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    Hi, sorry for my english. I suffer from dizziness and vertigo when I use common PC monitors. I’m searching for a relatively small monitor (25” at maximum) with flicker free and PWM free and with a high frequency. Which do you recommend for me? Anyone here feels dizzy with usual monitors too?


    Hi Alves,

    I’m sorry to hear about your dizziness issues when using monitors. I was originally going to merge this with one of several threads we have along the lines of ‘eye strain’ and ‘the best monitor for viewing comfort’, but at least for now I will keep this as its own thread. I feel this is a distinct and tightly-focussed issue; although that’s not to say the cause will be easy to identify.

    The vast majority of monitors are now flicker-free – that is to say use DC dimming and avoid PWM usage for backlight regulation. All of the models in the recommendations section, for example. Do you know that you’re sensitive to PWM and that you find monitors without it more comfortable than those that use it, or is this just an assumption? Whilst this would certainly be a good box to tick off, it’s also an easy one to tick off and I feel there’s more to it than that. A few questions:

    1) Are there any particular monitors you’ve used that you find particularly bad. Are some any better?
    2) Does this occur when you’re doing anything in particular on the monitor? Gaming, watching movies, just browsing the internet etc.?
    3) How long before it kicks in?


    Thank you for attention!
    Well, I’ve never used any type of a flicker-free monitor. For many years I’ve suffered from that sickness… I’m sensitive to many types of lights (that is, tv, smartphones, pc, fluorescent and led lights), and just a few days ago I had discovered that usual monitors have a flicker (which is present in the fluorescent lights too), then, I presumed that I’m not sensitive to light at all, but to all forms of flickers. I have an extreme sensitivity to all forms of motion: if I see an object with a fast motion passing in my front, I will feel dizzy too. The doctors says that I have a neurovestibular dysfunction that causes motion sickness.

    When I use my monitor (which is not flicker free and have the refresh rate of 60Hz), I put the brightness and gamma at zero, because it’s more comfortable for me, but if I read some texts I will feel dizzy in just few minutes. I can’t watch any videos or play any games (the motion in screen make it hard).

    I really have a hope that a monitor with a higher refresh rate and flicker free can help me with this. But, since I have no experience on this modern monitors, I want to know what the specifications I need to pay attention when I buy a monitor.

    Besides PWM, the type of screen could influence? If someone had something similar to me and had already the experience would be even better!


    Yup, I had a strong feeling motion would contribute towards this as well as flickering. So you’d want a screen with a high refresh rate and rapid pixel response times to minimise perceived blur as much as possible. Given that ‘screen type’ (panel type) does indeed influence pixel responsiveness, you’d want to focus on TN (144Hz ones most likely).

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