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    Do you have experience with the Z35P and could therefore make a constructive input to this thread, or are you just repeating the opinion of others who have used that or similar models? I’m aware you’ve used the C34F791.


    I mean z35p, ag352ucg, omen x35 similar panels.


    I wasn’t sure to create a new topic for this request:
    I mentioned some time ago that I had an issue with my new AG352UCG, which is awesome by the way.
    The problem was that when starting certain games the monitor would lose and regain signal in an intermittent way, making it impossible to use.
    I tweaked something on the Nvidia control panel and everything went ok.
    Now I see that sometimes, when I turn on my PC, the monitor shows no signal whatsoever and turning it off and on again doesn’t fix the problem, as well as hot switching DP port on my VGA.
    The only way to fix it is to turn the PC off and back on.
    I am really struggling to find the cause of this. Do you have any idea what it might be?
    Thanks 😐


    Is the AG352UCG the only screen connected to the computer? Also try disabling any integrated GPU the motherboard might be using as it can cause DP initialisation issues on boot. Additionally, ensure the port is manually selected on the OSD.


    Did you manage to fix the issue, Horizont?


    To be honest, after i applied a few fixes on the Nvidia control panel it all went well for quite a while. The problem happened again after I bought, installed and ran Gta 5. The issue was again the same intermittend signal during gaming sessions.
    I also found out that when I switched the game to “windowed” it just didn’t happen anymore. After that, as a new version of the Nvidia Drivers were out I had to upgrade them and choosed “clean install”. I reapplied all settings to make 100hz and G-Sync work and so far so good…


    I hope it continues to work correctly, it sounds like a driver issue to me that has now been corrected.


    I am looking for good ultra wide monitor for gaming.
    I think there are three competitors still I not sure which one should I buy:


    Philips 349X7FJEW/00 which have the same panel as Asus MX34VQ but also have VESA mount:

    Samsung C34F791:

    Right now I am owner of Dell u2312hm with IPS panel and I am worried about VA response times because I never had VA monitor. Because of that I am asking which one should I buy?

    Currently I have Geforce GTX 1060 6GB but I may replace it with Radeon for the Freesync usage.

    Philips/Asus looks like slightly better panel with better responsiveness, from the other hand AOC AGON is a little bigger and have G-Sync which is “out of the box” compatible with my GPU… How much better Philips/Asus are?


    Have a look through this thread, which I’ve merged yours with. There odds extensive discussion and comparisons drawn between these models models here. At least those I have experience with, which excludes the Philips.


    Thank you for merging my topic. I read all the topic and it was great amount of amazing feedback. Still it is extremely hard to decide :).

    Because I have GTX 1060 probably I need to change my GPU. I may buy GTX 1080 or Radeon Vega when it comes… It depends only on the monitor AOC AGON vs Asus/Philips SVA. I know that differences aren’t big but how much Asus MX34VQ is better than AGON? 10%? I know it may be hard to give that answer 😉 so I will ask differently. If I put both monitors next to each other and then play a gam on both, will I see significant difference in favour of Asus? For example: “Whooaha! This Asus response time and colours are much, much better” or maybe: “hmm I am not sure which one is better, maybe Asus a little bit but I am not sure” :P.


    If you were to put the ASUS MX34VQ and AOC AG352UCG side by side you’d probably notice that the colours are more consistently rich on the ASUS. But you would probably still think “well, the AOC is still decent”. If that was the only difference, you’d probably be leaning towards the ASUS. In terms of responsiveness, the only difference you’d be likely to really appreciate is the presence of G-SYNC or FreeSync. And obviously that would depend on the GPU vendor you opt for. The pixel repsonsiveness and input lag differences are really quite slight compared to the difference variable refresh rate technology make (i.e. it being something you can use or not use, depending on the model).

    However; be aware of the points made in the MX34VQ review regarding overshoot (inverse ghosting) becoming more noticeable at lower frame rates (i.e. as it drops below 100fps and therefore the monitor drops below 100Hz with FreeSync active). It becomes increasingly noticeable the further the frame rate drops. G-SYNC is generally better in terms of its response time tuning across the spectrum of refresh rartes under which it operates – and that is the case here. The ASUS (and Samsung) are nicely tuned for 100Hz, whereas the AOC is nicely tuned for any refresh rate at which it can operate (30 – 100Hz). But as we point out in the reviews, lower frame rates remain lower frame rates regardless. So whichever model you choose, you should be looking to keep that as close to 100fps as you can, or at least well above 60fps, to really feel and see and feel the benefits of any of these models.


    Thanks for answer! I was mostly worried about smearing and ghosting, however if both monitors are comparable I am not worried at all! 🙂 Slightly better colours on Asus are the big problem for me. There is also another benefit of AOC for me – one inch more :).

    Currently I am owner of Dell u2312hm which is typical office quality 60 Hz IPS panel and I would say it is ok for me. Nothing special, nothing amazing, I just won’t downgrade significantly from this screen in terms of quality.

    I play a lot of Elite Dangerous (and I hope Star Citizen in future), because of that high contrast is appreciated in order to make darkness of space beautiful.

    So probably I will take the AGON. However right now there is no way to order it from Amazon to Poland, however if it change in near future I will order it via recommended links.


    Hi, I am after some help here, I bought a X34A not long ago but returned it due to some dead pixels, Now I am looking again at the VA ultrawide monitor’s and I am wondering what VA ultrawide monitor has the least issues with ghosting/input lag, I don’t care for G-Sync.


    Hi Helico and welcome,

    There is extensive discussion about the UltraWide options, particularly VA, on this thread. So I’ve put your post here. The ASUS MX34VQ has a slight edge over its main rival the Samsung C34F791 in terms of input lag and is very impressive in that respect. But most users wouldn’t notice the signal delay on the CF791 anyway. Pixel responsiveness is very similar between the two, although the ASUS offers greater flexibility with its pixel overdrive settings. As detailed earlier in this thread and in the respective reviews, though, they’re really very similar in that respect when using the optimal setting for both.


    My current monitor is a BenQ XL2420T Rev2, It’s quite a fast monitor as far as I know, That is why I am asking what’s the fastest VA really, I am sure at this point anything is an upgrade over this monitor, I just looked up the Asus monitor and it seems it does not have VESA holes in the back, I have a Ergotron MX mount that I would like to use as I purchased it for the X34A I sent back, Do you know if the Asus ROG IPS ultrawide is a true 10 bit panel? I may just try an IPS again..

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