C24FG70 Quality Control

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    Yes i did. Purple and green trailing kills me since last time. I suppose cfg73 should be ok.


    Right, well I’m sorry to hear that you’re finding it annoying on your unit. Also, this is a family-friendly forum; watch your language if you intend to stay here.





    What’s with the drastic difference between these two units? Both are at 42 brightness/exact same settings other than one being hooked up via DP and one via HDMI.


    Also you can kind of tell in one of those pictures that towards the right side of the screen on the left, there is a streak/line running down the entirety of the screen, looks kind of like a rectangular block of uneven brightness.


    Is the left monitor dp connected?




    Simple diagnosis. Swap the inputs around and see if anything changes. If it does, it’s a colour signal issue most likely. Otherwise it’s simple inter-unit variation. The colour temperature of both units looks entirely different, but that’s also entirely normal. The gamma also looks very different though, which is more of a concern if this can’t be corrected via the OSD.


    DP on the right now. Neat.


    Yes… So you conclude what from that?


    That HDMI is doing awful things to the image quality. And that I’m definitely sending back the screen on the left, since the screen “striping” persists through both inputs and it’s got a funky green tint, to boot.


    Yeah, seems so. But have you also checked to make sure the colour signal is correct, as per the article I linked to?


    Compare this: https://imgur.com/a/QTqv3 to the screen on the right in this: https://i.imgur.com/P2dgvNW.jpg That’s the same screen plugged in via HDMI, the new image is with it in Full RGB mode, the old comparison shot in YCbCr (AMD GPU).


    That’s odd indeed, seems that things are way out of whack. I assume you’re running it at 144Hz? What GPU are you using and what is your HDMI Black Level set to in the OSD?


    Yep, although I noticed that while doing comparison shots when both screens were connected, the screen I plugged the HDMI into had been bumped down to 120Hz for some reason. Dunno if that would really make a difference like this. It’s less a concern, more of a curiosity. since I’m only gonna be using DisplayPort.

    GPU is a MSI 390. Forgot to check the black level setting in the OSD while I had it plugged into HDMI, but it was (I assume) at whatever the setting defaults to, because I haven’t ever touched it.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 85 total)

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