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    that’s really frustrating because I thought I had found the right monitor after a long search!
    I haven’t tried to play with the PS4 but if you say that my CFG73 could have that problems I believe you.

    So, the previous monitor which I had and still have is the Samsung S27E390H; the question now is: does exist a “better” monitor for gaming on both PC and Console than this? Would the Samsung C27F591FD be better, for example, of the S27CFG73, S27F350 or Dell S2718H?


    ‘Better’ is far too subjective. They are all very different monitors, with distinct strengths and weaknesses. It’s your job to decide what is important to you and seperate them based on that. There are sound reasons the SE390 and SF350 range are frequently recommended for such uses here and currently reside in the recommendations section. With respect to the CFG73 – you own it and should make your own mind up about it.

    You seem to be looking for problems at pitfalls, including ones (like input lag) that may not even be an issue for you – because they’re very subjective. As I’ve said many times, no monitor is perfect and you should never let another user put you off based on their experiences. You should spend more time using the monitor and thinking positively about it, the aspects you like. Because you’ll find that monitor has some unique strengths. Try running it at 60Hz for a bit, for example, and see how you find the input lag. You will find the lower frame rate alone makes things feel sluggish compared to higher refresh rate and frame rates. But give yourself some time to adjust. That’s the best way of knowing.


    my priority are input lag and pop-up colors (“punchiest possible image”) on pc and console.. is there actually a better monitor for there criteria than the Samsung S27E390H? Again, what do you think about the C27F591FD, S27F350 or Dell S2718H? Do you know the difference between these?

    If I know that the CFG73 has input lag problems with console I don’t want to try it neither then I would fix me to find the problem (also if the problem actually does not exist…)


    And do you actually know you have an issue with input lag, or do you just think you do? I suggest you spend some time reading through this thread, or at least look at the first post of mine there plus video –

    There is a wealth of information on the reviews as well. But given that you’ve tried both the SE390 and CFG73 yourself, I have no idea why you’re even asking these questions. I have made it abundantly clear on these forums that the SF350 is very similar to the SE390. I have drawn comparisons between the CF591 and many other models as well. Sometimes searching is helpful rather than expecting me to needlessly repeat myself.

    P.S. Stop starting posts with “@ pcm2”. It serves no purpose.


    Between the SE390 and CFG73 the last one has for me definitely better colors and it is also at 60Hz more smooth (on PC). But I tried both just very shortly.

    I hope you don’t understand me wrong: I really appreciate your way to help with the decisions, but now I just would like to receive a direct answer because I know that you has it. I don’t have the patience to buy all that monitors to test by myself or to read a lot of informations and to test about common problems. Otherwise I would not be here asking (again) for a direct answer but I would search and do everything by self.

    So, please, can you give me an answer to the question on my previous post? That’s mean:

    1. Which is the difference between the S27E390H and the S27F350?
    2. Which between the C27F591FD and the CFG73?
    3. Which between all these and the Dell S2718H?

    4. Which of these monitors has the better input lag, overshoot and “punchiest possible image” for gaming on console and pc?


    I’ll address this for you tomorrow. Sorry if I’ve been snippy today, just been very busy and hate trying to type on a Tablet PC (away from home PC currently). The answers to your questions can actually be found on the forum. But it is a big place, I know.

    I might shift this to a different thread, too, as it is hardly about the CFG73 any more.


    Samsung CF591 is on sale for $199 on Amazon! I have it and love it just saying I use it with my PC and Nintendo Switch.

    (Just remember to use PCM2’s link at the bottom of his review)


    Thanks for pointing that out MASKOAA (although I prefer not to link directly from the forum, so I just changed that to a review link). 🙂

    Okay Phie, to address your questions:

    1. Which is the difference between the S27E390H and the S27F350?

    Not a lot. They use the same panel and offer similar setup in terms of responsiveness and image quality. But they have different aesthetics and the SF350 supports AMD FreeSync.

    2. Which between the C27F591FD and the CFG73?

    The C27F591FD and C24FG70 (27″ similar although slightly different pixel overdrive tuning) reviews answer this in some detail. But to take out the bits you’re interested in and keep it relevant (vibrancy and input lag), the C27F591FD has very low input lag at 60Hz whereas, as noted already, the C27FG73 has a bit of input lag at 60Hz (but very little at 144Hz). The CFG73 has a slight edge in colour gamut and therefore vibrancy, but is similar in other respects when it comes to colour reproduction. CF591 vs. CFG73. Not a massive difference, even if you had them side by side you wouldn’t generally think much of it. At 60Hz the 24″ CFG70/CFG73s have a lot of overshoot which is unsightly, whereas the 27″ models have a bit less but it is still noticeable. So that’s lower on the CF591.

    3. Which between all these and the Dell S2718H?

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. VA and IPS for one thing. Matte vs. glossy for another. With the Dell S2718 range you get more consistent colours that retain saturation better at the bottom and flanks of the screen plus a glossy screen surface. That will have a ‘wet look’ and somewhat improve perceived vibrancy and ‘pop’ in the right lighting. The colour gamut isn’t as wide at all, though, so that could more than offset that aspect. Not sure about input lag without testing nor of the exact gamut differences as measured by a suitable instrument.

    Naturally, I’ve left out your 4th question as it is addressed in my answers above and I can’t talk about aspects like that on monitors I haven’t tested (like the Dell).


    Thank you very much for your answer and patience. I really appreciate your effort which is for me just unique!
    I can understand if you lost the patience with me, really, I lost the patience with myself too often when, as in this case, I would like to have a (for me) perfect “thing”. So, please, excuse me for my behavior!

