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    I have been searching for new monitor for some time, but I cannot decide on what I should purchase really. I am upgrading from Samsung Sync Master 2333.
    I would like the new monitor to be:
    – have 27” and 1920×1080 resolution – my eyesight is not that great and I like larger text.
    – VA or maybe IPS.
    – adjustable height is a nice (I am 186 cm and prefer the monitor a little higher)

    I will use the monitor primarily for gaming and internet. No movies – for that I have a TV :). Occasionally some office work (Word, Excel, etc). I am not a pro gamer by any stretch (far from it). Twitch FPS and multi player do not interest me. But I like playing games such as Thief, WItcher 3, Skyrim, Fallout, Dying Light, Deus Ex, Metro, strategy games, flight sims, shooters on occasion. I rarely play in the dark, rather in a resonably lit room.

    I have narrowed down my choices to the following models:
    – BenQ GW2760HM
    BenQ GW2760HS
    BenQ EW2740L
    – BenQ BL2700HT
    Samsung S27E650C

    But I have problem deciding which one would be best for me? Right now I am leaning towards VA panels but am not sure if smearing would be much of a problem? I have not had an experience with a VA panel, so cannot really say… But on the other hand since I am not playing in the dark maybe the IPS glow would not bother me too much…

    Oh, and if you have any other suggestions to offer – I will greatly appreciate them 🙂

    Many thanks for your help.


    Hi Odie,

    I assume you’ve been looking not only for models with adjustable stands, but also some with VESA holes as an alternative? The EW2740L lacks VESA holes or an adjustable stand and is in some ways inferior to the newer EW2750ZL featured in the recommendations section. This also lacks said features, however. You can see the comparison drawn between the two at various points in the EW2750ZL review. Basically it has a newer panel with marginally improved colour consistency, a thinner panel border and in my opinion better-tuned pixel responsiveness (less overshoot). Hardly monumental differences really, but I see little reason to go for the older model.

    However; I certainly understand how a fixed stand solution would be annoying and not good for the posture if you’re having to hunch down to view the screen. As I’ve said elsewhere on the forum, I do believe that the BL2700HT will offer quite comparable performance to the other recent AMVA+ models we’ve reviewed from BenQ, but with that nice adjustable stand.

    The Samsung S27E650C is certainly an interesting choice. As pointed out in the review, it is actually rather responsive for a VA model and is in many ways a well-rounded monitor that would be well suited for your uses. The only potential concern I have is the interlacing pattern. But it’s one of those things I know that some people hardly notice or aren’t bothered by, but others would be. It’s arguably less annoying than more extensive trailing, ‘IPS glow’ – but the problem is, this is all very subjective.

    My instincts are telling me that you might be quite happy with the BL2700HT, although I’m reluctant to openly recommend something I haven’t tested myself or haven’t received good solid feedback about. Buy from somewhere with a good returns policy, that way if you really are bothered by some aspect of the performance it can be easily returned. Not ideal, but it’s probably the only way to know whether you’re sensitive enough to pixel responsiveness for that to be an issue. If it is, but you actually really enjoy the overall image characteristics, the Samsung might be the next stepping stone.



    Thanks a million for your speedy answer. I prefer a moveable monitor with a height adjustment. VESA holes are not a must really. So I have narrowed down the selection to:
    – BL2700HT
    – Samsung S27E650C

    ATM I am leaning towards the BL2700HT – based on your recommendation and the reviews on this site.

    But still I have the following doubts:
    – to which other BenQ models you would compare the BL2700HT? I am not sure really which models ones you are referring to as “recent”? The EW2750ZL?
    – I read in the review that Samsung still uses PWM when brightness drops below 30. What does “30” really mean? Is “30” still bright for a reasonably well lit room? What about darkness? Reason I am asking is that I am lowering brightness on my monitors and ideally would want “No PWM” throughout the entire brightness scale.
    – The interlacing on the Samsung – I am not sure whether it is something to worry about? I guess this is one of those things you have too see in person to say whether it is annoying or not… BTW isn’t a similar technique used also by EIZO in their gaming VA monitors to give the impression of better fluidity / responsiveness? Or maybe I am totally mistaken here – I am not a technical person, so apologies if I misrepresented something…
    – Is it worth waiting for a VA Freesync monitor? AFAIK nobody offers 27” / VA / FHD / Freesync monitors at the moment… And I do not think there are any plans for such a setup? All the producers seem to focus on 144p and 4K… I have a single AMD GPU (R9 390). While theoretically I could purchase 1440p monitor, I think the new and future games would not run smooth enough for my liking. And I would like the card to last me awhile while offering good performance in current and future games. Not to mention that I would probably find the text too small on 1440p.

