C27HG70 vs C34F791

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    I would like to know which is the best between the Samsung C27GH70 and the C34F791, because I know that the C27HG70 is more reactive and have more options. Looks like the « ulmb »(even if it is worse than ulmb) or 144hz and of course the HDR. But there is not 21:9 so I would like to know which is the best between these two

    There is a difference of the image quality or other ?

    PS : Sorry for my English I am french. 😉


    Hi Benjamin Graham and welcome,

    The easiest way to address this, I feel, would simply be to point out some advantages of each model and expand on some things you’re probably already aware of. But others reading this thread may not be.

    Advantages of the C27HG70:

    – 144Hz refresh rate supported.
    – Lower input lag (sensitivity varies, not every user will mind).
    – ‘Impulsive Scanning’ strobe backlight feature (which as you point out and as per the review, isn’t the best implementation).
    – HDR capability and 8 dimming zones on the backlight. Enhances compatible content, although not the ‘full fat HDR’ experience by any stretch.
    – The curve is more subtle, for those who fear the curve (you shouldn’t).
    – Our unit had slightly better gamma tracking than the CF791, but mileage may vary and the difference isn’t huge.
    Very slightly wider colour gamut, but not enough to make a significant difference in terms of overall saturation and vibrancy.
    – Resolution is less demanding and 16:9 is more widely supported than 21:9.
    – Less desk space required.

    Advantages of the C34F791:

    – The curve is stronger and the screen wider, providing a more immersive experience to those who embrace the curve (most users are surprised by how subtle it feels after getting used to it, as per the review).
    – Alongside the larger width, the higher resolution provides more horizontal ‘real-estate’ on the screen.
    – Generally better uniformity. No guarantees here, but many C27HG70s suffer from poor dark grey uniformity where they appear patchy. This so-called ‘DSE’ (Dirty Screen Effect) usually occurs to some extent on all VA panels, but it’s generally more of an issue with the C27HG70.
    – Lower ‘VA glow’, despite more curved screen. Better explained in the review, but compare this (CHG70) to this (CF791).
    – Lighter (less grainy) matte screen surface, although I wouldn’t say the C27HG70 is too bad in that respect either.
    – 21:9 delivers a very nice experience in my view and is more widely supported than most people believe. For titles that don’t support it, you can just run with black borders at the side. Not ideal, but the image itself appears as a 27″ 2560 x 1440 model (which is appropriate in this comparison).


    Ok thanks the recap is super !

    And what are the games, decent in hdr now. Because i do think they are not many.


    You’re right, most game titles have a fairly questionable HDR implementation. In my experience Battlefield 1 and Hitman have decent implementations. The new Call of Duty game wasn’t bad either (CoD WW2). But some games either don’t support it or support it very badly as an afterthought – Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront II spring to mind. Quite odd considering many of those use the same engine… Those are just for the titles I have experience with. I’m sure support for HDR will improve in the future. But by then I’m sure the hardware experience will be better, I wouldn’t really base a purchasing decision on whether a monitor supports HDR or not in the current environment. 🙂


    Ok i think going in the c34f791 because i do not really care of input lag etc. And hdr in for the moment a little « light »

    Thanks for all !


    Oh a last question the difference between the c34f791, philips 349x7fjew, and the asus mx34vq are minimal (little). Just the curve 1500r vs 1800r and the input lag more speed for the asus and philips i think, and color gamut is like between the 3 ?


    Regarding the C34F791 vs. MX34VQhttps://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/best-ultrawide-gaming-monitor/page/4/#post-43268. The Philips I have no experience with, but it uses the same panel as the MX34VQ. So whilst that says nothing about the colour setup (calibration) or input lag, it does tell you that the curve is less steep and colour gamut narrower than the Samsung.


    Thanks the c34f791 is the best monitor for me for the moment i am going to buy it 😉


    I hope you enjoy the monitor when you get around to ordering it. Your support is much appreciated, by the way. 🙂


    I have this same dilemma. Currently I’m on my third CHG70 monitor. The first one was a 32″ and I returned it because I was getting headaches from the PWM and the next 2 were the 27″. The first 27″ I got had terrible DSE and my second one doesn’t have it quite as bad but it’s still noticeable when viewing images that have dark colors, primarily grays and blacks. So I’m tempted to return it and just go for the C34F791.

    My hesitation though is giving up a monitor that is better suited for gaming – HDR and 144hz. Now as far as gaming goes I don’t play FPS’s, I mostly play RPG’s and MMO’s so would I really need the 144hz? Probably not. But still if I’m buying a monitor that I expect to last me several years or more then maybe I should go with the CHG70. It’s a tough decision.


    It is indeed a tough decision. But perhaps it would be best to ask yourself whether you can really take advantage of 144Hz on a 2560 x 1440 monitor anyway? Given the sort of games you’re playing, I suspect you’d want to turn up the graphics settings and go for immersion over pure speed. And unless you’re getting very high frame rates (ideally 144fps), you won’t really benefit from the 144Hz refresh rate anyway. And even then, models like the C27HG70 offer similar pixel responsiveness to the C34F791 anyway and the pixel transitions aren’t universally responsive enough to take full advantage of 144Hz anyway.

    Speaking on a subjective level, I much prefer games like that on a 21:9 screen (see first post) and in fact gaming in general. The extra FOV and fact the screen is wide enough for the curve to bring significant benefits (in my view) is much more important for immersive gaming than an extra 44Hz which you may not even make full use of.


    Thanks for your information and opinion! I went ahead and ordered the C34F791 and setup a return for the C27HG70. I think 100hz would be more than enough for my gaming needs and I can live without HDR since I already have a TV capable of it and does it better than the CHG70.

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