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    Agreed, it makes an interesting comparison and helps highlight the relatively weaknesses. I suppose I was more warning users who may look at those pictures and be quite shocked about the black representation on either model. As long as they understand they are seeing an exaggerated representation in each case that’s fine. 🙂


    Can you help pinpoint the cause of this flickering issue? Here’s a video depicting the difference between my new screen (the CFG70, on the left) and the old (the S24C750P, on the right) during the intro to Dragon Age: Origins. I even tried this with the other CFG70 I currently have, and it had the same issue, whereas the S24C750P is entirely unaffected. I tried running the CFG70 through both DisplayPort/HDMI and in 60hz mode but it had no effect.


    I’ve had little luck with this screen, even after the ridiculous amount of exchanges I’ve gone through. Each one has had unacceptable levels of bleed/glow (in comparison to my older Samsung VA screen, no less), and now this weird problem crops up as well (appears in both the CFG70 I ordered from Samsung months back and the new one I just got from Amazon). The S24C750P, my old screen, is noticeably darker in-game (with no pronounced glow or bleed), especially around the bottom and corners which seem to be the most prevalent problem areas on the CFG70. I don’t know if its the curved design leading to the higher levels VA glow/backlight bleed, atrocious quality control, or what, but its gotten to the point where I think I’m better off looking elsewhere for a screen.

    I just want a screen with deep blacks (which is why I bought the S24C750P, and it delivered, although the trend doesn’t seem to have continued so perhaps VA panels aren’t as infallible as I thought), nice colors/display for gaming and movies, and a 144hz refresh rate. Are there any others out there that might be a good substitute? I’d prefer one in a similar price range but I’m willing to pay more for better quality at this rate. Maybe it’d be worth upgrading to 1440p or something anyways, I dunno.


    I haven’t even watched the video and won’t be able to as I only have access to a mobile device currently on a restrictive data plan. But are you using FreeSync on the monitor by any chance? Flickering at low frame rates is a known issue with the technology and it applies far more broadly than to just this model.

    I’m afraid if you’re after much stronger contrast from a high refresh rate model, you’d have to up your budget considerably and be open to larger screens. Then you would have to consider something with an FALD solution such as the PG35VQ. There will undoubtedly be more choices with similar backlight arrangements and eventually smaller screens using something similar as well, but that is something for the future not for today. And I certainly wouldn’t rule out you having a poor C24FG70 sample in terms of backlight uniformity. What brightness are you using?


    I don’t have FreeSync on. It’s a full screen, flashing color kind of flicker, mostly reddish in hue. Happens the same on both the CFG70s I tested, yet not on the S24C750P.

    Haha, wow. That is steep. Well, I can up my budget, but maybe not that much, so I guess I’ll have to settle somewhere.

    Brightness is at 75 currently, though I’ve been bouncing between 42-100.


    I’ve managed to look at the video. It’s very low resolution and difficult to see anything untoward to be honest, but it looks like nothing beyond differences in calibration to me. Is the background supposed to be solid black? Because to me it looks like the intention is for it to be represented as per the CFG70 and the S24C750P is masking this due to gamma handling, perhaps. It’s extremely difficult to say based on that video and me not knowing what the scene is actually supposed to look like. Try observing from a steep angle on the S24C750P and see what you can observe.

    Oh and 75 is far too bright. It isn’t surprising the monitor would look like a beacon at that brightness. You should stick with ~40 or below for decent black representation without overbearing ‘VA glow’.


    If you click the lil’ gear you can bump the video quality up to 720p/1080p, but I dunno if your data can handle it.

    I think you’re right, though, and I feel like an idiot now. The rest of the video isn’t overlayed with any flicker so it seems like its an intended effect, that I just never was able to see before. Doh. 😛

    Backlight bleed is still a nuisance, though. The bottom black “cinematic bar” in games and movies is noticeably greyer/cloudier on the CFG70 than on the S24C750P, which is irritating (especially since everything else is so much nicer), but I guess I’ll either learn to live with it or keep hunting for me Moby Dick.

