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    We appreciate that there is a lot of interest in this topic and as such we have created a dedicated article on the topic. The article is written in a ‘Q&A’ style, to keep it as simple as possible, and covers some of the limitations that console users should keep in mind when choosing a monitor. It also provides advice on setting up monitors for console gaming and draws everything together by pointing users towards the ever-evolving recommendations section.

    We hope you find this article useful in your quest for finding that ideal console gaming monitor.


    Okay, I made the plunge and ordered the Samsung S24D590 (D590 for short) and it just arrived. I am no expert when it comes to these things, but here are some of my thoughts and opinions. After some testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a solid purchase. Many people might say its not much of a difference to go up from 22″ (my previous monitor, Asus VS228h) to 24″ but side by side and I’m digging the larger real estate space (and having a thin bezel on the d590 doesn’t hurt things neither). The colours on the D590 are better, they pop out more, they’re feel more saturated and it makes the VS228H look washed out in comparison. This is especially true in games that uses a wide array of colours like witcher 3 wild hunt. Performance with ps3 games was satisfactory. Not any worse than the VS228H. On the ps3 I’ve tested it on was Infamous which was alright I guess either that or that game is starting to show its age. Dragon’s Crown looked better though. Must be the native resolution of 720p. I’ll try it again with some of ps3’s graphical power houses like Uncharted and God of War 3. Have yet to try it on movies. I’m also a noob when it comes to things like back light and bleeding but I don’t think there is any and if there is, sure as hell doesn’t bother me. Have yet to try it with movies. A couple of things though, I find the monitor a bit dark even with brightness cranked out at max. Secondly I’ve tried posting in the thread for best 24/27 inch monitor but I get re directed to the monitor recommendation, what gives?


    Hi Z0R0XX,

    The console gaming monitor threads have been removed and redirected to the ‘Monitors for Console Gaming‘ article. This is because they were becoming far too long and confusing. I appreciate people like to post feedback about their monitor choices, which is great – so I am happy for those to be posted here instead.

    It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the monitor and that it has upgraded your colour experience considerably without compromising elsewhere. The brightness of the monitor caps out at around 250 cd/m2 which isn’t as bright as some models, but is actually very bright. You must be used to having your monitors very bright indeed and I’d recommend adjusting your room lighting to suit or simply getting used to the monitor instead. If you’re finding dark areas ‘too dark’ rather than light elements being too dark that is something else. Try playing with different ‘Gamma’ settings as well.


    i want to buy this monitor:
    currently i have a hd ready (1360×768) monitor 32″ i hate that monitor so much!
    when i use my pc the games look very good but when i use the xbox one there is no way to choose my own resolution.
    its only 1080p or 720p so none of them match to my monitor.
    thats create a blurry image.
    my friend have 42″ 1440p display and the games on his tv looks as twice as better than on my monitor.
    so i though maybe its because my screen cant upsacle correctly and it stretch the image so it looks ugly.
    my question is: is the monitor i want to buy is good for xbox one and pc gaming?


    Hi nivohayon,

    I take it you’ve read the article and recommendations linked to in the first post here? The S27E390H is an excellent monitor for console gaming and is good for PC gaming as well. The fact that its native resolution matches the 1080p content on the Xbox One is a massive benefit, it will look much better than your current ‘HD Ready’ screen at the moment for that reason alone. And undoubtedly due to its superior panel.


    I bought the Samsung S24d390hl for the ps4 everything was so great until I found out that the monitor is sit to limited color space and it can’t be changed to full I did change The hdmi black level to normal to fix the black crush and than the screen looked washed out the colors lost alot of Vibrancy meanwhile
    the ps4 was set to limited than changed it to full and than all of a sudden the crashed blacks are back the colors looked way to dark it was like there was just one shade for every single color it was like a cartoon show so changing the ps4’s color space to full is useless because the Samsung s24d390hl can only support limited color space.


    Wow that’s a long sentence…

    The S24D390HL fully supports the correct 0-255 colour signal. So do all modern monitors, it’s universal. The problem here will lie with the PS4 or something else, perhaps with how you have the monitor is set up. You could be observing any number of things with what you’re describing – gamma being too high, observing dark content in areas affected by PLS glow, having the contrast set inappropriately, a horrible setting like ‘GameMode’ active.


    the S27E390HS doesn’t have speakers built in.
    how is that gonna work with my xbox?


    It has a 3.5mm audio jack which you can connect a pair of speakers to. This would provide potentially superior sound output to typical integrated speakers as well.


    I don’t know if it’s ok to write a post in the old topics…
    I’m looking forward to buy a monitor for gaming console. I have read your article about monitors for console gaming and from your three recommended monitors for the purpose, i chose the Samsung S24E390HL.
    But recently i saw another monitor which fits in parameters you pointed out (VA panel, full hd, 60 Hz, 4ms response time, but it’s curved) the Samsung S24E510C (or LS24E510CS/XU as it is in the uk amazon and Samsung websites).
    Can you help me to choose one between them? And if you know a better monitor in this range of price, please let me know.


