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    Umbral, we’ve had news pieces up on these for a while. Always check our website and link there ahead of the manufacturer (you’ve done this before). I’ve edited your post accordingly.

    They are definitely worth katzolik considering, although price and availability in Germany currently is not great. A post on Hardforum also suggest that the CF591 offers performance in this respect that’s slightly weaker than the S27E650C. It seems the user was quite satisfied if the monitor was using the ‘Fastest’ response time setting, but I’d imagine that is also accompanied by strong overshoot. Either way it sounds like the CF591 could be faster than the EW2750ZL, but I’ll obviously test that thoroughly when Samsung have a sample available.

    As explored in the relevant news pieces the LBL settings on the Samsungs are likely the type that reduces colour temperature, not that shifts the blue spectrum. So no, it won’t be like the LBL Plus feature on the likes of the EW2775ZH. As also noted on that news piece, though, I see more utility for evening viewing when the colour temperature is notched down and not just a spectral shift. Of course it’s nice to have both options (one for day, one for night).


    Hello ! I posted a few days back and I have to say my mind is still torn between Samsung S27E500C and BenQ EW2750ZL because of the lack of conclusive articles on the internet!

    But there is a new contender I would like to hear an opinion to!

    Its the iiyama ProLite XB2783HSU-B1DP ! The raw numbers are quite similar to the BenQ EW2750ZL..

    But I have found out that there is a XB2783HSU-B1 (same without the db for displayport) from ancient 2013 with nearly the same specs and looks.. I found a very positive (besides a luminance uniformity) in-depth review also from 2013

    do you have any experience, further information or recommendation regarding the XB2783HSU-B1DP for gaming and the concerns ive been bringing up in my other posts?



    Sorry for double posting!
    I have decided to follow your recommendation and go with the S27E500C!
    But I can´t find anything about the difference between the S27E500C and the S27E510C or S24E500C and S24E510C!
    Do you guys know something about it?


    Although you’re no longer considering it, the Iiyama has exactly the same motion pitfalls for certain transitions as the BenQ (just for reference). As I understand it the SE500 and SE510 series are identical aside from their country of origin; some countries have one and some the other. Obviously both are available due to importing, so it’s a bit confusing.


    So I have the S27E500C now for some days and I have to say im returning it to… It hasn’t any of the VA drawbacks that would bother me.. It works is dark scenes, viewing angles are OK. The image looks a bit desaturated.
    Also the overdrive options didn’t made any difference to me.

    Here an photo I took. Brightness was roughly the same.
    From left to right -> IPS VA(S27E500C) TN

    And a shot with the ASUS VX279N I returned because of IPS glow:
    Another intresting shot a friend on mine took!
    from left to right -> Samsung TV (VA i assume), new IPS LG monitor, old TN.
    Note how bad IPS glow can be really.
    But also look at the black levels of the samsung tv. the look much deeper in comparison than my VA black levels to my TN and IPS laptop!

    But the thing that is driving me crazy is the pixel matrix.. I can see the interlacing lines everywhere and it really messes with you eyes sometimes. I really wanted to like the monitor but now im back to zero and again I realize there is nothing out there that does it all.. Its a shame really!
    Also I don´t like the anti glare coating..

    I want to stay with VA for the black levels and the contrast and see with my own eyes how bad the high contrast transitions on a non Samsung VA really are.

    So the last contenders are these..

    Acer V6 V276HLCbid – 188€
    BenQ EW2750ZL – 220€
    iiyama ProLite XB2783HSU-B1DP – 234€

    Any thoughts on them? Or are there any IPS displays for reasonable amount of money that have very low IPS glow?


