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    Thank you once more PCM2 I believe I’m now sold to the S27E390H.
    I am however been seeing a lot of S27D390HS around here and I can barely see any S27E390H (if any at all).
    Am I right to assume that the version you specified earlier, more precisely the SE390 stands for a complete new version, being the SD390 its preceded ? And not simply an European derivation ?


    That’s correct, it’s an updated version. The same panel is used on the SD390 and the main difference is really aesthetic and the fact that the SE390 has a somewhat sturdier stand. It also has an OSD controller, one less HDMI port and an ‘Eye Saver’ feature. The pixel overdrive is also slightly different, but this difference isn’t something most users will notice and both monitors offer good performance really. We’ve also reviewed the S24D390HL, incidentally.



    Hi, I’m considering UHD monitor 27″ or 32″ for home. As priority I would like to use it for working from home (would my business laptop be able to properly use 4K resolution? I have HP 745 G2 which has integrated video card 8GB RAM 64bit Win8; AMD CPU so graphic is AMD R6).
    Also as second option I would move my PS4 from living room to my working room :). I know it is not ideal and sometimes Full HD is not well displayed on 4K (you mentioned in review this DELL is relatively OK (Dell P2715Q). Would it really be so terrible?
    I have 6 years old Philips 42″ TV on which I’m playing from ~2m distance and the reason I want change is to get faster response – I have feeling that my FPS is bad cos of my slow response due to monitor as well.
    Also considering it used to be that PS3 games were only 720p and I was playing it on 1080p TV it was still great (I know 4K is bigger difference from 1080p).
    Which monitor would you recommend for that? Of course bigger = better for me so 32″ is preferred but 27″ is ok.
    Oh and to mention I would need to be able to adjust the monitor stand – up/down at least 10cm.


    Thank you very much for all of the information you’ve provided PCM2. I stumbled across this website and was blown away at the level of detail and time you’ve spent on it.

    I am purely looking for a console gaming monitor for the new Halo 5. I’ve read the suggested monitors and was going to most likely purchase the S24E390HL early next week until I read the quote below.

    A lot of users who praise the RL2755HM simply lack the experience with superior models. If they’re after an artificially enhanced image where enemies remain highly visible even in dark spaces rather than enjoying eye candy, then this model may well fit the bill for them.

    I see the point you are making against it but I am not sure if you are being sarcastic with the bold portion. If I read this correctly I may be able to have an advantage over other players that wouldn’t have the same monitor?

    Forgive me if the question is naive I have done my best to read all you have posted but I’ll admit some of it is beyond me and I haven’t done much homework on additional links to backstory/extra info.

    Thanks in advance cheers.


    Oh I am popular today! πŸ˜‰

    @ pat

    It does sound as if you’re very eager to benefit from the ‘4K’ resolution for the PC usage and see console gaming as a secondary (but still important) usage. Given this and the other characteristics of the model I do think the Dell P2715Q would be a good choice. It’s difficult to compare to a native Full HD TV that is much larger in terms of how the image will look to you for your consoles (at both 720p and 1080p) but I suspect you’ll find it does a really decent job. And if you really do want a 32″ screen then the BenQ BL3201PT/PH does have a decent interpolation process as well. If anything I may have been a bit harsh about this in the review as most users find it so good that the assume it’s displaying Full HD ‘perfectly’ (technically it isn’t – but it is obviously doing a good job).

    @ R3005418

    I appreciate the feedback. It’s certainly a lot of effort doing what I do here on this website, but it always feels worthwhile when I receive feedback like this. πŸ™‚

    The visibility enhancement technology on the RL2755HM that I was referring to is ‘Black eQualizer’. This is covered in some of the ‘XL’ series reviews on this site. Basically what it does is artificially enhance the gamma or alter colour such that near-black shades appear lighter than they should be. So enemies appear lighter and more visible in dark spaces, for example. This does nothing for accuracy or game atmopshere, but it can bring about a competitive advantage. You can actually achieve this sort of enhancement on the S24E390HL as well if you’re after a competitive edge. The game mode will do this, or if you want something a bit more subtle but still quite effective so will the ‘Gamma = Mode2’ setting.


    Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. Now I just need to decide whether to get a 24″ or 27″. Then to decide on a new desktop monitor.

