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    I haven’t noticed any backlight issues this time around. Mostly I’m just curious about the color reproduction discrepancy between higher and lower numbers of Greyscale Calibration. I’ve read in some places that over 3.0 is a bit on the “high” and “noticeable difference” sides, and in others that it really doesn’t matter much at all. Samsung themselves seem to be aiming for at least 5.0 or less according to their formula, so maybe it’s not that important?


    It’s really the gamma that is more important. This monitor is not designed for accurate colour representation, regardless of what some questionable figures supplied in a calibration report may or may not suggest. Colours are rich and “believable”, but the generous colour gamut and panel type does not lend itself well to absolute accuracy.


    Then I guess I’ve finally got a good egg, considering gamma is 2.21 instead of 2.03.

    I really like the screen, it’s quite pretty and 144hz is fantastic in games.


    Various quality control issues are common amongst all modern monitors, to varying extents. And sometimes it really does pay to be persistent, as in this case, because I agree that this monitor is something quite special and unique.


    Hello good people of pcmonitors.info. Monitor shopping is hard!!

    I am in the market for new monitor to replace my 10(?) year old Acer X223w. I have been doing research for about a week now and I appear to just be going round in circles so would really appreciate some help

    I am looking to spend ~£300 and am looking for a 24inch 1080p monitor with: (in order of importance)
    – No motion blur or ghosting etc
    – Zero or very minimal back light bleed
    – High Contrast 3000:1
    – Great Colours
    – Good response time
    – Better than 60hz refresh rate, ideally 144hz but 120hz would be OK
    – Blue light filter & Anti Flicker
    – Freesync
    – DVI and/or displayport connection
    – Thin Bezel

    I currently have a GTX970 and am a casual gamer, so dont have a need for higher than 1080p.
    My gfx card doesnt currently support freesync but I intend to get one that does when I upgrade it.
    I dont really play competitive games so a response time of 4ms or so will be fine – doesnt need to be a 1ms “gaming” monitor.

    I thought I had found the perfect monitor in the Samsung C24FG70 as it ticks all the boxes(albeit with a poor freesync range) however I have read many troubling reviews about a purple tint appearing on grey and brown backgrounds, and on-screen artifacts caused by freesync. I just cant bring myself to buy this monitor knowing there are these flaws.

    So…. back to square 1. Are there any other monitors with similar specs that will meet my requirements?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi strangen001 and welcome,

    You’re right, monitor shopping is hard. And it is made hard because no monitor is perfect. Everybody has individual preferences, and in this post it is quite clear that you have your own. When people do build up their desires and indeed expectations for a certain monitor, they can quite easily be put off by negative comments on a particular model they might’ve had their eye on. Unfortunately people are far more likely to post negative things (this applies to everything on the internet, not just monitors) and therefore all of the positive thoughts people have are either diluted or simply not broadcast.

    The Samsung C24FG70 is one of this monitors that is truly unique. It most certainly isn’t perfect, but as I’ve said no monitor is. And this model is the only monitor that actually fits your criteria. Furthemore, you certainly should see it with your own eyes and not be put off by a vocal minority of users. Many of the users comlaining about this model are never going to be happy, they simply have unrealistic expectations which no monitor out there can fill. Given the returns policy of Amazon, you’ve really got nothing to lose by giving it a go and seeing how you find it. This is easily preferable to waiting (and waiting) for something else to come along that could be better, or alternatively compromising in areas you actually don’t want to for no real reason at all.


    I have recently bought a C24FG70 also. No purple artifacts or flickering which is great, Good calibration report saying 2.16 Gamma, 1.75 Greyscale…… but I seem to have quite a high level of back light bleed. when displaying a pure black image, it just looks grey. It was my understanding that VA panels were supposed to have much less “glow” than IPS but this doesnt seem to be the case with mine.
    Image taken at 50% brightness
    I would say this is a pretty accurate representation of how the screen looks when displaying a pure black image. Very grey…maybe slightly worse in reality

    phobiabear – I understand you returned yours.and got one which had less back light bleed? Was it as bad as this and I take it the new one is considerably better?
    PCM2 – whats your opinion? Does this seem way too much back light bleed, worth returning?


    Well that’s good to hear about the positives. As for the backlight, it looks like more than my review sample had by quite a way. If it bothers you then ask for a replacement. I’d advise viewing and perhaps taking an image from further back but as central as possible to ensure you’re not capturing ‘VA glow’. You would only gain a potential advantage in reduced backlight bleed or clouding from a new unit, not ‘VA glow’.


    Thanks for the reply PCM2,
    What do you mean by VA glow? How is that different to backlight bleed? I have done a bit of a google but cant seem to find a good definition


    It’s actually explained in the review.


    stragen001 – I don’t think my bleed is that bad. It is, however, still noticeable (as opposed to my excitable first impressions), and in an almost identical pattern/spot as the last screen (a slight flare-up in the bottom left). I think it’s an improvement on the first one I tried, but still, sadly, a downgrade from my previous Samsung monitor (the s24c750p), which is also a VA panel, and had (has) the most beautifully bleed-free screen I’ve ever seen.

    Soo I’m still considering trying again, but at this rate I’m not expecting much. Seems I might have to make the trade of slightly worse bleed to gain the 144Hz and better colors. The bleed is visible even when I have my brightness as low as 42, and while I’m sure it’s rather insignificant in general, it’s still a noticeable difference compared to my old screen.

    PCM2 – Are there any grand differences in the panels used for the S24C750P versus the C24FG70? I know they’re both VA and Samsung, so it’s odd to me they would be so different in quality. I didn’t even have to send my other screen back once, and I dunno if I can attribute that to luck of the draw or better quality control/build design.


    As I didn’t have any troublesome backlight bleed on my unit, as per the review, it’s just the luck of the draw. I have certainly received feedback from users with S24C750Ps with less than great black uniformity as well. Does seem the C24FG70 has worse odds in the ‘backlight lottery’, but tricky to say. It is one of the first models Samsung has released with a QD backlight, so it perhaps needs refinement.


    For anyone who’s interested, here’s the difference between my C24FG70 and my S24C750P:

    Couldn’t get ’em side by side, unfortunately, but it’s not too detrimental to the comparison.


    Yes, you can see some uniformity issues on both models there, but more so on the C24FG70. The image(s) are highly over-exposed, though, so it doesn’t really provide a particularly realistic comparison of how they actually look.


    Yeah, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look that bad in actual practice on either screen. It does rather effectively highlight the difference in uniformity between the two screens, though. The C24FG70 appears to be a bit…sloppier in regards to how the bleed appears, and I think that’s partially a factor in why I keep noticing it more.

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