    Finally – is there a better monitor which would simply be better than BenQ /Samsung ? Say up to 500 USD? I could not find any to be honest…

    Many thanks for your help.


    Some excellent questions, which I’ll address individually:

    – The EW2740L and EW2750ZL are actually fairly similar in terms of overall performance, with a slight edge to the EW2750ZL from its newer panel. But really it takes well-trained eyes like mine to notice most of these differences. Likely it’s the completely different pixel overdrive implementation on the two that most users would notice. As I haven’t tested the BL2700HT I can’t say where it sits in that regard, but other panel characteristics will be similar to the other BenQ models. BenQ also readily switches/upgrades panels on older models so it can be hard to keep track of exactly what they’re doing there.

    – As noted in the review, a brightness of ’30’ gives 131 cd/m2 using default settings elsewhere and ’97 cd/m2′ using the ‘Warm2’ Low Blue Light setting. I find 131 cd/m2 absolutely fine for viewing even in a moderately dim room and would find 97 cd/m2 too dim for my own preferences. Most users would find this to be fine, but particularly sensitive users would prefer a lower luminance.

    – The interlacing is very subjective unfortunately. Can’t really add anything more to that beyond what was said in the review. EIZO are amongst other manufacturers who use a strobe backlight solution, which is very different. This interlacing as noted in the review is from the subpixel structure, it isn’t designed to give any visual advantage.

    – There is not so much need for 60Hz 1920 x 1080 models with variable refresh rate technologies like FreeSync, because it’s quite easy to maintain 60fps even with fairly high settings on most titles with a half-decent GPU. But I agree, it’s still nice to have. There can be dips below that quite easily in some titles, even at 1920 x 1080, and of course not everyone has a powerful GPU anyway. Samsung have a whole host of FreeSync capable Full HD models on the way. The Samsung C27F591 is one such model and it certainly uses a VA panel.

    – No, not with the Full HD resolution. There is no point in spending more unless you want a higher resolution model or one with a higher refresh rate (which you don’t).


    Ok, thanks for helping me again…

    Is it known when the new monitors from Samsung are likely to appear?
    And any guess as to what the price can roughly be? The C27F591 certainly looks interesting…


    All currently known information is included in the article.


    Hi again,
    I was very close to placing my order on the AOC i2769VM but I think I found what might be an even better monitor for my uses (I wanted a 27″ FHD IPS with VESA compatibility). The lighting conditions are going to be absolutely fine and the Dell S2715H seems to pack a nicer, glossy display as well as being able to be VESA mounted and having similar minimal input lag. It’s a little more expensive, but honestly I don’t mind if I’m getting a better image clarity and colours. What do you think? Any cons I should be aware of?


    Yup, the Dell S2715H would be a good choice if you prefer and can accomodate a glossy display. Performance is similar to the S2415H that we’ve reviewed.


    Hey guys, i know my way around a PC (graphic card, RAM, HDD, etc) but i am noob for a PC monitor, here in Macedonia i have found some models and they vary so much in the price and i dont know what to shoot for. Here are the models:
    1. LG 29″ 29UM58-P, LED, Resolution: 2560×1080
    2. Samsung 27″ LT27D390EX/EN
    3. ASUS 27″ Wide VX279H-W
    4. 27″ RL2755HM BenQ LED Gaming
    5. ASUS 27″ Wide VG278HV GAMING

    I need it for gaming ofcourse (beside using photoshop and illustrator for work)
    Any help is appreciated and you can suggest other models as well.
    Thank you in advance, PC monitor experts UNITE 😀


    Hi dzale,

    As all bar one of your choices are 27″ FHD models, I feel this is an appropriate place to put your post. I can instantly rule out the TN models (last two choices), as I assume you’ve included them purely for their specified response times. They are highly misleading and since you’re considering 60Hz models, of little consequence. In fact they’re generally counter-productive as they’re achieved (as int he case of the BenQ) with high levels of pixel overdrive, leading to inverse ghosting. If you’ve got the time and want a technical explanation of all of this, then our responsiveness article is well worth a read. Otherwise, simply refer to our responsiveness section for a recently reviewed model of this panel type. The Samsung S24E390HL review, for example, includes a fairly detailed but not overly technical explanation.

