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    For the same price, which one would you prefer? I know that you have the HP 27er on your recommended page… The only concern is that HP didn’t officially state on their website that it’s flicker free. This is a must-have feature as i have issue with eye strain.

    Also what about Dell SE2717H? Nothing on the forum about this monitor.


    Hi zennon and welcome,

    I will keep this as succinct as possible

    – The HP 27er is flicker-free as per the recommednations section. HP don’t generally advertise this fact, they didn’t on the HP 27xw either.

    – Do you prefer matte or glossy screens? That’s really the most significant difference that you should focus on above all others. The HP 27er is essentially glossy (very low haze) whereas the Samsung S27F350FH is matte.

    – The Dell SE2717H isn’t mentioned because I have no experience nor user feedback to share. Dell never had a review sample for us and there has been quite limited interest in a review of that model anyway.


    Hello, I have presbyopia and I thought that a 27 inch 1920×1080 monitor is the best thing for me, am I right?
    I am looking for a monitor for text and web, a bit of photoshop and a bit for games. I like VA panels for deep blacks, I’m a very amateur user of photoshop and I do not care that colors are not as accurate as on an IPS panel.
    I like the Samsung C27F591FDU, I think it has everything I want, but I worry that the curved screen can distort the objects in photoshop or that it is problematic to straighten lines in architecture photography. I’m also concerned about running games, in do not give a good score in this area.
    Other alternatives can be the Benq BL2700HT with base adjustable in height or the Benq EW2775ZH.

    For my use and bearing in mind that the most important thing for me is eye care, which monitor would you recommend for me? It can be one of these or any other that you consider interesting.
    Thank you very much.


    If you mean for viewing comfort without using your glasses, and immediate viewing comfort (as with enough patience and persaverence you can improve your ability to read smaller text close-up, even with such conditions), then yes a model with low pixel density would be beneficial. If the resolution is efficient enough for your uses and you don’t crave a higher resolution, that is.

    Your concerns about the curve for design work and suchlike are fair enough. The BenQ EW2775ZH is likely similar to the EW2750ZL which was for a long time my ‘go-to’ recommendation for viewing comfort if you’re looking for a 27″ Full HD model. With some extra features, as explored in the news piece.



    My Benq RL2755HM broke last week and I have been searching around for reviews on monitors since then.

    Basically, I’m looking for a 27″ 1920×1080 monitor with a somewhat decent image quality since I’m not playing competitive anymore, just casually.

    I mostly use my computer to navigate on web and watch series/movies, so those are my preferences when looking for a new monitor.

    In fact, given the reviews on this page, I found 2 options that caught my eye:
    Samsung S27F350F:
    Samsung C27F591FD.

    I would like opinions on which one to choose, or even if you have a better suggestion, any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Note: For what its worth, my GPU is a Nvidia GTX 1070.

    Thank you!


    I’ve put your post here as it’s an appropriate place given the models you’re looking at and I’d like to reinvigorate this thread. Given your uses I would actually favour the VA option myself and I feel the C27F591FD would fit the bill nicely. You can overclock it to 72Hz, which would work nicely for 24fps movie content, if that’s what you watch. And you should find it pretty easy to run games at nice settings and maintain 72fps on a GTX 1070. That’s the same GPU I use so I’m quite confident that will be the case.


    I apolagize for the late reply, I have been really busy as of lately and my time for research has become limited I’m afraid… However I took another look at your recommendations section and I noticed that you also have the Samsung C24FG70 listed. I’m aware it is a 24″, but even then its price tag is higher than the C27F591FD.

    Besides the better response time and the fact that it can go up to 144Hz, are there any more differences that may justify the higher price? They both use VA Panels…


    The C24FG70 also has a very slightly wider colour gamut than the C27F591FD, but as you can see in that section of the reviews it is a very small difference. Responsiveness is really where the differences lie, the image quality is very similar otherwise.


    In that case one could say that the C24FG70 is a superior model then. With that in mind and the screen size playing a big role I can’t see myself going back to a smaller screen anymore, however as a player, it makes you wonder how good would you benefit from it… Tough call.

    As a bf4 player myself, would you say that the responsiveness on a monitor would really give me that much benefits? Because I know how gaming industry works and how things are overrated with all the hype…


    It’s a very individual and subjective thing, but personally I find 144Hz massively beneficial on games like BF4 provided your frame rate can keep up. In fact I’m so used to high refresh rate monitors now that I quite dislike playing on anything with a double-digit refresh rate and frame rate. I would adapt either way and I find 72Hz to be a nice bonus over 60Hz (as is the case on the CF591), but I still prefer higher refresh rates and frame rates where possible.


    Actually there’s a 27″ variant on Amazon UK for £299.99, however It seems quite pricey for a 1080p monitor… Perhaps you may have a better suggestion within this value?

    By the way, is my nvidia 1070 able to use the FreeSync or is it only for AMD GPU’s?


    The 27″ version (C27FG70) is not as responsive as the smaller model. The pixel responsiveness is similar to the CF591, so it is not really ideal for higher refresh rates. There is definitely still some benefit, but it’s not a direct but larger equvalent. You said you’re playing games casually and I’ve already given my recommendation based on that.

    AMD FreeSync is an AMD technology and can only be used on AMD GPUs.


    PCM2, which 1080p, 27 inch, 144hz monitor, you could name as king?


    That depends on your individual preferences and sensivities. For all-round performance including strong image quality and decent respnosiveness, it would have to be the C27FG70. If more weighting is placed on responsiveness and less on image quality (but still wanting respectable image quality) then probably the ViewSonic XG2701.


    Hello PCM2, for general use and for eye care, which flat monitor (27″ FHD) would recommend to me today.

    Can you tell me some with VA panel and some with IPS panel that you find interesting?

    Thanks a lot.

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