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    Hi mel_ and welcome,

    Glad to hear you’re a fan of the site, although it’s a shame you aren’t able to support it with your purchase(s). There are other ways to support our work as noted in the website footer. Now to your questions/points raised:

    – Relevant information between the comparison earlier on in this thread.

    – Not sure what exactly you’re describing, but the responsiveness weaknesses (and strengths) are covered in detail in the review. You’ll also find the optimal settings (i.e. ‘Test Settings’) there.

    – Yes, I still recommend them (or specifically the Samsung – but both are decent for different reasons). What I can tell you is that the number of returns for the even more expensive IPS-type alternatives this month have been absolutely shocking. I’ve had 8 users return them vs. 0 returns for the VA models with similar numbers ordered via our links. That tells you a lot about general user satisfaction about both product types. There is nothing in the pipeline that will really offer anything substantially better than these models for a similar price. So you’re not going to feel hard done by in the near future.


    thanks for the quick reply!
    I somehow missed those settings altho i went through the post you linked… ill get to work now.
    i might take a picture and post it since its quite easy to see (if its not fixed after calibrating).

    And that statement about returns really is interesting. Very relieving 🙂


    No problem, and I appreciate the donation. 🙂 Yeah, I have been really surprised by the number of returns for the IPS models (Acer + ASUS overclocked 60Hz models). I sometimes expect one or two returns but most users to keep them – not this month!


    it were indeed my messed up settings, namely vivid pixel that caused that effect (creating edges where there shouldnt be any)

    youre welcome and ill make sure to buy the next monitor via your links! keep up the quality reviews


    Ok so after testing both monitors and fiddling with the settings i feel like i have to add one important thing:

    I was about to decide in favor of the asus mx34va due to the input lag of the samsung c34f791 monitor (it was 30ms slower than the asus).
    Apparently, even if i bought this monitor mainly for gaming and it was a bit more expensive than the asus, i was really trying to ignore this fact because i love the samsungs curve and image quality but after doing some tests i really had a hard time hitting targets reliably compared to the asus. Which was a no go in my case.

    I took a last shot of downloading the drivers even tho i couldnt imagine this to help in any way it did. They are both on the same level now and im happily gonna keep the samsung monitor with the superior everything else (besides on dead pixel but… meh. You will never notice this.).

    So this is just for other people to see that the samsung indeed has input lag but downloading the driver fixed it for me.


    As noted in the CF791 review, we actually had the drivers installed when we reviewed it. They supposedly improve the FreeSync performance. So input lag measured there was with the drivers. We didn’t perform testing without the drivers installed so can’t say what sort of improvement there was to input lag, but at the time of review there were murmurings from users that latency was improved after installing the driver – seems to confirm what you’re saying. The drivers now available are slightly newer than those we used in the review, so it’s possible there was further improvement. I agree it’s odd to see drivers do that sort of thing, but when it comes to FreeSync monitors I often install provided drivers to test just in case it changes things.

Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)

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