    Have a great weekend PCM2



    PCM2 Thank you very much for your response. After reviewing it all I decided I will go for FHD after all :).
    My main requirement is playing PS4 on it BUT as well adjustability for work. So my search begins again :(. I did notice that almost not great console gaming monitors have adjustable stand. I will go for retail shop selection of FHD, 27″ and adjustable and see what I will short list and compare to your reviews.
    If you do have any suggestions which would meet these 2 criteria please share it with me.


    When you say ‘retail shop selection’, I assume that means you won’t be willing to support the website by buying online? As noted on that thread it’s personal choice where to buy something from, but with the returns policy Amazon has you really shouldn’t be concerned about being stuck with a product you won’t like. That simply won’t happen.

    Unfortunately the range of 27″ Full HD models with adjustable stands is extremely limited. And in fact the range of models with VESA holes for mounting to alternative stands is also very limited. The Samsung S27E650C may prove to be a very good choice for you. It’s certainly worth having a go with, because if it wasn’t for those interlacing patterns I noticed (and not all users do notice these or care about them) I would be recommending this very widely for these sorts of uses.



    I live in Czech Republic. Amazon has no direct representation here (only European warehouse – which is irony). I would have to buy either from .de or Amazon site.
    I like that Samsung but no Czech retailer has it.
    Let me check the return policy of Amazon from Czech rep (and warranty claims policy) as I would definitely like to help your site.
    You are putting amazing effort into it!


    Ah yes. Sorry Pat, I had you confused with another user who was posting here recently from the US. I appreciate it would be much harder for you to order online like that and I don’t know how convenient returning would be for you. So don’t worry about that. πŸ™‚

    I’m not really sure on price and availability of different models in your local market. It might be that if an adjustable stand is an absolute must that you would have to consider some models that I might not have as much experience with but should still suit your needs. Can you get the ASUS VC279H locally? It isn’t a model I’ve tested myself but I am fairly confident it will be a decent choice with its new AH-IPS panel. It also has VESA holes so you could mount it to a good solid and adjustable VESA-compatible stand. And it could be that you’re actually not so sensitive to trailing, so that something like the BenQ BL2700HT would be a good contender as well.


    Hi PCM2

    Is the LS27E390HS the 27 inches version of the Samsung S24E390H?

    Does it perform the same as the S24E390H you have reviewed?

    Thanks for your contribution to this this topic


    Yes to both of those questions, which is why it is grouped together in the recommendations section (may depend on current regional availability) and why it is recommended in this thread and elsewhere on the forum.



    OK I have reduced it to 4:
    Benq BL2700HT – just because it is adjustable
    But for gaming these would be my top choice:
    HP 27xw
    Samsung S27E390
    BenQ EW2750ZL

    I’m not sure about HP (happy to see it as I work for them) but I never considered we have such good gaming monitors that you put it into recommendation list.
    Which from those would you chose? πŸ™‚ (I mean 3 gamin ones)

    And I have one more question. Have you ever used monitor Eyeglasses? E.g Gunnars. Have you ever tried it or made a review?


    At this point I should note that I consider the HP 27xw to be an excellent monitor. I have had a little play with this one, although didn’t have it for long enough to do a full review. It’s actually featured as a recommended model in the US. You must be seeing this recommendation as you use HP Internet which seems to route through the US. At least, your IP address is reporting as a US address (which might’ve been why I thought you were based there initially). I did think you might not like this one due to the lack of stand adjustability as well.

    I’ve considered expanding this recommendation to other regions, but the pricing difference between here (UK) and the US is quite shocking for this model. I do really like the screen surface as well – I think HP have struck a really nice balance there with their essentially glossy but still ‘mild anti-glare treated’ (low haze) screen surface.

    I have briefly used Gunnars at various trade shows and events, but don’t require such things as my eyes are not light-sensitive or EMR-sensitive enough for them to be beneficial to me. I find ‘Low Blue Light’ or similar settings to work just as effectively for me without affecting the luminance or vibrancy as much as Gunnars do. They are overkill for most users in my book and are really only worth it for models which don’t go nice and dim or for users who are particularly light-sensitive.



    Thank you so much again! Finally I see I have met someone who is great in what he is doing :).
    BTW as for the price difference US vs EU it is always the case – the price difference is huge.
    But still you should check the options for being Amazon partner for UK as well as I’m sure site like this will gain great popularity.

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