    The Samsung model you list is actually a hybrid TV-monitor which I have no experience with. I can’t really recommend this over something like the VX279H which I’ve received some good user feedback for. The image produced is well-balanced with a rich look on that one, whilst responsiveness is about as good as you’ll get on a 60Hz LCD. There is a bit of overshoot and the response time settings are not adjustable, but hopefully you won’t notice or be bothered by this.

    The LG 29UM58-P is certainly an interesting choice. It’s essentially quite similar in its core performance to the AOC Q2963PM (Q2963PQ) that we’ve reviewed. Be aware that it’s only as tall as a 23″ 16:9 model, but obviously wider than 27″ 16:9 models.


    Hello PC Monitors Team!

    Im currently in the market for a new 27″ 1080p monitor because my old one broke..
    I already got the ASUS VX279N but will return it because of a dead pixel and the IPS glow from the corners..

    I have chosen the BenQ EW2750ZL as a good contender and read your positive review about it and was convinced to give it a shot. But then I saw some shocking videos on youtube demonstrating the problematic bright to black pixel response time rendering it useless for dark scenes!
    I want so know if it is real that bad as shown in the videos :

    I live in Germany and my budget goes up to 230?€ and I want deep blacks and good viewing angles. I use it for gaming video and desktop

    Here I list some other options for VA panels in my price range.. Just let me know which is the best of those and if the above mentioned problems are really that devastating!

    BenQ EW2750ZL
    Acer V6 V276HLCbid (looks similar to the BenQ EW2750ZL but has lower responsetime)
    BenQ GW2870H & BenQ GC2870H (cant tell the difference and think the might be crap?)
    Acer V6 V276HLbid
    Samsung S27E500C (i dont care about the curve but maybe the panel beats out the other ones)

    Im open for any other suggestions.

    Thank you for your time!


    Hi Katzolik and welcome,

    As I’ve commented on before on these forums, the GW2870H uses an even slower CMO panel – avoid the 28″ models if you’re interested in motion performance. The GC2870H is a wide gamut alternative, as per our article. The Acer I have no experience with, but I have a feeling based on my testing of the S27E650C that the Samsung would be your best bet.

    Whilst I can’t promise performance will be identical, the S27E500C should be similar in theory. And that first YouTuber actually posted on the forum, to which I specifically showed the absence of this particular weakness in exactly the same scenario on the S27E650C – My advice would be to go for the S24E500C, but get it from somewhere with a good returns policy (preferably supporting the website in the process – I’m sure you’ve seen the notices etc. including in the site footer and at the top of the forum).


    Thank you for the quick answer!

    So what you saying is the videos are an accurate depiction of what WILL happen in dark scenes when I buy this monitor? And are not exaggerated by the camera or some settings?
    Or a special short coming of the specific unit has gotten delivered?

    ive already seen your video and review on the Samsung S27E650C but the S27E500C has a different brightness rating and therefore a different panel I think! So there is as you sad no guarantee the monitor will perform anything like the about 100€ more expensive S27E650C!

    Im really liking the BenQ EW2750ZL for all its traits and because of you review I have a kind of guarantee for these other traits.. Other to the Samsung where I have not found one single detailed review.
    Or do you think the S27E500C will actually perform better because it is the newer model?


    The video gives a good indication of what you’d actually see when using the monitor – or at least, the fact that the pixel transitions between the stars and the surrounding space aren’t so slow as to cause obvious smearing and hence loss of detail on the stars themselves. Of course, you’re right that a slightly different panel is used on the S27E500C. Given my experience with various VA Samsung models I’d be inclined to say that it’s likely that performance will be better for the high-contrast transitions than on the EW2750ZL. Whether it was match the S27E650C is open to question.


    The CF591 and CF390 in 27′ probably have same panel, but different inputs, cases, and speakers.

    The CF390 also seem to lack the enhanced colors.

    Anyway with Free-sync if you don’t mind the “natural” 1800R curvature it can be a very strong rival for BenQ.

    The tests will show.

    Does the human eye has 1800R curvature ?
    And is Samsung low blue light equivalent to BenQ low blue light plus ?

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