ‘has a tendency to the red’ could actually have a white point closer to the common 6500K target, whereas the one you think is more neutral could actually be slightly blue. The Acer Z271T uses a variant of the panel without Quantum Dot technology, but features G-SYNC and Tobii Eye Tracking. So you can expect less vibrant colours, but it depends how important those other features are to you. As I haven’t tested it or received useful user feedback, I can’t say any more than that.


    @ PCM2

    Does it mean that the one with the tendency to the red is better than the other with more neutral colors? I noticed that the white color of the last one is just “white” and the black a very little bit sharper compared to the other one more red/green. What do you think?


    No, I was simply suggesting that your assessment will have to be your own and you might be biased by the comparison based on personal preferences. Which is fine, if that’s all you have to go on. It sometimes helps to look at each individually. not together. There’s no point in asking what I think though, it’s you who can see the monitor, not me. I’m not sure what you mean by black being ‘sharper’, either. I assume you mean deeper.

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