    Lowering the brightness would prolly help, too. I guess I just have to get used to having it at a lower brightness? It feels so dark to me when its down at the 40s and I feel like I’m not getting an accurate picture anymore, if that makes any sense. So I’ve usually been going with 75-100 brightness, which I imagine is probably terrible but I can’t seem to kick the habit.


    I also assume you’re using the ‘Normal’ response time setting on the CFG70? I’d try keeping it at a brightness of 40 or perhaps a bit below to minimise the ‘glow’ and any backlight bleed your sample might have. You need to give your eyes time to adjust. It will look dim at first, but after a few hours I bet it won’t. If you’ve got your other monitor next to it, too, then turn it off or set it to a much lower brightness as well – otherwise you will not adapt and get used to the lower brightness.

    But other than that, try to get used to it and enjoy the positives of the monitor. There are plenty of them as well, and certainly if you compared it to the direct competitors (144Hz TN models) rather than the S24C750P you have then you’d undoubtedly feel quite lucky with what you’ve got. 😉

    Shortly I think I will merge this with the ‘quality control’ thread as it seems appropriate.


    Yep, normal response time. I think the higher settings mess with brightness, right?

    And yeah, I’ll let my eyes adjust for a bit. Thanks for your level-headed help. :p


    No problem. 🙂

    And yeah, the other response time settings apply the ‘Impulse Scanning’ strobe backlight mode and force a certain (quite high) brightness level without manual control.


    People are complaining about this monitor’s blurry text on another forum.. Any words on this?


    It’s something you should see for yourself, don’t pay too much attention to a minority of users who are perhaps being overly picky. The subpixels are quite squat on the CFG70 models which does bring with it what I feel are fairly minor text clarity issues. If I thought it was a major issue I would have said more about it in the review. I honestly didn’t have the urge to mention anything about text clarity on the C24FG70 review as I found it within normal bounds for a model with that pixel density and screen surface really. Certainly when sitting a reasonable distance from the screen (~70cm) at least. And I’ve got better than 20/20 vision, so that isn’t an issue. But people do have different expectations and preferences when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Also note how many people on that thread (I know exactly which one you are talking about) are actually complaining about the text clarity. I’ll bet you can count them on one hand, even if you’ve got some fingers missing. That’s not to say they’re ‘wrong’, they are absolutely entitled to an opinion. But bear in mind that some of them are repeating the same thing over and over again and basing their assessment on what they can see from subpixel layout macros rather than personal experience. And it’s quite funny seeing somebody jump to conclusions based on such photographs, only to have the user there who actually posted the macro shots explain: “Its of course only my personal opinion, but i think the text on the cf791 is just as good/bad as on the cfg70 in general (of course there is a ~ 20% ppi difference between a 24″ 1920×1080 and a 34″ 3440×1440 to account for, so at the same sitting distance, the text will appear sharper on the cf791 in general. I have many things to complain about these two samsung monitors as well…. but the text clarity is not among them”.

    Just remember, having the loudest opinion and repeating that opinion over and over again doesn’t make somebody right.


    Dude, you just killed me with that post! People at work must think I’m a schizo now! Haha.

    Anyhow, that’s what I thought, I can’t see how you could miss such a “big deal” and yet, list it under your recommendations.

    So far I can tell that you have been doing the best reviews on this subject and I only wish I found out about this website sooner… Could of prevented some of my previous garbage acquisitions.


    Haha. Well yeah, I think sometimes people just blow things out of proportion. I sometimes feel I mention things in reviews that only a small fraction of users would ever notice. But this “issue” I really didn’t feel was worth mentioning. 🙂


    What do you think did this issue overshoot issue worth mentioning ?


    It’s covered in detail in our review. Including with its own dedicated video that’s more detailed than that one.

    I thought you already owned the monitor anyway, and had a more recent revision than ‘September 2016’ which were notoriously awful as explained pretty much everywhere including our review. If not what is this all about? https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/c24fg70-quality-control/#post-41581

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