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Buying a monitor? Please refer to this post before purchasing.

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    Wasn’t sure if I should post this in the other topic or not but since its different screens I thought it might warrant its own space.

    Erm, what are these, and where did they suddenly spring from?

    It looks identical to the 27″ version of the CFG70, besides the stand.

    They’ve also got C24FG73 trademarked although I can’t find any information about it anywhere. It’s possible it might also go up in the next day or so. I wonder if its an updated C24FG70 with less problems, or simply one with a different stand, or something else entirely. The names aren’t really giving much away, and the specs on that page look essentially identical to the page for the ones already released.

    Edit: appears to just be a stand refresh, though I guess it comes with the added benefit of not having to worry about receiving pre-November firmware anymore.


    Yeah, it seems to just be an alternative stand design. Although maybe they did release it so that it looks distinctive and gives users an indication that they ‘must be newer revisions’ of the product.


    In principle I had planned to buy the Samsung C24FG70 but knowing that will come out the Samsung C24FG73 I’ll opt for it and I need to know what date will be for sale.


    That’s unknown at this stage. But you’d probably be better off trying your luck with the Samsung C24FG70 from a retailer with good returns policy instead of waiting for an indeterminate period of time for the CFG73.


    1) Is cfg70 quality control of hardware good? Because if it is good I am going to try and import c24fg73 from china through business contacts here in Pakistan.

    2) Since cfg73 is going to have better firmware none the less so it will be definitely good with less ghosting I believe, still have some but it will be no where near 72hz s24e390hl level right?

    3) I will be using it for everything with blur reduction on. Is the crosstalk that bad to not use it for everything?

    4)Is it the best blur reduction out there?

    5)Or I should wait for all in one perfect 24 inch 1920×1080 blur reduction model and every bell and whistles that self emitting diodes will give in future?



    2) The higher refresh rate and overall responsiveness of the CFG73 would provide singificant benefits in itself. There would be some weaknesses not present on the S24E390HL, but the overall clarity would be superior.

    3) Refer to the review, it’s explored in detail. It’s something you’d have to see for yourself though.

    4) See 3

    5) There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ monitor and there probably never will be. You’ll be waiting for a long time for a backlightless and highly responsive monitor that fits that criteria, and it will take an awful long time before they’re this affordable. It’s your money and time, it’s up to you how you want to play it.


    4)I have read the review before also wanted to know if something newer came since few months ago. So far only one with lowest crosstalk by default others require tweaks and only few give the option to do so even with 3rd party tools/softwares.

    2 & 3 ) Regarding ghosting, I just did a quick ghosting test on . It is for 72hz S24E390HL when on faster there is trailing, no inverse ghost but on fastest there is inverse ghosting. Is the trailing and/or ghosting shorter( bound to be clearer with blur reduction) on the cfg70 than S24E390HL because the images are zoomed-in in the review so can’t tell length compared to full display to what I am seeing of my monitor?


    Will brightness be locked still in CFG73 that will help also. But it need to be reviewed for it to be answered, any chance you will review it like CFG70?


    Trailing and ghosting are used interchangeably, they mean the same thing. If you observe images taken at higher refresh rate, the trails become shorter (although not necessarily less intense – that depends on pixel response behaviour). You should really compare to the images on the S24E390HL review if you want to do that as it’s easier than trying to compare to your own monitor. Then again pursuit photographs give an accurate depiction of what the eye sees (minus the motion itself, of course) so you can compare however you want.


    Good point comparing them.
    Well technically invert ghosting is trailing it is just that trailing have become inverse/different in colours to original trailing colours thus inverse ghosting. That is how I understood it years ago.


    I’d like to review the 27″ version if I have time, but it depends on what else comes along at the time. Reviewing the 27″ version alone would answer whether the brightness is adjustable with ‘Impulsive Scanning’ enabled on these, but I would assume not.


    One more thing came to mind. Double strobing at low FPS like 30hz and 60hz is there. But if game is at 30FPS or 60FPS locked, but running at 144HZ strobe mode for monitor, it will still double strobe in this monitor 30 or 60 FPS @ 144HZ when blur reduction is on?
    If yes, Samsung got feedback for it to be single strobe from community, what we want is single strobe and expect a change in CFG73?


    Again, that could only be answered through testing, but I think you might be expecting too many changes from what is essentially the same product with a different stand. Monitors do not know what frame rate agames is running at, unless a variable refresh rate technology is active. Any monitor set to a static 144Hz behaves in the same way whether the content is 30fps, 60fps or 144fps.


    Oh well at least it will have better firmware and hopefully better quality control then previous batches since it is basically improved version of same things after all.


    It’s great to see some civil and engaging discussion here and in the QC thread. I hope they do allow variable brightness at most times and slightly less quirky FreeSync ranges without flickering or the like (though that has plagued AMD cards generally in the past). Can’t wait to hear about this model’s features and updates as it might just be my next monitor. Thanks for the detailed reviews as always.


    My pleasure, I hope the CFG73 satisfies these wishes as well. 🙂


    Has anyone heard anything about release dates or anything? I’m going to buy the c24fg70 monitor right now if no one has heard anything because I’m not gonna wait for a non existent release date


    Nope. And as mentioned here, the C24FG70 from somewhere with a good returns policy is a good bet.


    yeah i’ll be using your referral code, I appreciate thorough reviews like yours


    Your support is appreciated and I hope you enjoy the monitor. 🙂

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