    I don’t think that I would be fine with the Samsung C27F591FD or the actual CFG73 knowing of that issues (input lag and overshoot at 60Hz): I saw videos on C27F591FD which show both problems and it is not cool. Further, my CFG73 has a for me big problem with uniformity color. And this is the fourth (!) monitor that I changed because the others three were really bad in regards to the calibration (just too much red) or backlight. Besides, at 144Hz the colors are not good as at 120Hz, the same with “response time: fastest”. So I don’t want to use it at 144Hz and the “game mode” is not perfect as it should be for me.

    Consequently, I ordered today the Samsung S27F350 and the Dell S2718H which I will compare with the CFG73 and the S27E390H. Of course I will report my observations!

    Anyway, I know of the difference between VA vs IPS and Matte vs Glossy. But what for me count is just the end result – despite such a specific quality.


    The C27F591 doesn’t have a huge issue with overshoot unless you use the wrong response time setting. It does have a little and also a fair bit of conventional trailing, though –

    Sounds like you’ shoukd check out the IPS-type models, If uniformity (mileage may vary), colour consistency and clean motion performance are important. So please post your thoughts here when you get those monitors. Where did you buy them from, incidentally?



    So I saw an offer I couldn’t refuse today and grabbed a Samsung S24F352 for <£100.

    From googling I gather its just a 2017 rebox of the S24F350? Everything seems the same and it looks the same, apart from the name of it.

    So far so good, I need to install some more games to test though.

    I can’t find any calibrated settings for it though, is it best to just leave the colour on 50/50/50?


    Sure, unless you have specific reason to change them. Individual units vary, so nobody else’s colour channel settings will help you.


    Oh lord that is really frustrating me!

    I received the HP 27es and the Dell 2718H. Both I compared to the CFG73.


    – The image quality of the HP 27es is bad compared to the Dell or Samsung and the HP has a really obviously problem with very unsharp images while game playing and fast moving (is this a problem of input lag?).
    – Consequently, the Dell is better than the HP. It is “ok” for image quality compared to the Samsung but the problem is that I see vertical lines (but not unsharp images!) while moving in gaming. What is this?!
    – The CFG73 has just the most stunning image quality compared to both monitors!!
    – I canceled the order for the S27F350 as it should performs as the E390H and it has NO audio output!

    My question is now: How can I compare the performance of the CFG73 and the E390H with the PS4 in regards to input lag or to problems which the CFG73 “should” have? I want to see if I can live with these problems.


    Pretty much as I said it would be, then. You’re after vibrant ‘pop’ and the CFG models from Samsung outclass the others in that respect. What response time setting are you using on the Samsung? And where did you get the monitors from, as I asked before?


    Yep, you had right ;).

    Which response time setting should I try? Both: “60Hz” and “response time: normal”? Should I change also in “AV-Modus” instead of “PC-Modus”?

    Another question: If I play a pc game at 60FPS, are the performance the same as with the PS4 at 60Hz?

    I first bought the monitor not on Amazon, then I would buy it by Amazon if I want to keep one of that over the E390H (which I bought a long time ago on Amazon over your link while I made a PayPal donation too 🙂 ).


    Ah okay. Was just making sure you were remembering to use our links if using Amazon. I do appreciate your previous support, of course. 🙂

    The “Normal” response time setting is good. I was just checking you weren’t using the strobe backlight, which activates using the other settings. Use PC mode, not AV.

    The motion clarity issue on the HP is possibly down to the pixel overdrive being a bit weak. That gives extra conventional trailing (not overshoot), which increases perceived blur. The lines you describe during motion on the Dell sound like interlace pattern artifacts. Some models have them, there’s little you can do about that.


    Thank you for the explanation.

    So, the HP and the Dell because of these problems are no good option for me.

    Now, how can I compare the performance with the PS4 between the Samsung E390H and the Samsung CFG73? I mean, what should I pay attention to?


    As I’ve said, you’re approaching this from the wrong angle. You don’t go looking for problems, actively, you simply use the monitors normally. As you have been. And you don’t seem to have any issue picking out flaws in the various models. So continue to use them as you have been. If you must then focus on the key weaknesses but, more importantly, strengths. Which I have already highlighted. Really, though, if an issue doesn’t become apparent after a few days of use then it isn’t really an issue. And you’ve got a level of OCD that will be detrimental to your enjoyment of any monitor. Just relax. 😉


    I understand that you can try to motivate me, but for that I have to be 100% sure of the difference in the performance between the Samsung E390H and the Samsung CFG73 which I would like to see by myself too.

    So, I would appreciate it if you would answer my same question(s):

    1. How can I compare the performance with the PS4 between the Samsung E390H and the Samsung CFG73? I mean, what should I pay attention to? Should I looking for the overshoot and input lag?
    2. Could I try this with with a PC game both with the Samsung E390H (over HDMI) and the Samsung CFG73 (over DP) at the same time?

    “Power is nothing without control”: If the CFG73 just looks stunning but the performance is not good or not so good as the E390H, then I would not keep it. I cannot play all the pc games at 144FPS or +100FPS, so I must be sure, that the CFG73 performs well also games at, for example, 30FPS or 40FPS.


    Eh…. You own the S27E390HL and C24FG73, don’t you? So if you need to be sure of these things why the heck don’t you go and test them? You’re in a fortunate position because you can. I have given you more than enough help, the rest is up to you. You’re not a robot that needs to be programmed, you can continue your own journey of discovery.

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