    The interlacing pattern is exactly why I don’t generally recommend the S27E650C or related models. Some people notice it, others don’t. It doesn’t bother everyone. But I’m quietly confident that the newer models (CF591 etc.) won’t have that issue. To me it sounds like you’re itching to see whether the high contrast ‘fringing’ issue is really annoying. If you’re finding it easy enough to return the products if you’re not satisfied, then I’d say just go for the EW2750ZL.


    wow I´m the last one who posted a question.. so here comes another one! i´m still not sure what to get.. ive testet the iiyama ProLite XB2783HSU-B1DP for a while now and i find it to be adequate but i had problems with quality..
    do you know if the Samsung C27F390F has the same squat pixel-matrix like the S27E500C and S27D590C? Thanks!


    No I don’t, yet. But I should receive a CF591 today which should give a nice indication of this.


    OK nice! you think like the curved models last year they should have the same matrix?
    please report back as soon as you have it because at the time i´m on a 17″ 4:3 =D



    I also want to buy a new monitor and i’d like to now that the Benq GW2760HM or the GW2760HS are also that weak in dark area gaming like the EW2750ZL (things getting darker as moving) or they could be better? Can’t it be fixed with ama off?
    I’d like to buy a monitor in this price range with full hd, 27″, va panel, gaming a bit, good contrast and brightness.

    Could you please help me? 🙂


    Hi skyli,

    As covered in the review of the GW2760HS and indeed the EW2750ZL, the GW2760HS not only suffers from this issue with sluggish high-contrast transitions – they are even more widespread. Disabling AMA simply makes the issue more pronounced and widespread as it is an issue with some pixel responses being too slow, not too fast (don’t get confused with overshoot). The GW2760HM is similar.

    The Samsung models mentioned earlier in this thread offer (or may potentially offer – testing in progress as above) more competent performance in that area. They’re certainly not perfect – all VA models have some sluggish transitions – but you can expect better performance than on the BenQ models mentioned.


    katzolik, by “same matrix” do you mean subpixel layout? They use completely different panels so they may or may not.


    i had both the samsung S27E500C/S27E510C and iijama 2783HSU.. the samsung has the best high contrast transitions also the samsung has no black crush or white crush! But the squat pixel layout looks strange.

    The iijama had a little black and white crush and was a bit slower in the transitions but nothing you would see and much better than i´ve seen on other models from BenQ! also no overshoot. but i had 2 models and both came with dead pixels and the second one developed additional dead pixels after a week! that´s just bad. Is iijama´s quality that problematic?

    And yes i mean layout! are you sure with the completely different panels? i´ve read that they are similar if not the same! like the S27D590C was very similar to the S27E500C !


    Thank you! I’ve found some tests on PRAD which show difference between the benq panels, both in contrast and response speeds.

    the gw2760HS has the best brightness with great contrast(~3600:1), the gw2760HM has the best contrast with great brightness and the ew2750zl has a dimmer screen but also great contrast (~4000:1) but no vesa mount. Oh and there is also an other benq: ew2740l <- is this better than the others in both contrast and brightness? 😮 is it faster with the dark game scenes? it’s also more expensive than the other 3 and no vesa mount.

    If I’d like to stick with benq becouse of the good contrast and brigthess, which one would you recommend?
    So the dark speed is like: EW2740L(fastest?) > EW2750ZL(this one has videos being slow) > GW2760HS/GW2760HM(slowest) but these have the vesa mount so i can put them lower to the desk later. So hard to choose :/


    katzolik, the curvature is completely different. How can they possibly use the same panel? The backlight is also completely different on the CF591 specifically – refer to our news piece. And yes, Iiyama’s quality control on their VA models does seem quite questionable from the user feedback I’ve received.

    skyli, why are you linking to external reviews when we’ve got comprehensive reviews on all of those models bar the GW2760HM?! Don’t pay too much attention to those response time measurements, they look at far too limited a spectrum of shades to be particularly useful when analysing VA models. It barely scratches the surface, which is why the sort of deep subjective analysis we supply is so important. If you take the time to familiarise yourself with these, though, you’ll see that the conclusions are somewhat similar – except you will be in a much better position to actually understand what it all means in practice.

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