C24FG70 Quality Control

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    Well yeah it is a curiosity. My test unit didn’t exhibit these sort of differences when using HDMI, so it’s quite weird. 🙂


    To add re: blurry text, I immediately noticed it, it bothers me though I’m sure over time I’ll get used to it (if I don’t return). However it is certainly there, and it’s noticeable. It’s something to mention, people can be very anal about font clarity/rendering.


    Some users certainly do find it bothersome, which is why that fact is now mentioned in the review – https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-c24fg70/.

    In our more recent reviews (reference), macro shots of non-ClearType text is included to help analyse specific text rendering issues related to that.


    AMD released driver 17.8.1 that “FreeSync brightness or flickering issues have been resolved on a small amount of Samsung FreeSync enabled displays that may have been experiencing issues.”. Also Steve from GN said in his earlier research that flickering on vega56 is visible only on camera, but on polaris card (580) this issue was noticeable.


    Excellent; thanks for sharing this. I get a bit tired of trying to convince people that certain FreeSync issues are not specific to a given monitor or down to the screen itself, but rather the graphics driver. So it’s nice to see that some steps have been made by AMD to improve the situation. It’s very interesting that the Vega cards could improve this further as well.


    Unfortunately I cant check this driver with cfg70 & rx480 cuz I sold the card to miner. And looks like I dont want to buy 350W vega56 boiler :D.


    It started doing this a few days ago whenever I turn on the PC after it’s been off for a bit. The issue doesn’t pop back up while in use, no matter how long I leave it on. Only seems to happen from a cold boot. I just waited it out a little and then turned the screen off and on to make it go away.



    I’m sorry to say it looks very much like it is. A bit odd for that to happen suddenly. Could it have been knocked recently, perhaps by a family member?


    Nah, I’ve been the only one here and it hasn’t budged from its spot. Quality control for this panel seems rather abysmal. Guess I’ll contact Samsung and see about a repair or replacement.


    I think you get rather unlucky given that I’ve received plenty of decent longer term feedback from users. Even so, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you and I hope Samsung can offer a swift resolution.

Viewing 10 posts - 76 through 85 (of 85 total)

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