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    Yes, that’s absolutely correct. You have no use for G-SYNC and that is really the key benefit of the AOC. The MX34VQ offers some advantages in image quality and will work very nicely for you at 100fps.


    Thank you again!


    Hi, I would like to add question to this topic. I want to buy Ultra Wide Monitor with G-Sync (important). In my research I found two Asus PG348Q (IPS) and AOC AG352UCG (VA). I currently run on GeForce 1060 so I’ll probably upgrade to 1080 Ti in order to get some decent performance.

    But question in mind is – which monitor would be better. In Poland ASUS is about 125% price of AOC, but my worry is responsiveness of those to. Sadly I don’t have much to compare to, since I have ASUS G751 laptop with 17,3 IPS screen, and Iiyama ProLite B2480HS with TN screen. On those two I haven’t seen any smearing and things like that. Color representation on both should be better than Iiyama has, so that is not an issue.
    So will I notice any bad pixel responsiveness on AOC or ASUS? Given price AOC would be much more cheaper, but I don’t know how VA panel works and if it would be better or comparable to ASUS. Which one have it better (I cannot distinct it from your superb reviews)? Or maybe given monitors I have so far that should not bother me at all?

    Or maybe there is some third option, but G-Sync is a must be (on my Iiyama and GeForce 1060 I’ve got a lot of screen tearing in Mass Effect Andromeda, and it kills me to watch at it).

    I know I as hard question, but unfortunately I just started mine education about monitors, which was neglected in the past.



    Hi Skiff,

    I can’t really add much that hasn’t already been covered on this thread or our comprehensive review of the AOC AG352UCG. The review goes into considerable detail explaining exactly what you should expect from the responsiveness of the monitor, including the impact of pixel responsiveness, input lag and refresh rate. There is even a video there highlighting some of the key weakensses to be aware of. Short of using the monitor yourself, this is the best impression you will gain of what the monitor is like in motion.

    The ASUS offers superior pixel responsiveness, with the weaknesses relatively minor. But don’t underestimate the importance of the 100Hz refresh rate on both models, provided you can drive the frame rate to match. The importance of this and impact is explained in the review; pay particular attention to the ‘G-SYNC experience’ section and of course the game testing in the responsiveness section. The images showing the UFO Motion Test for blurring (‘pursuit photography’) also give a good visual demonstration of the difference that the increased refresh rate and frame rate makes. And also compares to a reference screen (Dell S2417DG) that, like your B2480HS, has a responsive TN panel. Although this one is also capable of higher refresh rates and is actually faster in terms of pixel responsiveness as well, so it’s the gold standard as far as LCD responsiveness goes.


    OK I understand, but in your personal opinion which one in this matter is better?


    If you mean which out of the two UltraWide models you mentioned is more responsive, surely I’ve just answered that?


    The best 21:9 free sync is the mx34vq, tested and approved 😉


    I was thinking about buying a 34″ ultrawide monitor for my gaming pc. I already bought a 1080ti and waiting for it to be delivered.
    A question popped up in my mind. At this point, meaning with this beast of a vga, do I really need to spend hundreds more for gsync capabilities on my new monitor?
    I was already answering NO myself to this question but the truth is that if you don’t get Gsync you are probably not getting a gaming monitor at all.
    I am refering to the various Asus MX34VQ or LG 34UC98 or SAMSUNG S34E790. Those monitors seems to have quite high ms response times when it comes to fast paced scenes/gaming.
    The question is “Is gsync really needed when you have a 1080Ti and looking for a monitor @1440p res?” And if the answer is “no” then what monitor should I consider without dropping too much on the “responsiveness” side?

    PS: I would really love to see an HP Omen X35 review here 🙂


    If you feel your graphics card can comfortably output a solid or fairly consistent 100fps at 3440 x 1440 or you’re not particularly sensitive to tearing or stuttering (depending on your use of VSync), then you have little use for G-SYNC. Otherwise the technnology is useful. So with a GTX 1080Ti, it really depends on the games you play and the settings your prepared to play as to how useful the technology is. As highlighted in all of our reviews for monitors that use variable refresh rate technologies, it is still a case of ‘the higher the better’ as far as frame rate goes even with such technologies active.

    I’m not sure what your point is with respect to the models you list. I think you probably meant the Samsung C34F791 as you were listing FreeSync-capable screens there. But the fact is, they’re actually a little faster if anything compared to their G-SYNC capable counterparts such as the AOC AG352UCG and HP Omen X35. Well they’re faster for some transitions and slower than others, but if comparing ‘like for like’ it certainly isn’t the case that comparable G-SYNC models offer superior pixel responsiveness to comparable ‘FreeSync’ (Adaptive-Sync) models. Only if you consider lower refresh rate and frame rates with FreeSync active, as noted in reviews, but since you have a GTX 1080Ti that isn’t a concern for you.

    We do not have any HP PR contacts so will not be providing a review of the HP Omen X35. We’ve gathered extensive user feedback, though, and aside from aesthetically it confers no advantage over the AOC alternative. And in fact from users who have owned both, it seems the pixel overdrive is not as well tuned (i.e. there is more inverse ghosting).


    ACER Z35P is 3440×1440 100Hz VA similar panel ag352ucg, omen x35 and 120Hz overclocking.

    I wonder it’s possible 3440×1440 120Hz by DP 1.2.


    From user feedback it seems to work correctly at 120Hz without skipping frames. I’m not sure if Acer have employed some sort of compression or other trickery to get this to work, but for whatever reason it seems it does ‘work’.


    It must be the UK model or such because i can’t find the Z35P model here where I live (IT).

    Plus something tells me it will cost way more than the AOC.

    Thanks to PCM2 for the answer btw.


    The Z35P isn’t available in most regions yet, including either the UK or Italy. You’re right, at least initially I would expect it to command a higher price than the AOC.


    Bought the AG352UCG yesterday. It will be delivered at the end of this week. Hope i’ll be satisfacted as PCM2 was during the review 🙂


    I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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