    Yes I welcome posts like this – actually it is preferred to lots of topics with overlapping subjects as that can confuse users.

    I’ve only had hands-on experience with the Samsung S27E650C, but I will assume the S24E510C offers quite similar performance characteristics. The curve on these models is simply too gentle to really do much to the experience. However, the monitor was actually very good for gaming and would probably be a sound choice for console gaming. I should imagine the cheaper and more readily available models like the Samsung S24E510C are just as good. The only issue I had with it, really, was an interlacing effect that I could observe from my normal viewing distance. How far do you generally sit from the monitor when gaming? It isn’t as responsive as the S24E390HL due to its panel type though, but that may not be an issue for you as responsiveness is still decent.

    P.S. Samsung models usually always have strange prefixes and suffixes but the preferred model number for thier recent pure PC monitors always start with ‘S’, ‘U’ (UHD) or for their upcoming models such as the C27F591 ‘C’ (highly curved).


    Hi guys,

    I know this has been discussed multiple times, there’s even an article dedicated to it and there’s also a topic on here about it.But I wanted to get the best opinion regarding this subject accordingly to my needs and not just for general usage.

    So, I own a xbox one which, as everyone knows it can only go up to 1080p and 60Hz. Despite this, I’m currently playing on a LG FULL HD 1080p 32″, mostly FPS games, and I’ve noticed that I have a hard time detecting enemies (or perhaps I’m just slower than usual detecting them…), I can’t really describe it, but one thing is for sure, I’m somehow playing worse than I ever did on a PC Monitor.

    I’ve been looking at the whole thing for a while now, and I see some people mentioning that 27″ isn’t actually a good size for gaming monitor, they suggest that a 24″ monitor is the right way to go for this purpose… But my question is: Wouldn’t I, as a console player, benefit better of a bigger screen? Wouldn’t it make it easier to spot enemies?

    Now I’ve been looking at some monitors, but I always come back to this 2:
    – Benq EW2750ZL; (-> VA -> 4ms (GTG)‎)
    – Benq RL2755HM. (-> TN -> 1ms (GTG))

    Considering I’m on a Xbox One and I play mostly FPS games, which one would you recommend?
    There’s the input lag on RL2755HM that’s lower, but according to various sources, it compromises the overall picture quality (making it harder to see enemies perhaps?) and then there’s the RL2755HM, which doesn’t have that bad of an input lag and still has a better picture quality.

    Perhaps there are other monitor choices that could serve me better, suggestions are very welcome and appreciated! Thank you all!


    I’ve merged your thread with this one as this definitely doesn’t warrant its own seperate thread. It certainly sounds as if, from the distance you’re sitting, you’re finding the 32″ screen too large for your preferred gaming experience. So 27″ would be better (and probably sufficiently small, depending on viewing distance).

    The recommendations section and other sections of the website quite clearly support the idea of the BenQ EW2750ZL being the choice here. In fact the article which you’re referring to quite clearly explains why monitors like the RL2755HM, which are heavily marketed and look good on paper, are not the best choices in practice. You should spend a bit of time reading the EW2750ZL review as well. The input lag is completely negligible, especially for console gaming, so that isn’t a good way of differentiating the models. The pixel responsiveness is slower (refer to the review for the effects of this), but contrast is much stronger and image quality is vastly superior. The RL2755HM is poorer than most models when it comes to image quality, unless you like dark areas looking artificial and lacking atmosphere and appreciate oversaturated colours with severely clipped shade range? You should really be considering the Samsung S27E390H instead as an alternative to the BenQ – again, refer to the recommendations section.


    Thank you PCM2 for the very useful answer! I did read on the article about the RL version of Benq, I dont trust the “gaming” marketing thing at all and I know this from experience with a lot of things. However, I see that lot of people bought it and still consider it really good even without the fancy graphics they could enjoy on other monitor types. That’s mainly why I asked if it wouldn’t make it harder to see enemies if you don’t have a good picture quality.

    The EW2750ZL definitely looks like a solid choice! I’ve also looked at the S27E390H before, and even read about it on this very thread but for some reason it didn’t made to my last choices. I’ve read your article and I still can’t see what would be the advantage of S27E390H over the EW2750ZL… Perhaps you may enlighten me if it’s not much to ask?


    The main advantage of the Samsung is its superior responsiveness and more consistent colour reproduction. If you compare the performance in the relevant sections (colour reproduction and responsiveness) of the EW2750ZL and S24E390HL reviews you should be able to see this explained with examples. Really, though, the EW2750ZL does produce a very pleasing image for gaming and some users would find the much stronger contrast and better dark uniformity to outweigh any disadvantages there. There are some further thoughts on this sort of comparison here.

    A lot of users who praise the RL2755HM simply lack the experience with superior models. If they’re after an artificially enhanced image where enemies remain highly visible even in dark spaces rather than enjoying eye candy, then this model may well fit the bill for them. But really, they don’t know what they’re missing and have nothing to compare it to other than much older and generally inferior models.

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